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sounds like you're stuck in a loop

i usually just try to go back to sleep


:oooo this is amazing!!

that poor ravine crab though...

this is the best!!!

can't say for certain whether you've missed something, but it is just a story, yes

nah, there are some secrets to find, but the vacation's only over when you decide it is

wolfman don't need no rod to fish


nah, just had time for one unfortunately

sometimes there's no reward for stealing from your neighbours

it is possible you're missing something though



i had to immediately go spend some time with my cats after playing this

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Heads up, cause of how itch puts stuff in iframes, it'd probably be useful for folks to add instructions on how to set the debugger in the right frame so they can play. e.g. for firefox:

Did my best to follow along with the auto-translated captions; thanks for sharing!

ooh this was clever

they're so mean to bats!!

Thanks for sharing!

canon route tbh

you can also look at things until you get bored

ducky!!! i even knew what tricks you were going to pull and you still gave me the shivers!

oh wow i love how it even has a count-in

this sounds really interesting!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure what the UI for the transparency would look like, but I added a colour picker.

In the meantime, you can copy the binary output and add .1 to get transparency.

ah thanks for the heads up! that's a webglazy bug i think; i'll have to look into that

more than 4 ;)

oh geez

this is really great

Hey, thanks for playing! Always cool to see people's reactions.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to take some time to look into those issues.

Edit: looks like the first issue is on Unity's end (the canvas does in fact resize, but Unity's not updating till it's been focused). RE the auto-detect size, I spent a bit of time tinkering to see if I could figure out where they're pulling the size from without success; I've submitted a feature request on's github about it though, and will update this if more info on the auto-detect becomes available.

hey there! if you use the itch app you can easily download and access it there; it's also available on the source code repo

Hey, sorry for the super late response (didn't see this until just recently), but this bug should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

Transparent sprites hack + very elaborate game data

Hm, haven't seen that issue before! I'd recommend pressing the "Change API Key" button and try making a new API key instead of using the one that seems to be giving you issues.

Yeah, I'd hoped to include an AI opponent for singleplayer, but ran out of time before I got something decent ready.

This game is actually using those helpers quite extensively; there's another hack on the repo (corrupt) which is a cleaned-up version of it that's fairly well commented.

Oh wow, two LPs in one week! Sorry about the text being too fast; if I ever revisit this I'm definitely going to slow that down or make it a press-to-progress thing.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the avatar in bitsy is just another sprite in terms of rendering. There's a file in the hack repo with helpers that can be used to edit it if you're interested:

Thanks for playing! I've enjoyed seeing your jam compilations since I found out about them :)