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The text being illegible is intentional , but thanks for playing!

Yeah, unfortunately I'm relying on CSS for the upscaling and Edge still doesn't have a nearest-neighbour interpolation mode. I don't have an apple device to test it out on, but I've read that Safari is supposed to support `image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-constrast;` - not sure why it isn't working!

(not a bug)

Nice little homage to lode runner! One thing I found a bit frustrating: if you dig a tile underneath a ladder, the monks will still be able to walk away instead of falling into the gap.

Great little tactics game! I did find that the bosses left a little to be desired: Greed and Apathy were the only two that felt like they presented a unique challenge; the earlier bosses were mostly just a damage race and so you won/lost based on how you performed in the level up to that point.

Overall though, it's a solid entry!

This is a great little roguelike! I agree with the comment that the hits/misses aren't too clear (took me a couple runs to figure out how the combat was working) but other than that it was pretty fun.

Cool entry! Would have been neat to see a version with a looping simulation space for some longer-running simulations.

There's a lot more depth to this than I was initially expecting; it's a very cute sim game!

Ah OK; tried it out on firefox and that worked fine!

Great entry! The "kill yourself to make platforms" concept has been done before, but this is a really solid execution.

Nice entry, though I feel like the checkpointing could have been a bit more forgiving, haha!

Nice entry! The visual style is great, and the audio did a really good job of reinforcing the atmosphere. The camera did make it a bit hard to enjoy though; I found it was often clipping through walls, and at other times was angled such that I could barely see where the character was in relation to the rest of the game.

Great entry! This is really satisfying to play once you get into a groove.

Minor bug: sometimes when I died, the game got stuck during the explosion.

Neat idea to do a sequel! It's too bad you ran out of time, but it's still a great entry.

Nice little game, but I found it was much too easy; maybe I just lucked out with getting armor early on, but the enemies didn't seem to be any threat whatsoever. The only ones that were even taking any noticeable amount of health away were the green flies.

Really interesting idea and the level of polish is nice, but I agree with general sentiment that it's much too hard! I would have really liked to play more, but I was having a very hard time getting further than the first couple fights.

Tried to play, but unfortunately it failed to run for me even on the "low" setting, giving this as an error:

Failed to compile shader: Error: (regl) Error linking program with vertex shader, "unknown", and fragment shader 

I watched a couple of the videos instead, and it looked really cool! The gameplay doesn't seem particularly interesting, but the shader is very impressive and the sound effects were also phenomenal.

Wow this is a really great entry! I would've liked a bit more fanfare at the ending, but can't say I have many other complaints. The difficulty was very well tuned for keeping areas challenging without being too frustrating.

Very cute little game! I was a bit confused why I still had pieces of an unfinished key at the end of the game though; I think having the option to keep playing and collect the things you missed would have been a nice touch.

Yep, it's raymarching; I'll be sure to check out your game!

Hmm, sounds like the connection happened before the cartridge finished GPIO setup. I'll try to find some time for a bugfix, but in the meantime if you wait a few seconds after the game has started to hit "Enable Online" you might have better luck getting it to work.

Thanks for the bug report!

Can you elaborate? The netcode's a bit buggy so online gameplay's not the greatest, but just checked and the connection broker seems to still be working fine!

Wow, this is quite impressive! Very clever use of exits to create the interaction!

Replied to pegasu in holt comments


The sound was added by editing the game after exporting from the Bitsy editor; the footsteps + sprite sounds are hooked into the `onPlayerMoved` and `clearDialogBox` of the Bitsy engine source, and the music is on autoplay/loop.

This was surprisingly challenging! I'm not sure if it's was how you were supposed to play it, but I found that a good strategy was to simply press one finger down all the time and slide it around while watching the keyboard on-screen to get into the right positions.

Great entry!

Great entry! The audio in particular did a really good job of making you feel uncomfortable while playing.

I really enjoyed this.

Well that escalated from a chill walk in pinkland very quickly.

Some criticism: the platforming puzzle right at the end was very frustrating. I'm guessing there was a logical solution which let you guess where the next platform would be based on the note played, but I never picked it up and just had to brute force it.

I didn't play too much of this as I don't have anyone to play with on hand, but I'm definitely going to revisit this one with a friend! The artwork is gorgeous, and it seems like it would be a lot of fun to play as intended!

Great entry! The gameplay is pretty simple and as you've said it doesn't have much content, but it's a really solid start for platformer. The audio and visuals are especially well done. I'd really like to see this one expanded.

The artwork's not amazing, but stylistically I'm a big fan of this. It reminded me a lot of the Earthbound/Mother series.

It got a bit grindy towards the end and the freehand sprites and physics/rotation make it feel a bit less like a gameboy game, but the audio is great.

The ending definitely took me by surprise.

Nice entry! It's quite tough and the hitbox is a bit unforgiving, but it's a cool mechanic and the puzzles are solidly designed. Some simple audio definitely would've made it better; if you're doing any post-jam updates hopefully you'll have time to add some.

I got to the exit in the kitchen level, but then it froze there. Is that the end, or was that a bug?

Nice entry! The mouse controls take away from the "gameboy feel" a bit, but aesthetically it's on point. I would've liked if there was a bit more difficulty to the combat; as it is you can just run around slashing everything without taking a single hit, but it's definitely a solid start.

This is definitely one of the coolest entries of the jam! I would've really liked to have tried this out with a friend or two, but it was still worth playing single-player. It felt kind of buggy (I seemed to be able to move far past the end of my turn most of the time) but it's a really solid concept and there's a lot of content in it already! The sprites were great too, and I really liked the "no time to explain" intro being literally no explanation.

It kind of surprised me how sloppy the graphics are in the "help" section, especially compared to how slick the rest of the UI is. You might want to clean those up in a post-jam update!

Great entry! It's quite easy as far as roguelikes go, but the mechanics are solid and the sprites are cute.

A few things I disliked:

  • enemies could shoot diagonally, but you couldn't
  • sometimes you'd enter a room and get immediately hit by enemies near the door
  • I never found a good use for the shield and pretty much ignored it through the entire run

The UI for selecting upgrades was really nice, and the music was pretty great too.

Nice entry! Congrats on getting your system built and a decent amount of content in, but I felt like the puzzles never really progressed in terms of difficulty. The block-pushing isn't a particularly unique mechanic, so you would have had to come up with some very clever puzzles in order to make the gameplay stand out.

A few notes:

  • On levels where the camera scrolls, the camera doesn't follow the 160x144 grid
  • The music loop restarts when you complete a level
  • Hitting "R" should probably just restart the level immediately instead of taking you back the main menu and hitting continue (especially since it's easy to make a mistake and overwrite your progress by hitting "S" instead of "C")
  • If you move in two directions while touching a block, sometimes it will get pushed into weird positions

Great entry! This would probably be one of my favourites of the jam if I didn't find it so obscenely difficult! I was never able to get further than the third level.

Aesthetically I liked how the camera only moved in grid increments, but it made moving between screens a bit disorienting. This, paired with the fact that enemies could spawn right on top of you with only a second or so to react made it so I was constantly taking damage by simply walking around.

I appreciated that the game saved your cube progress between runs (especially since I fell through the floor a couple times) but I would have liked if collecting all the cubes let you skip a level entirely instead of simply giving you a damage boost. Most of the enemies take only a couple hits to kill anyway, and it took multiple runs to collect them all for just the first level.

I couldn't make it past the charger, but it sounds like you've got a cool combat system in place. If it was a bit easier, I would have liked to try more of the game!

The audio is obnoxiously loud btw.

The controls felt fairly unresponsive and I died before making much progress, but I liked the story intro!

I couldn't give full marks on gameboy feel: the assets are all pixel art, but they don't actually follow the 160x144 grid when moving.