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Ha, to be quite honest I never even thought of that! If I ever do another bug fix release I'll definitely add something to that effect. :-)

Happy you enjoyed the game, many thanks for the kind words.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and particularly that you liked the variations on the traditional adventure formula. My goal was to encourage people who don't usually enjoy adventures whilst not discouraging people who do - hopefully I managed to do that! :-)

Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game! Sorry for the very late reply. 🙃

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the game, and I hope you're also pleased with the boxed version - it's a beautiful package!

Very kind - thank you! I'm pleased you enjoyed it. :-)

I'm not sure how difficult it is to convert PAW to Infocom Z-Machine format, it's not something I've looked at before. But it certainly won't work out of the box, sorry! Maybe one day... :-)

There's a container that you may have seen already but not had a use for before. Try the kitchen.

If you're totally stuck, there is a full solution at The Tipshop:

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it - I was very much hoping to create something that would be fun for people who don't usually play or enjoy text adventures, but I was never sure it would actually work out!

On reflection, you're right - I should have made it clearer that it was the cistern of the toilet that you were opening and not the toilet itself, as that is pretty disgusting. I'll add it to the fix list. :-)

I have no problem with people including the games in free projects, although if you have a documentation page for the games it would be nice if you could include a link back here in case people are curious. Good luck with the project!


Would need quite a bit of reworking, but I'll add it to the wish list just in case I decide to come back and make any bigger changes.

Sorry for the delay replying, your post arrived while I was on holiday and I didn't notice it!

Thanks! :-)

Thank you! I think if I ever did an enhanced version or a sequel I'd try to balance things a little better and make the universes less scattershot - one game can be very much harder than another just because of where everything lands.

Not sure if anyone's still watching here, but I just released the latest version of the game which has now been compiled into machine code. It's very much faster to play, so if you enjoyed the original you should like this version even more!

Amazing, I'm genuinely staggered! Thanks to everyone who said nice things and/or voted, it really means a lot!

I'm currently working on an improved version which I'm hoping to compile for better speed. :-)

Congrats on beating it!

You may be pleased to hear that I've made some revisions based on the feedback I've had. Version 1.1 contains a few tweaks to make it a little less harsh - hopefully these will make it more fun to play. :-)

A really good example of a BASIC platformer - not too slow, fun to play, great graphics! Congrats!

I really like this, it's a lot of fun. The display reminds me of early DOS text-mode games!

This is great, some really clever tricks to make it seem more polished than your usual BASIC fare. I'm terrible at it, though! :-D

Thanks, guys!

I didn't have much time to balance things, so my main worry is that it'll be too hard or too easy (probably the former). Given that I have an extra day now I might do a little last-minute tweaking...

I went slightly over the nominal 500 line limit - sorry, it was a lot more work than I expected and I kind of got carried away a bit. :-D

Thanks for hosting - it was a lot of fun! And hard work. But mostly fun. :-)

Oddly enough I'm working on that right now. Hopefully won't take too long, I have a reasonable chunk of it up and running already.

I can't believe I finished something! \o/

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If you want to create TAP files then BASinC (a fork of the original BASin with a few extra features and fixes) has an 'export to TAP' option which works really nicely.


Oops, forgot the link. Silly me.