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I'm so sorry for not replaying sooner. Not visiting that much to be honest. If u still want to, sure, u can use my game in your project


there is another birthday next year ^_^

I hope there will be more of thease, next time i'll try to work faster 😀

Well i did it somehow. It's not ideal and i didn't know how to link it from, so i just put link in game description, but it's there ^_^

same thing. don't know where to host my files so jsspeccy can read them...

ok so here is the Royal game of Ur. Will post it to facebook basic group as well, hopefully someone will play it ^_^

I think i just fished out last bugs. Will post link shortly.

BTW, where should i put .tap file so i can link qaop online emulator? I don't have my own ftp atm and it doesnt take google drive or dropbox shared files...

Uh, so because life's a bitch, i couldn't make it in time. Trying to finish the game now, but the AI has mind of it's own and sometimes it does really wierd stuff ^_^.

Will post link to finished game as soon as it's done in this forum.

So sad i couldn't make it in time tho...

I fear i will not be able to submit it in time as well. 15 hours left and 12 hours long working shift in front of me... yeah...

Couldn't work on it for few days as well, due to massive toothache... T_T

i feel your pain 😀 off the jam i'm working on space version of oregon trail lite (aka startrail) and i have similar problems 😀 I've also relearned a lot of spectrum basic by writing it and now i feel it woul be better to start fron skretch then to fix mistakes i've made 😀

It's still making some strange moves and sometimes it's outright broken, but in essence it works ^_^

Testing my own games is my bane, i tend to spend waaaay too much time on it ^_^

Heyyyyy, my first ever AI is working and doing what i want it to do ^_^ It can not plan for the future at all atm but for purposes of this game that doesnt matter that much. Now i have to watch it play against itself few dozen times so i can iron out some kinks and then i'll put end game into the program so you can actually win ^_^

Mine is progressing very well, when i'm working on it. Last few days i didn't touched it, altought i was working on it in my mind. Now i just have to implement what i tought of and that's such a bore ^_^. I love starting new projects, but finishing them is so hard ^_^

What's left is finishing the AI, putting in end state and some polishing and bug fixing. Should be one or two day's work, just to get to it.

I fully intend to release my source code so all of you can see what shit programmer i am 😀

Try to use BasinC instead, basin is quite old and full of bugs atm

Wohoo, i just "won" a game against myself in my game! Well there is no win state in the program yet, but i finished the goal. Adding win check will be easy plus i have to add check for no possible legal moves. But after that 2 player version is done and i'll start to work on AI.

Go speccy!

Seems to me thats a pain in the ass when you want to test your code :)

I only curse BasinC when i want to move blocks of code arround...

Hi all. So i'm working on Royal game of Ur, 4500 years old board game 😀 So far i have bord on screen, 2 player variant will be done by weekend and then the true fun start, making simple AI so you can play against computer or computer can play agains itself 😀

Planing in advance? Are you crazy?! ^_^

If you did some programing in the meantime, you'll tear your hair out by the limitations. I really got spoiled with all the elseifs, loops and whatnot ^_^

It's hard to wait for 1st to start with a project once one decided what one wants to do :)
Will try to make The Royal Game of Ur with computer oponent to play against and to tell you the truth, i already did at least graphics test to see if the board will fit the screen :)
Spoiler: it does :)

Hi. I will try to make something 😀