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there are controls in the page description

there's a hint file available in the downloads, are you still stuck after having read that?

could you clarify if you're seeing a bug? do you mean that if you try to use gamedata that's more than 10k lines, it truncates to only 10k, or something else?

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ah if you're using opera that explains the problem: they dropped support for mp3s awhile back and haven't re-added them even after the patent expiry years ago. i'd highly recommend using chrome or firefox (opera is just a chromium fork anyway)

sorry, this is an old one and i don't have the p8 file archived anywhere

I'm not sure offhand why individual codepoints would not be working on import. Some Qs that could help identify the problem:

  • Are the codepoints that aren't working part of the standard character set, or are you working in a certain extended range?
  • Do the codepoints work when starting from scratch and doing an export + re-import without editing anything?

Without knowing more about this issue, one thing you might be able to try as a workaround is starting out with the characters in a different range that you've confirmed is working for export/re-import, and then remapping them back to your intended range via the font data manually afterwards.

yes, the areas are generated via raymarching

really loved this.. oozing in passion and also in slime

got me saying "oh no" out loud


it's under the MIT license

To clarify the environment variable fix, what you should need to do is:

  1. Get an API key
    1. Go to the itch settings page for API keys
    2. Click "Generate new API key" -> A new row in the table will appear with source "web"
    3. Click "View" on this row
    4. Copy the revealed value
  2. Open a mac terminal
  3. In the terminal, run `export BUTLER_API_KEY=abc123` with "abc123" replaced with the copied key from step 1 -> this will temporarily set an environment variable
  4. From the same terminal, run the gui-butler application (I think on mac this is just `open app-name-or-filepath`)
  5. Click "login" -> the app should now show your games

The reason this is necessary is that on mac, the underlying butler command-line tool is refusing to communicate with the GUI app for the interactive login process, and providing an API key directly allows you to skip the typical login process. If the fix works for you, you can try setting up the environment variable in a more permanent way so you don't have to remember to do it manually (e.g. using a simple shortcut script or the system environment variables for your OS).

RE running the butler commands directly from command-line: You shouldn't need to do this to use the app, and I can't help debug it much since it's just the first party tool provided by itch, but if you're having trouble running it at all you could:

  • try running `butler --version` and make sure you're on latest
  • if you're not on the latest version, try running `butler upgrade`
  • try running `butler diag` to make sure your device is able to connect to the necessary APIs

Hey there! The fixes/workarounds roughly summarized here would be:

lmk if neither of these work for you, or if you have more specific info about your issue

"opposing" as in opposite colour, i.e. hearts/diamonds match with spades/clubs

it looks like the error here was that it's failing to load audio files due to missing codecs. for context, this game uses mp3 for all it's audio files, which is supported on every major browser. if you're using linux, this may be an issue on your device you can resolve by adding the proper codecs, but if not, unfortunately i'm not sure what would be causing the problem.

from biggidy boy to diggidy dog...

mushmushparty 100% WR run

this goes so hard in so many ways


depends on your browser, but usually F12 or ctrl+shift+i will open it, and then you will be able to see any error logs under the "console" tab

Can you share any additional error info from the browser console?

Thanks for sharing, this was fun to watch!

no, there's an actual game. if it's just showing a black screen for you it probably just didn't load?

this is very sweet <3

The tags go in dialog where you want to show the portrait.

I'd recommend using bitsy savior if you're using one of the more complex forks of bitsy.

Oh haha, yeah the channel names can actually be whatever you want them to, the ones they suggest just don't require you to set the platform from your dashboard after having created them. If you're already using "mac" though, you should be able to use the freeform input in gui-butler to check/upload that channel instead of the recommended ones.

Glad to hear it's working now!

OK, I've investigated some more and I'm still pretty confused, but I think I have a workaround in place for v2.3.1: If you have BUTLER_API_KEY set, that key will now be reused instead of gui-butler prompting you for a second authorization. This doesn't work in all cases since the key that wharf creates doesn't have access to the "my-games" API used to fetch the projects, but a manually created API key should cover both wharf and gui-butler's scope requirements and allow the app to work as expected. I was able to confirm this by testing on a VirtualBox Ubuntu setup with a new key.

The workaround is needed because I couldn't figure out the "bailing out: No credentials and stdin is not a terminal" error. It comes from butler's auth here, and I traced this through to the underlying golang libraries, but can't follow the code well enough to understand why a node child process would be seen as a terminal on Windows but not on Linux.

As for the login getting stuck: The issue here seems to be that the custom protocol used as the oauth redirect isn't registering properly, so the app has no way of completing the flow (I'm not sure how it looks on Mac, but on Linux I was able to see it prompt for which app to open, but gui-butler wasn't in the list). I was missing a couple build properties required for custom protocols to work on Mac that may have fixed this, but the new workaround will skip this flow anyway so this will only be relevant if the "not a terminal" issue is fixed at some point.

Hopefully this helps, lmk if you still have issues!

Ah I think I found the problem with that linux error at least (filename case sensitivity issue), pushing up a fix for that atm.

For mac, I'd unfortunately need more info. If you're familiar enough with JS to tinker with it, you could try modifying the "login" function in App.js to try and narrow down where things are going wrong. We can see it's disabling the button and never re-enabling it, so the catch block and none of the "failLogin" lines are being reached, but I'm not sure where it's getting stuck.

Hm that's strange, gui-butler is supposed to store it's own credentials, and setting an API key manually via environment variables is not something I expected or explicitly supported.

From your screenshot, it looks like it's stalling during the login call, which is surprising since there is a try-catch there and I'd expect it to at least give a generic error popup.

The project is based on electron, so if you'd like to try building from source, you'll need to:

  1. Install node/npm:
  2. Open a terminal inside the project folder
  3. run `npm i` to install the various dependencies
  4. run `npm start` to run in development mode

In development mode, the chrome devtools should be accessible and the console tab will hopefully provide more information about the stalled login.

Hey, unfortunately I don't have a mac device to test on so this may be difficult to debug/fix if there is a program error.

To clarify a few things:

  • The project being in draft mode would not affect anything; both butler and the gui support draft projects.
  • You mention the CLI works: when you tested this, did you use a separate copy of the CLI you installed on your own, or did you use the copy of the CLI that ships alongside gui-butler?
  • You mention that after authorizing gui-butler, no projects are listed. At this point, does the UI look like your attached screenshot (i.e. it continues to show the "Login" prompt), or has the left side of the UI updated to show the project listing, and your project is just missing from the dropdown (i.e. like this screenshot below)?

Currently my best guess is that gui-butler has somehow saved an invalid or malformed API key, even though the one use for butler is working. If that's the case, you may be able to fix it by logging out, erasing your saved credentials, revoking them via your itch settings, and logging in again to create new ones.

Failing that, you could try building the project from source (available here), this will allow you to view the developer tools and see if there is any additional error info.

You could add some CSS to hide the cursor (e.g. `canvas { cursor: none; }`) but depending on your use case you may want to use unity's cursor lock instead.

yes, it's using multiple rooms and a single dialogue entry that has lots of {exit} commands lining up with the page breaks

The first screen of the game is black, you can press any arrow key (or swipe on mobile) to continue.

If you're stuck, I'd recommend double checking that characters don't have anything new to say on repeated conversations in other branches.

If you're really stuck, here's a full spoiler answer to where you might have missed things (in rot13):

lbh trg bar frrq sebz vafcrpgvat gur ybg nsgre pyrnevat gur pbapergr, nabgure sebz gur jryy cnfg gur oevqtr, naq svanyyl ynhen tvirf lbh bar va gur pbairefngvba jurer fur yrnirf naq lbh ner cebzcgrq gb jnvg ercrngrqyl

Ah, that's an itch CSS problem; I think if you click the fullscreen button in the bottom right it will resize down to fit, or you can right-click the game and do "open frame in new tab/window".

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You can download it via the itch app and try to run it that way (you may need to run a local server for this), but it's a browser based game, so there's no dedicated desktop build. Are you having any particular issue with the browser version?

Ah I did a bit more debugging and found the problem! I'll have a fix up shortly, but to clarify: your blood replenished when it shouldn't have but the day didn't actually advance, so you should be fine to continue that save with no problem.

Hm, that's strange: Gardener mode should wait for the next day to refresh, and tell you before you sleep how long it will be. Unless you happened to play just before midnight it shouldn't go to the new day.

I just checked on a fresh save and it's working as intended though; you could try toggling the mode from Options and see if it's stuck on Gamer for some reason instead?

yes, i'm aware that this tool i wrote in js requires js lol. the audio here is being generated by an actively running vocal synth ported from a UI-only project, and hacked into an actively running game engine. it's not just generating a buffer for a full phrase and queuing it for playback after the fact. an audio export would require rewriting both of these such that you could deterministically generate the audio for the phrase as a single function call like that (which is possible, but like i said, not trivial).

it's all open source though so feel free to prove me wrong if you think i'm overestimating!