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Replied to pegasu in holt comments


The sound was added by editing the game after exporting from the Bitsy editor; the footsteps + sprite sounds are hooked into the `onPlayerMoved` and `clearDialogBox` of the Bitsy engine source, and the music is on autoplay/loop.

This was surprisingly challenging! I'm not sure if it's was how you were supposed to play it, but I found that a good strategy was to simply press one finger down all the time and slide it around while watching the keyboard on-screen to get into the right positions.

Great entry!

Great entry! The audio in particular did a really good job of making you feel uncomfortable while playing.

I really enjoyed this.

Well that escalated from a chill walk in pinkland very quickly.

Some criticism: the platforming puzzle right at the end was very frustrating. I'm guessing there was a logical solution which let you guess where the next platform would be based on the note played, but I never picked it up and just had to brute force it.

I didn't play too much of this as I don't have anyone to play with on hand, but I'm definitely going to revisit this one with a friend! The artwork is gorgeous, and it seems like it would be a lot of fun to play as intended!

Great entry! The gameplay is pretty simple and as you've said it doesn't have much content, but it's a really solid start for platformer. The audio and visuals are especially well done. I'd really like to see this one expanded.

The artwork's not amazing, but stylistically I'm a big fan of this. It reminded me a lot of the Earthbound/Mother series.

It got a bit grindy towards the end and the freehand sprites and physics/rotation make it feel a bit less like a gameboy game, but the audio is great.

The ending definitely took me by surprise.

Nice entry! It's quite tough and the hitbox is a bit unforgiving, but it's a cool mechanic and the puzzles are solidly designed. Some simple audio definitely would've made it better; if you're doing any post-jam updates hopefully you'll have time to add some.

I got to the exit in the kitchen level, but then it froze there. Is that the end, or was that a bug?

Nice entry! The mouse controls take away from the "gameboy feel" a bit, but aesthetically it's on point. I would've liked if there was a bit more difficulty to the combat; as it is you can just run around slashing everything without taking a single hit, but it's definitely a solid start.

This is definitely one of the coolest entries of the jam! I would've really liked to have tried this out with a friend or two, but it was still worth playing single-player. It felt kind of buggy (I seemed to be able to move far past the end of my turn most of the time) but it's a really solid concept and there's a lot of content in it already! The sprites were great too, and I really liked the "no time to explain" intro being literally no explanation.

It kind of surprised me how sloppy the graphics are in the "help" section, especially compared to how slick the rest of the UI is. You might want to clean those up in a post-jam update!

Great entry! It's quite easy as far as roguelikes go, but the mechanics are solid and the sprites are cute.

A few things I disliked:

  • enemies could shoot diagonally, but you couldn't
  • sometimes you'd enter a room and get immediately hit by enemies near the door
  • I never found a good use for the shield and pretty much ignored it through the entire run

The UI for selecting upgrades was really nice, and the music was pretty great too.

Nice entry! Congrats on getting your system built and a decent amount of content in, but I felt like the puzzles never really progressed in terms of difficulty. The block-pushing isn't a particularly unique mechanic, so you would have had to come up with some very clever puzzles in order to make the gameplay stand out.

A few notes:

  • On levels where the camera scrolls, the camera doesn't follow the 160x144 grid
  • The music loop restarts when you complete a level
  • Hitting "R" should probably just restart the level immediately instead of taking you back the main menu and hitting continue (especially since it's easy to make a mistake and overwrite your progress by hitting "S" instead of "C")
  • If you move in two directions while touching a block, sometimes it will get pushed into weird positions

Great entry! This would probably be one of my favourites of the jam if I didn't find it so obscenely difficult! I was never able to get further than the third level.

Aesthetically I liked how the camera only moved in grid increments, but it made moving between screens a bit disorienting. This, paired with the fact that enemies could spawn right on top of you with only a second or so to react made it so I was constantly taking damage by simply walking around.

I appreciated that the game saved your cube progress between runs (especially since I fell through the floor a couple times) but I would have liked if collecting all the cubes let you skip a level entirely instead of simply giving you a damage boost. Most of the enemies take only a couple hits to kill anyway, and it took multiple runs to collect them all for just the first level.

I couldn't make it past the charger, but it sounds like you've got a cool combat system in place. If it was a bit easier, I would have liked to try more of the game!

The audio is obnoxiously loud btw.

The controls felt fairly unresponsive and I died before making much progress, but I liked the story intro!

I couldn't give full marks on gameboy feel: the assets are all pixel art, but they don't actually follow the 160x144 grid when moving.

Cool entry with some nice pixel art! It got repetitive fairly quick, but it's a solid start.

I'm not a fan of the massive screenshake on every chop though.

Nice entry! I found that the game was far too fast-paced for the shooting mechanic to be helpful though; I played by focusing only on colliding with enemies during jumps.

I noticed that the menu was kind of hard to interact with because it would pick up repeated button presses. If you do any post-jam updates, you should probably set it to only move on the first press.

The "prumple" palette was really nice btw.

It looks cool, but I found that navigating such a highly dithered environment was a bit disorienting.

I'm really digging the music though!

Nice entry! This has a lot of potential and could easily have been one of my favourites with a bit more polish. As it stands, it's a solid start for a side-scrolling shmup, though the lack of backgrounds and enemy variety make it quite repetitive. The difficulty also didn't feel balanced at all; I played without taking any hits until about 300 points, and then suddenly got wiped out in one wave.

Great colour palette btw!

Awesome entry! The graphics are great and it's a solid beat'em up. There wasn't much variety to the combat so it got boring pretty quickly, but you did a great job of making it feel satisfying to play.

A cute little management game! I like the use of a CMYK palette instead of the more common monochrome palettes people have been using.

I couldn't give full marks for "gameboy feel" though; it looks like the although the sprites are pixelated, they don't actually follow the 160x144 grid when moving around.

Cool entry! I liked the asteroid proximity mechanic, it really encourages the player to take risks in otherwise fairly easy situations.

Awesome entry, definitely one of the best of the jam! Both a really solid tribute to LoZ, and a solid puzzler with a unique mechanic.

I also love how the audio isn't just chiptune, but actually sounds like it's playing through a little tinny speaker!

First and foremost: I love your approach to the jam restrictions; I haven't seen a single other entry that looks even remotely like this one.

The audio did a really good job of setting a creepy atmosphere, but it also got pretty annoying after awhile.

From a gameplay point-of-view, I would have preferred if the map was smaller and there were less tonics to find. I don't know if I managed to find them all, but walking around large, non-distinct areas looking for tiny bottles hidden in corners got tedious pretty quickly, especially since you could only carry four at a time.

This was a really cool shmup mechanic! At first I thought it was going to be too easy because you could just collect powerups as you went, but having to dash into enemies to get the powerup really turned it into a risk-reward struggle. You can't just hold down fire like in most shmups or you'll kill them, and dashing into them without planning often puts you in the line of fire, causing you to lose the powerup right away!

I lost twice against the boss in the Charuto Galaxy before giving up, so hopefully that's right near the end.

Nice entry! The writing and artwork is spot on, but the combat felt very shallow: it's basically just "mash z and hope you don't die".

I'm glad I hadn't looked at the screenshots before playing though, it made the reveal a lot funnier!

Cute, simple, and well executed entry!

The combat felt a bit imprecise and sluggish, but it's a pretty solid entry other than that.

Conceptually it's pretty much just "Roguelight in 3D", but you've executed it really well! The simple atmospheric audio goes a long way towards making it creepy too.

Very cool little roguelike! There wasn't really enough variety to keep me playing for too long though; furthest I got was room 14. As near as I could tell, there didn't seem to be any point to the "30 days" in the UI. Was that a planned feature that didn't make it in?

btw, the fullscreen button doesn't seem to actually make the game bigger, it just puts it in the upper-left corner of a blank screen.

Very nice prototype! The UI in particular is really stylish. The collision during the enemy's attack and the timer on the player's attack both felt a bit unforgiving and obviously there's not much to do, but I'd be interested to see this expanded.

The sprites in this are gorgeous!

One major complaint I have with the gameplay is that it often feels as if it the camera, dash length, and even the platform layouts are working against the player's intuition. I actually didn't manage to beat the game because I got too frustrated with what felt like trial-and-error runs ended by dashing into a hazard just out of view.

I didn't quite understand what I was supposed to do for quite some time when I started. You start with three bullets, but if you miss you lose them and getting more seems to be entirely random.

With a bit more polish, I'm sure this could be fun, but for now I just found it really frustrating. I liked the dynamic flower sprites though!

The platform physics felt very basic, but the puzzle mechanic and design were solid!

I was a bit surprised when it suddenly turned into a shmup though; I think your time would have been better spent focusing on one of the two sections.

Very well-made! The combat is surprisingly deep for such a simple setup. I didn't get a chance to try out the local multiplayer with anyone, but I bet it would be really fun!

The AI difficulty was well-done too; the first couple enemies were very easy, but it took me many tries to beat stage 5 and 6.

Cute game with an interesting mechanic! It's waaaay too hard for me (I only managed to break zero once, and even then it was only with 50 points), but it's a really solid idea. It's also one of the most "gameboy"-like entries I've seen so far!

Cool entry! My one complaint about the puzzles is that I found the second level to be really confusing at first because there's nothing to indicate that you would need two keys to progress.

After I solved the puzzle with the ghost and the arrows, the application closed. Is that where the game ends or did it crash?

Nice entry! It looks like a good start for a platformer; it's a shame you didn't get more content in for the jam.

The character sprite is really cute, but I found that the patterned backgrounds in the second level were very hard on the eyes, especially while moving.

Interesting concept, though I was confused what the purpose of the reload was; I found that I simply mashed the spacebar while playing at all times because there was never any reason not to.

I played up until the first level with an enemy, but once it killed me I couldn't retry. Not sure if that's a bug.