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Advice on your Game Jam entry Sticky

A topic by Gazzapper created May 06, 2017 Views: 403 Replies: 7
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Ask away!


In order to give a little extra time to everyone that might have a limited free time - the submission deadline has been pushed out to Midnight of 13th Jun.



Yay, sounds fun. I'm in.

A few questions:

1. I assume we aren't supposed to start writing before June 1st?

2. I know there are categories, but is there/will there be a theme?

Cheers - Steve


Have not yet decided if I want to add more pressure of a theme :)

I think sticking to the categories would be good.

I was going to suggest 'Brexit' but its completely optional....

It's hard to wait for 1st to start with a project once one decided what one wants to do :)
Will try to make The Royal Game of Ur with computer oponent to play against and to tell you the truth, i already did at least graphics test to see if the board will fit the screen :)
Spoiler: it does :)

How is the rule regarding binary data? Are we allowed to change the whole character set (outside of only changing the UDGs)? Can we load binary files, only to be used as data for the basic program, like graphics, map data, etc. ?


Hi, Yes that's fine. Loading binary data is fine.

Great, thanks :)