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My text adventure is about 90% complete. I just need to program the last door and add in some more cutscenes (including the endings - there's more than one!). If I have time I'll spice it up a bit ๐Ÿ˜Š

One thing I learned from making this game is that writing text adventures in basic isn't hard, but it requires a hell of a lot of time and planning!

Line-number BASIC requires good planning in general. Too bad nobody taught me that little secret as a kid.

Remember to breakup your sections or routines  ... If my code is extra long I usually keep data and UDG stuff at the end of the code around line 6000 or 8000. Data statements can usually be placed sequentially so incrementing line numbers by 1 or 2 is usually okay here.

GOSUB 1000

1000 REM --- Describe and add comments

rest of code



Oh, I know that now. But that's after nearly two decades of professional programming. :P