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This game is actually using those helpers quite extensively; there's another hack on the repo (corrupt) which is a cleaned-up version of it that's fairly well commented.

Oh wow, two LPs in one week! Sorry about the text being too fast; if I ever revisit this I'm definitely going to slow that down or make it a press-to-progress thing.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the avatar in bitsy is just another sprite in terms of rendering. There's a file in the hack repo with helpers that can be used to edit it if you're interested: https://github.com/seleb/bitsy-hacks/blob/master/src/edit%20image%20at%20runtime...

Thanks for playing! I've enjoyed seeing your jam compilations since I found out about them :)

Hey, thanks for sharing!



(also sorry)


(also sorry)



(also sorry)




(also sorry)




What do you mean?

This is really cool! The maze was tougher than I expected, but the foreshadowing with the cave was great.

Wow! The artwork in this is phenomenal, especially the fun-house!

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i cannot be held accountable for collateral from my self-own

That one can't be done without hacks; the corruption hack re-rendering individual sprites instead of the entire list on corruptions is what accomplishes that effect here.

Yeah, if you press any of the buttons other than the movement controls, it'll count as having "hit" the square you're already on.

Loved the way you did the secret ending in this!

Nah, this is hacked, haha. I'm sure it's possible to do something like this in vanilla bitsy, but I can't imagine how long it would take.

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You'd be surprised! It's using a few of the ones from the hack repo, but the custom code for the snake/fruit is <100 lines.

the two aren't mutually exclusive

Instructions taken from folks over on the bitsy discord:

It's actually not impossible in vanilla bitsy! If you edit the gamedata directly, you can add more than three colours to a palette and specify which colour to use for individual sprites/tiles/items.

I've actually added a cleaned-up version of the code for this to the hack repo if you want to take a look at how it works: https://github.com/seleb/bitsy-hacks/blob/master/corrupt.js

hacks ;)

this is super cute!

kinda wish there was a reward for making it through without hitting anything though, haha

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this is really cute; the perspective shift on the street was cool too

Thanks! It's actually just a lot of instances of a single item that has a shuffle dialog + a sprite matching the tile behind them.

It's done by copying screen memory back onto itself with an offset rather than simply clearing each frame (feel free to download the .p8 source for more detail).

Haha yeah, there's a few extra scripts on the page that are hooking into the bitsy engine.

cheats :)


The text being illegible is intentional , but thanks for playing!

Yeah, unfortunately I'm relying on CSS for the upscaling and Edge still doesn't have a nearest-neighbour interpolation mode. I don't have an apple device to test it out on, but I've read that Safari is supposed to support `image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-constrast;` - not sure why it isn't working!