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Since you mentioned tile preview and tile palette I thought I would see if they would show up if I added a tileset. It seems the work plane doesn't show when you don't have a tileset loaded. I was just getting used to the workflow of the geometry without using one, it appeared the moment I added a tileset. Everything is working fine now so thank you so much! :)

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Hi, I'm new to Sprytile and am very happy this exists!

One issue I'm having is that I cannot get the work plane to appear. I've tried fiddling with the options for it in the Sprytile panel but no luck. Is there maybe a Blender setting that I might have imported from an older version (I'm on 2.9 now) that hides the plane?

Thanks a bunch!

Really creepy atmosphere and nice puzzles! Good job! :)

Fantastic puzzles! Enjoyed it a lot! :)

Good old arcade fun! Solid entry!
Hard to get started if you dont play right but once you get your combo going and the weapon begins firing crazy fast you understand how fun this game is!

Very fun game, had a blast playing! The only thing I would change is making Brook less slippery.

Great game! Had fun being a gladiator. :)

Love the graphics! The gameplay is very hard but satisfactory when you complete a level!

Fun game, this really made me feel nostalgic. :)
On my first play I managed to glitch the camera.
It was following the suit while playing boby and vice versa.

Great entry! Had a blast playing your game.

Awesome game love the 'link cable' mechanics and that both of them have different abilities! The art is fantastic, the soundfx+music fit the whole game well and altogether makes it one of my favourite games of this jam!

Had a good laugh! I liked the gameplay, it's very addictive! :)

Awesome game! Love the arcadey feel of it. Good job!

Good job! Loved the battle system and it was a nice touch having every character do something else.
Would've been nice if the music switched eventually but a solid entry noenthels!

Really loved it! Awesome graphics, gameplay and music. Felt very authentic. :)

Awesome game, been playing for a while without noticing the time haha.
Love the graphics and the game play smoothly. Outstanding! :)

Awesome job! Loved the graphic and the platforming+mechanics were rage inducingly fun. :)

Loved your game! The art is fantastic and the writing is well done!

Awesome graphics, music and gameplay! Had a blast! This felt the closest to a real gameboy game that I have played so far! Good job!

Had a lot of fun! I liked the gameplay. The enemies are hard to kill when they 'group' up.

Love the graphics and the music, very gameboy-esque! The palette swaps are a nice touch!
Good luck with the mobile version! :)

Awesome game Goose! Had fun with the platforming. I like the end :)
Solid entry!

Fun concept, loved the cloning sound.

Fun game, I'm not fully sure I understand how it works yet but I won. :)
The game could use some sound and music though.

Awesome game, the beeping got on my nerves after a while. Nonetheless good job! :)

Fun game! Love the art, wish there was some music to accompany the game. Good job though! :)

Fun game, very impressive! Loved the palette swapping. :)

Awesome game, frustrating on pc but awesome on my phone! Great job!

Beautiful! Loved it. :)

Nice game! Wish there was some sound though.

I don't know what the actual goal is but I had fun experimenting with the ship and controls. I'm missing sounds but I like the aesthetic.

Fun strategy game! I think the playing field is slightly too wide and I miss sound on this. Would've liked to have a visual aid for maximum movement and shooting ranges.

I made it till 29, intense! Loved it.

700 was my best score, I love the simplicity and it's very addictive! Good job, I am missing sound and music so much though! I was making noises to make up for the lack of sound.

Simple but awesome game, fantastic style and sound.Loved it! :)

Fun local multiplayer game! A little explanation of the buttons and mechanics at the beginning would've been much appreciated and the game could've used some nice western music.

Awesome game, a level select would be nice. I clicked the X midgame instead of restart... Wish there were some music during the gameplay as well but solid entry nonetheless! Played on Windows.

Was really difficult playing by myself but a lot of fun. The graphics are outstanding, the game could use some music.

Awesome bullet hell game! Everything looks really cohesive and was tons of fun to play! Wish there was some music though.

Fantastic entry! Loved it, great fun. :D