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oh awesome!

this is amazing

pretty much, yeah; the pico-8 cartridge is available for download if you're interested in seeing how it's implemented


Very pretty entry! I found the controls a little clunky, especially for movement, but the dynamic lighting and weather made this a joy to play through.

hey, sorry about that! afaik it's a compatibility issue in phaser, but seems like chrome/firefox on mac work fine

this is haunting in a very good way

I've resolved one compatibility issue with an older version of chrome, but you may simply need to update your browser. It should work on versions going back at least two years.

hey, sorry about that; mind letting me know what browser you were playing on?

Oh interesting, you're running it in the itch app? I'll see if I can debug that, but in the meantime I'd recommend trying to play it in a browser (chrome and firefox should both work fine).

I think there's a browser compatibility issue; can you let me know what you're using?

That's not intended, sorry about that! I think there's a browser compatibility issue; mind letting me know what you're using?

with a lot of hacks, haha:

yep! made using PCM tool:

very much worth the wait

there's a shader applied via re-rendering the pico-8 canvas in a separate webgl context; it's done with a small library i made specifically for this sort of thing:

controls are the arrow keys


it's made with adam le doux's bitsy game maker:


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MIT license; attribution is appreciated but not required

(updated the metadata to reflect this)

this is funny and pure and exactly what i needed after all the horror/dentistry entries

feel free!

maybe you didn't go far enough

ahh this is so adorable!

"Likes: collecting garbage, eating garbage, being garbage."

same tbh

omg this is the cutest

the layering in this one is fantastic!

hacks ;)

this is so good in so many ways

thanks for sharing!

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no shame intended; impressed you're going so far back is all

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onion this game is like a year old haha

poor craig :(

sounds like you're stuck in a loop

i usually just try to go back to sleep


:oooo this is amazing!!

that poor ravine crab though...

this is the best!!!

can't say for certain whether you've missed something, but it is just a story, yes