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Abbreviations confuse. What is GDQ from jam description?

I found Basin generating something very buggy when you try to export code to .z80. No problems with running my game in it's internal emulator with RUN command (those problems of course are because of my code). So my game was unplayable from .z80 file and i deleted my game from itch.

I wont try joining gamejam again, but for participants allowance of just .bas files would make publishing easier.

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My game is pretty laggy, but it wasn't useless experience to develop

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It looks like you're programmer too if you work with C++ and SFML. Do you want to do some collaborative programming or maybe you will draw art or create music and sounds for games? Feel free to follow one of SFML official tutorials, i would recommend codeblocks one as this is probably the only way to work in same IDE and on same project with me (Visual Studio is too big for my hard drive unfortunately). 

Basically, you

  •  create empty project
  • open project preferences
  • set search directories for compiler to SFML's include folder
  • set search directories for linker to SFML's dlls (dont forget to copy openal32.dll from extlibs folder in SFML directory)
  • set list of dlls to link (i usually link every dll from SFML folder)
  • and here you're ready to compile and run your project

As this plan is very abstract, i still recommend official SFML tutorials.

Actually, there is another option - to write CMakeLists.txt script yourself, like it's done with SFML itself, but it's harder to do.

reimplement cool old dos games in html5

This is exactly what i need =) How do we chat? It doesn't looks like itchio has personal messaging feature

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I'm searching for a team or single human to collaborate, create games for and other platforms together, motivate each other, have conversations.

The main problem of single developer is there's no team work, no collaboration and usually it's not very fun to make games and throw them away as no one needs them. To solve this problem, i want to create team or join existing one.

My skills are:

  • C++ (MinGW and CodeBlocks to make SFML games)
  • HTML5 (PhaserJs, maybe pure canvas, ThreeJs)
  • Python 3 for data gathering
  • Lua

My skills are NOT:

  • Unity, Unreal Engine 4 or other huge engines (my hardware is slow for it)
  • Visual Studio
  • Social communication (and i'm trying to work on it)

I'd like to meet new people, speak, listen, read, write, have fun making games and maybe even selling it. That's friendship i'm searching for and willing to give.