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Great visuals, game was very difficult! The bugs that I encountered were already mentioned in the other comments. Has a blast nonetheless!

You guys made an actual full release worthy game. Love the aesthetic of the game. Great job!

Nice platformer, I really liked bouncing on the tcells! Simple and to the point. :D

Great concept, really liked it! I somehow soft locked the tutorial the first time by running out of gas. Really enjoyable nonetheless! Good job. :)

Love the mechanics of merging to get a new power.  Kudos on the art and music, felt fitting. One time I accidentally merged instead of moving because i didnt notice i was still in merge mode, i think this was after ending the turn.

Amazing entry! This is so good. Highly polished and good game design. Had a blast while playing this.

Nice game mechanics, would've liked some more enemies. Really cool art style and the music fit well.

My goodness, that was slightly unsettling. Great game, well made. After finishing the game I got free reign without dying, if intentional would've been fun if you could then eat yourself.

Refreshing puzzle mechanics. Very fun mix of conway and RPS. Love it! :D

Yeah sorry about that, ran out of time unfortunately. I hope you had fun nonetheless. :D

The artstyle is great and I love the addition of the comic. A bit short but solid idea! Had a blast, good job on finishing this. :D 

Cool take on PvsZ. Love all the different units and the game felt really cohesive. Had a blast playing it.

Great work, really impressive game. Had a blast playing. I do wonder if there is a "good" ending. XD

Love the direction of this game. Was really fun positioning my units but wish the parasites spawned more. The darkness and shadows really set the tone well. The game looks really good, love the artstyle! :D

Love physics based games like this, was not able to find everything so going to come back and finish it properly when I have the time. Great work!

Loved the grid based rock paper scissors! Level design was well done and the mechanics are solid. Loved the twist with every level!

Sorry to hear the game broke before the end. Was fun playing it! The atmosphere was intense and those fighter ants really had me on the edge of my seat.

Fun game, didn't realize at first I could pick up the parasite attacks leftovers. Would be nice if there was a visual or audio cue for that. I was going so fast in the end!

Very interesting concept. It pulled me in and kept me playing for multiple times trying to optimize my strategy. Sometimes the cards would overlap and make it slightly annoying to select the one under it and I would've like the spreading phase to be a bit quicker but an amazing game nonetheless!

Love the flesh and skin colors that the game has, gives it a unique feel. At first it was kinda hard to tell which things were to pick up and what hurts but once that is clear it's really easy to get lost in the gameplay. Love the customization, it adds a lot of depth. Great job! :D

I planned on adding a lose screen but I ran out of time unfortunately. Learnt a lot about time management and jam prep though :)

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Cool concept! Loved the aesthetic and feel of the game. A bit of criticism: I found it a bit to punishing at times and would've liked for the backtracking to be mitigated somehow.  Good job on the game though!

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For anyone on Mac: Got it to work on Chrome, had to set experimental flag Choose ANGLE graphics backend to Metal.

Fun and addicting, couldn't stop playing til the brain. :)
Graphics look super cute and the sfx and music are really fitting with the aesthetic

Game freezes when I hit an enemy on Mac. :(
Will try later on my Win machine.

Love the art style. The characters look amazing and I think the concept of stealing the loot while the rest is busy is really nice. Great idea!

Love the art style. The characters look amazing and I think the concept of stealing the loot while the rest is busy is really nice. Great idea!

Very fun and addictive. The difficulty was just at the right level to keep me playing without getting frustrated. 

I was confused at first (didnt read the description XD) but after a few times I got what was happening. It fits the theme well and there is a lot of polish, well done! It would be nice if the victory message stayed on screen longer since I clicked it away by accident the first time I reached the end. 

There's been a bunch of claw games this jam which puts a smile on my face. I checked out your game and found the gameplay quite fun and looks really well polished! It's sad that you weren't able to submit on time. :(

Very addictive, good job! :)

Awesome game, very cool mechanic! Couldn't figure out if there was a way to "win" since the fisherman kept respawning but was very addictive trying to get more fish :)

Awesome game, well made. Love the sounds graphics and the gameplay. I had a bug where I was stuck placing a note on a tree behind another tree, nothing major because it places it when your in direct line of sight.

Awesome, another claw game! :D
Love the art and the theme was handled very well! The only problem I had is that it was a bit hard to control between walking and falling.

Such a cool game! My favorite so far. Love the creepy vibe and am amazed you were able to make this in 48 hours!

Such a cool game! My favorite so far. Love the creepy vibe and am amazed you were able to make this in 48 hours!

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Want to try and rate the game but cannot find anyone to play with. I'll try again later

Interesting concept, loved it! Wouldve been nice if you couldnt clip into the wall.

I might be too old for this, got really hard really fast. But I love the idea and had fun nonetheless trying to get better. I managed to hold out for some time! Great execution, loved the sound and was thoroughly entertained.

Love the variety of ships to choose from, was really fun trying to come up with strategies to take out the enemy ship. Could see this expanded into a full fledged game.

Fun puzzle! Was really relaxing. Would've loved some music as well but great vibe nonetheless!