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Amazing, I'm genuinely staggered! Thanks to everyone who said nice things and/or voted, it really means a lot!

I'm currently working on an improved version which I'm hoping to compile for better speed. :-)

Congrats on beating it!

You may be pleased to hear that I've made some revisions based on the feedback I've had. Version 1.1 contains a few tweaks to make it a little less harsh - hopefully these will make it more fun to play. :-)

A really good example of a BASIC platformer - not too slow, fun to play, great graphics! Congrats!

I really like this, it's a lot of fun. The display reminds me of early DOS text-mode games!

This is great, some really clever tricks to make it seem more polished than your usual BASIC fare. I'm terrible at it, though! :-D

Thanks, guys!

I didn't have much time to balance things, so my main worry is that it'll be too hard or too easy (probably the former). Given that I have an extra day now I might do a little last-minute tweaking...

I went slightly over the nominal 500 line limit - sorry, it was a lot more work than I expected and I kind of got carried away a bit. :-D

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Thanks for hosting - it was a lot of fun! And hard work. But mostly fun. :-)

Oddly enough I'm working on that right now. Hopefully won't take too long, I have a reasonable chunk of it up and running already.

I can't believe I finished something! \o/

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If you want to create TAP files then BASinC (a fork of the original BASin with a few extra features and fixes) has an 'export to TAP' option which works really nicely.


Oops, forgot the link. Silly me.