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great little shooter! Had a few goes and third try was my best! Got to stage 3 with a score of 45300.

An excellent game, and a very nice conversion too!

I kept on playing the demo so I decided to purchase the full version :)

Hope to see more from you in the future! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! :D

Ive now updated the ZIP file. The instructions have been redone and there is now a help guide to aid struggling adventurers. The game itself remains the same.

Wow! Just wow! This is an incredible effort given the limitations of BASIC and the short time frame! Out of all the games in the jam, this is the biggest and most polished! An incredibly well made game!

A Pac-Man clone with a unique twist! I like this one! Also, love the little tune at the start :)

One of my favourite games in this jam! Nice presentation, and very playable to boot! I like this one a lot :)

Was enjoying it until I got to level 6, whereby it would no longer create the exit :(

This is a pretty good little physics game that unfortunately highlights a problem with BASIC... It's incredibly slow! However, if you rack up the speed in your emulator, it plays very nicely indeed!

A nice little arcade game! Shows that, with a good bit of coding, you can make a decent arcade game in BASIC. Well done!

A very nice Sokoban clone. Nice and simple, yet very playable :)

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My text adventure is about 90% complete. I just need to program the last door and add in some more cutscenes (including the endings - there's more than one!). If I have time I'll spice it up a bit 😊

One thing I learned from making this game is that writing text adventures in basic isn't hard, but it requires a hell of a lot of time and planning!

I'm going to make an adventure game. Spent the last couple of days programming a test adventure (4 rooms, 2 monsters and 3 items). Some small adjustments are needed here and there, but it works and is playable to completion. Having done this test adventure will save me some time coding and will give me more time to design it!