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Thanks for the feedback! I've put up a minor fix to prevent options from becoming interactive before they're visible, so hopefully other folks won't have that issue.

OK, thanks for the info!

Sorry about that; just put up a fix to address that issue; thanks for reporting it!

Sorry about that; mind letting me know roughly where you were running into errors?

this is so good!!

Sure: it's not a bitsy game.

Hey there, I'd recommend joining the bitsy discord and asking for help there with a bit more detail (feel free to message me directly if you prefer but it may take a bit longer to get a response)

thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!

left/right arrows on the title screen

the audio is added via the bitsymuse hack

i believe that's unfortunately outside the scope of this template: it's just a very thin wrapper around the bundle Unity is injecting into it, and Unity is managing any and all tracking code

i don't see why not; i assume ayo didn't include it in borksy just cause it's one of the more technically complex hacks (you have to be able to write GLSL), but there's no harm in asking him to add it!

you can always use the additional JS field in borksy to include hacks that aren't natively supported in the meantime

it uses the canvas replacement hack, which allows you to use a fragment shader as a post-processing step

Ah, good suggestion! I'll add that in the next update.

updated with a version that supports 2020.x. thanks for the bug report; feel free to lmk if you have any other issues!

tested it out in 2020.1.0b5 and can reproduce the issue: looks like unity isn't replacing any of the template tags when creating a WebGL build. looks like they've changed how that build process works, unfortunately without updating the documentation; will dig into it some more and try to have a fix up soon

it should, though iirc there's no standard defined for web builds on itch, so you would still need to go in and flag the build as the browser-playable one from the game's page at least once

it's using a mod (you can find it here); it's actually one that's been around for awhile, but it's a bit tricky to work with since allowing collision with the companion makes it easy to accidentally design areas you can get stuck in

sorry about that! some poor planning on my part meant i didn't have time to finish this up till after the jam

Thanks for figuring this out! I've updated the template with the suggested change now.

thanks for sharing!

it uses the canvas replacement hack, which lets you apply a post-processing shader to a bitsy game

"pop some ham into Guy Fieri's mouth" is one of the best taglines i've ever seen

thanks for sharing!

it uses the character portraits hack for that:

oh awesome!

this is amazing

pretty much, yeah; the pico-8 cartridge is available for download if you're interested in seeing how it's implemented


Very pretty entry! I found the controls a little clunky, especially for movement, but the dynamic lighting and weather made this a joy to play through.

hey, sorry about that! afaik it's a compatibility issue in phaser, but seems like chrome/firefox on mac work fine

this is haunting in a very good way

I've resolved one compatibility issue with an older version of chrome, but you may simply need to update your browser. It should work on versions going back at least two years.

hey, sorry about that; mind letting me know what browser you were playing on?

Oh interesting, you're running it in the itch app? I'll see if I can debug that, but in the meantime I'd recommend trying to play it in a browser (chrome and firefox should both work fine).

I think there's a browser compatibility issue; can you let me know what you're using?

That's not intended, sorry about that! I think there's a browser compatibility issue; mind letting me know what you're using?

with a lot of hacks, haha:

yep! made using PCM tool: