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this slaps

Hey there, just posting to let you know that you may have a bug in your date math: I checked this out today and it said it was Wednesday?

He should repeat once you have the option to give a plant, but his other conversations end with him leaving the area, preventing you from repeating. Is that not happening in your game?

(note that it would be expected for him to repeat at least once as a result of the bugfix; if you're playing on gardener mode, the next time he shows up it should progress)

Hey there, thanks for the bug report! I've pushed an update that should fix the issue, but if you try again and still get the error message, could you check the console for more error details? It should include a message like "Failed to parse passage titled "<broken passage title>", going to "DEFAULT" instead.", and that would help me debug further.

Hm, unfortunately I don't have a mac available to debug this. You could try checking if the copy of butler shipped alongside the app works as expected when run directly, or you could try building from source (available here)?

hm unfortunately audio file exports aren't trivial in js; recording the loopback is much simpler, so if it's not too much hassle i'd recommend sticking with that method


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Ah, I think I understand what you're trying to do.

"Transparent" isn't a colour to select in PICO-8 (it defaults to treating black as transparent, but you can modify that with PALT), and the FILLP function allows you to set part of the pattern to transparent (regardless of colour) using additional binary bits. Using the previous example, you could call FILLP(0x8421 + 0b.1) and it will render transparent where the yellow is. There's more detail on this feature in the PICO-8 user manual here.

I assume when you're using the special characters shift-e and shift-b, it's using a pattern that already has that bit set, but if you want to use custom patterns you can add 0b.1 to any pattern you create.

I just tried it out on v0.2.5c and it seems to be working as expected (images below), though I think I may see the source of your confusion: If you don't change the colours in the tool and also don't set a colour in pico-8, then it will appear to be reversed, because the default colours in this tool don't match pico-8's default. I can update the default colour selection in the tool so that's less confusing in the future.

I'm not sure what you mean by the alpha bit though, could you provide more detail or some code to show what you mean?

fillp tool GUI showing a thin orange line on red bgPICO-8 showing code corresponding with fillp tool's outputPICO-8 render showing output matching fillp tool

im dead now. this has killed me

The loading bar is implemented by modifying the inline style of the game canvas to apply a gradient background (line reference). If you wanted to put it in a container and show a logo, I'd recommend adding your own HTML elements that are positioned on top of the canvas and changing this so it targets one of them and then removes them after it's fully loaded.

To answer "would the GUI be better": IMO for your use case, yeah this GUI would be better. It is in fact the same program, just with a GUI to make it more accessible for people who don't want or don't know how to use the original command line tool.

The command line tool is really useful for automation contexts and also works well if you're the kind of dev who already spends a lot of time in command lines, but if you're just manually uploading patches the GUI should do what you need.

Hey there! I'm not sure if I'll be able to solve your problem, but here's a few things that may be useful:

  • You say you're only having trouble with the butler itself, and not gui-butler. However, this app uses the same program under the hood. Are you able to successfully upload a game via gui-butler? If so, that would imply butler itself is actually working on your machine, and you may just be confused about how to use it.
  • You say "nothing happens when I try to launch it": by "launch", do you mean you are trying to run butler.exe directly via windows (e.g. by double-clicking it from the file explorer)? If so, then that is the problem: since butler is a command line tool, not an app with a GUI, doing that would just briefly open a terminal and then immediately close it after it finished printing the help info. butler's documentation explains how to use it as a command line tool, but it does assume a level of familiarity with command lines; if you aren't familiar with them, gui-butler may actually be better for your use case.
  • If you are using butler as a command line tool already, you'd need to provide more info on what "nothing happens" means here. e.g. are you getting a "command not found" error, are you getting an error from butler itself, is the terminal hanging without printing anything, etc? Including the specific command you ran, where you ran it, and the output of running it are all potentially important pieces of info that would help figure out the problem.

I'm not involved at all in the development of the command line tool, so if you haven't solved your problem going through these you may have better luck contacting itch support (butler is an official itch program, and this is just a third-party wrapper). If you purchased this app thinking it would help but it didn't, I believe you can also request a refund via itch's support.

Hope this helps!

If you don't want to use the fullscreen by default, but still want users to have the option, itch does have a "fullscreen button" checkbox which should work with this template.

are you using dark mode or light mode? i just realized i never added a manual toggle, so it'd just be using your system setting to determine that.

incredible hacking...

The canvas that's referenced in the template is managed by Unity to draw the game itself, so I wouldn't recommend using it to draw loading text. What would probably be easier and more accessible is to manually add a separate element to the page (just a div or etc, not a canvas), style it to be placed on top, and update its text in the progress handler (line reference).

Hey, not sure what the source of the original crash is here, but if you're getting a "file is open in another program" error when deleting try checking your task manager to see if the process is still running. If you stop it from there it should free up the files to let you delete them.

thanks for sharing!

To add some padding, you could modify the two lines of the template where the window size is retrieved (seen here). Subtracting some fixed amount from this width/height will have the same effect as adding that amount as padding.

it's using the canvas replacement hack

Are you sure you downloaded the right version of the template? The placeholder strings in v2.2 are in the format "{{{ VARIABLE }}}" instead of "%VARIABLE%"; the latter is the format from v1.1, so you may have accidentally used that instead.

I just double checked template v2.2 against Unity v2020.3.30f1 locally and it seems to work fine, lmk if you have any other issues.

If it's not working for you, could you share the specific version of unity and of the package that you're using?

I believe you've seen all the endings and at most have just missed slight variations on the same ones.

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Hey there! Sorry to hear you're having issues; I was able to reproduce the bug, but it seems to be specific to certain device + browser combinations. We don't have a fix yet, but if you don't want to wait you should be able to try on another browser.

edit: I believe the bug's been fixed. lmk if you try again and still have issues!

10/10 would eat more dirt


The template isn't actually responsible for any of the progress events, it just listens for the progress from unity. If it's behaving strangely on other browsers, it may be an issue with how unity is loading the files and firing the events.

If you want to force it to go slowly locally just for testing purposes, most browsers have a network tab in their dev tools which allow you to disable caching and simulate slower network speeds.

Hey there, I took a look at your itch profile on desktop and the embed you have right now seems to be working fine, with the white loading bar visible. What you may be seeing is that your browser has already cached the files, and may only be sending the progress event for 0 or 100 and skipping most of the loading state on repeated visits.

This was fun! The UI was a little confusing at times, but new mechanics were introduced at a decent pace so it wasn't too overwhelming.

I also ran into a minor bug with the combining items event where I could fill up my inventory with unusable copies of the merged item by repeatedly clicking it. It didn't seem to negatively affect anything though, just a visual bug.

wow, that's a new world record afaik!

Thanks! I've worked on quite a few games, so if you'd like some specific recommendations with a similar vibe to this one, I'd suggest We Follow The Fickle Path or ROUND TABLE.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the bug report! Gus trying to deal zero damage to themselves was the problem; this should be fixed now.

Would you be able to share an example of a case where it's not working? It's all working as expected in my tests.

Hey, I tried to reproduce this issue but everything seems to be working fine for me using Unity 2020.3.9f1 and the 2020.2 template. When you say it's not resizing, what's the behaviour you're seeing?

I was able to reproduce the "no dimensions provided or detected" issue, but that appears to be a bug in itself: the same thing currently happens when using the default unity templates. You may be able to report this to their support for more info.

thanks for sharing!