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New to Game Jams

A topic by David T. Bosquez created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 685 Replies: 19
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This is only going to be my second game jam, and I am actually pretty stoked to do it. What kind of games are you all doing?


I'm doing a platformer with a bit of a gimmick that I don't want to spoil right here~

EEK!!! My first ever game jam!?! (^-^)


Not only new to jams, but new to game development in general over here! I cycled through several ideas but I don't actually have the experience or abilities to do any of them. What I AM going to, though, is make a basic kind of game in the gameboy style and get it as polished and complete as I can before the deadline.

I'ts hard to avoid scope creep when you know almost nothing to start with. ANYTHING I plan is going to be more than I can do right now. I have to work hard to keep the project even remotely plausible.


this is my first jam and first game I've coded myself. Well, besides some online help here and there, but I'm excited! I'm doing a relatively basic platformer, can't let my scope get so large that I can't finish it

I just finished my game for the #PrimitiveGameJam. Was a simple zombie survival game, but it's like my 6-7th actual game I've ever made. Second one I've got published on here. I just never thought about doing game jams until recently, and figured what the hell? Might as well give them a shot.

@Programancer no worries. Lol. I don't want spoilers, just saying platformer is fine. I was thinking of doing one as well. I don't know yet.

I'm going for a stealth platformer,

Based on some Mental patient that doesn't want to go outside :D

We will see how that goes though :p

Lol. Go for it.

My second game jam and I'm crap at programming haha. I'm doing a poor-person's beat 'em up.


Hello it's my first jam too. Planning on an abstract twinstick shooter. I like that there is no theme beyond gb themed, sounds like there will be a really nice variety of entries. Good luck everyone.

I LOVE twinstick shooters so consider me stoked, I was actually developing one a month or two ago. I'm still working on that game but it's being re purposed, it won't be a twinstick shooter anymore


Haven't done a jam in ages, and I'm pretty busy working full-time so this will be more or less a 2-3 day jam for me but I love the GB style so wanted to do it for funs.

I'll be doing an infinite climbing game about a cat.

Yeah, I feel you. Probably gonna only have 5, maybe 7 days to finish my actual game. And I have no idea what I'll be doing yet. Lol


Same here, I'm usually super tired when I get home and it's hard to keep the motivation going! Usually once I start drawing or programming something I get a lot done though.

Right! It's like once I get started I get on a roll... and then it's 5 am. Lol

Never finished a jam where I'm alone on a project, but the GB feel is too appealing. I don't have a lot of time these days, but still currently working on a basic platformer with a minitwist.

I have never done a Game Jam either, but I am very interested!

I am a composer looking to write music for peoples projects!


This is my second jam. I must say I was rather successful on the first as I have eaten the spinach of gamejams:

It's a rather short book with various tips on how to keep focused, prepare for a jam etc. Without being groundbreaking it sure helped a lot.


This is my first jam too. I had copied sprites from internet because I have no ability to draw. But reading the rules again, I decided to try by myself and redid everything. My game is a top-down action(?) in a haunted house. I worked every day but only 2-3 hours each day.


Glad you entered! Good job doing your sprites yourself, too. It might not be the best, but you can always look at it and go "I made this."