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Composer/Sound Designer Looking to Collab

A topic by mguitars created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 766 Replies: 32
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I know I'm a little bit late to the jam, but I was just wondering if there's anyone who is in need of music and/or sounds.

You can check out some of my music here:

I've been doing daily one hour jams in an NES style for the past little while, so that's mostly what you'll find there.



You are welcome to collaborate on my project. I'd like to add cool music but I haven't unlocked that skill yet :P

You can check more about this project here.

And my twitter: @_tonymtz can ping me anytime. Cheers!

Hey! This looks really cool. I'd love to collab. Can you give me an idea of the tone or type of music you're looking for? And maybe a list of music/sfx that you think you'll need. You can either DM on Twitter (@markymark665) or shoot me an email


Great work there mguitars! Some great songs in your portfolio!



Hello mguitars.

This is quite a lot of nice chiptune tracks that you have on your soundcloud!
Are you still available for collaboration?
I need some music for my game and I think I won't have time to make everything by myself.

Thanks! Just shoot me a DM on twitter (@markmary665) or an email ( and let me know what you need!

I may still have a little bit more time if anyone else still needs music or SFX.

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Yes this is exciting news if you are interested I will send an email soon, and listen to what you have in the meantime while I code my games menu. I had given up on finding a musician and almost decided to create some really terrible tune just to have something.

edit, email sent, look forward to hearing from you. also you can check my for a bit of stuff I have posted about my game.


Love the tunes, I'd love to work with you in the future!

Check out to see my stuff!

Cool! Let me know what you're working on in the future.

Your music is amazing. Is it too late to ask for a tune and maybe a few sound effects if time? For my top down zombie sci fi game Zombreed. Something maybe a bit industrial, kinda cool, creepy with a good rhythm and catchy tune. Your tune dated Sep 29th is sorta the feel I'd like. :)

Thanks! I can at the very least get you some music. Shoot me an email or DM me on twitter with a SFX list that you need.

I just made some music that hopefully fits what you're looking for. I can either share it on Soundcloud or email it to you. What kind of SFX were you looking for?

Ah hey. I had to pull out of the Jam due to lack of time but I'd still like the music as I intend to finish the game and release it. I just followed you on Twitter so we can chat there via DM? :)

Of course, feel free to DM any time! Also no worries about the jam.

Just finishing some stuff for a couple more games but I might have some more time if anyone needs some last minute music.

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Hi! :D I'm probably late to ask you this, but if you could make some music for a BubbleBobble-like game with a cute slime for main character you'd really save me XD A chiptune with happy/lively tune would be great! :D

Hey! Sure thing! Just gotta finish one more song first.


Thank you very much! :D

I unexpectedly had to go out and run a bunch of errands. I probably won't finish the track until around 8 or 9pm (Eastern Time). Hopefully that's cool. If not I can send you what I have now.

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No problem :D I'm planning on stretching till the last minute of the Jam anyway XD

I don't want to abuse, but would it be possible for you to make one short tune more? It would be for the death/continue screen (something like classic Mario deaths ), if not don't worry about it :D

Sure thiing!


Thanks! :D (I've sent you an email)

Ok it's done. Should I just email it to you?


yes please, thank you very much! :D

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I received them and they are perfect! :D Thank you very much!!! :D :D

It's quite late to be asking for a new composition, but would you be ok with me using a song or two from your soundcloud that you've already made? You have so much on there I'll bet at least one would be a good fit.

Sure thing! Just let me know which one you want to use and I'll send it your way!

Awesome thanks!

the sept26 and sept29 dailies seem like pretty good fits. How do you want to send them to me?

I can email them if that's cool:

sure. Sent you an email