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That would be neat! :D

As a workaround right now, If I need to use different blending modes I export each layer, then import them in aseprite, change the layers modes and export it again, but having that integrated in PixelOver would be much easier ^^

Is it going to be released on Steam?

Thanks for your help! :D

At first I wasn't able to do it even with your help though, I'm such a noob ^^U

I imported an image as plane, but I didn't even know where to look for that BSDF

But I finally found it (it was in the "shading workspace", which now that I think about it, makes sense XD), so I replaced the node with yours and here is the result! :D

Yay! Thanks a lot! ^^/

It seems I cannot get SUStino demo to work (I'm *very* noob at using Blender, though ^^U)

When I render an image (using Blender 3.0.1), I just get this:

Should I do something else before rendering to get another result?

Thanks in advance ^^/

Thanks for sharing SUStino! ^o^
It seems like the download doesn't work right now, though :o

You know what could be really cool? Releasing this also as a free game in Steam, with achievements for completing the lessons! :D

Thanks a lot! ^^

About the music, I didn't read correctly the changelog and I thought the music was for the current build XD

Looking forward for the next updates! :D

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Since I liked the 1st version I decided to try the new release :)

I reached the second map. Then I learnt "query" and used it to ask several things (to that same encounter and also the shy fairy, who taught me "flee"). Then I encountered a small mushroom, and asked them about "you", and after saying their name and that they wouldn't lose to me, the game crashed :(

I tried typing 'resume' in the console, but I was not able to to continue.

Also, I saw there is a new option "Load Game", but how can I save a game?

P.S: I didn't hear the music. Is the .exe an older version?

No problem at all! Thanks a lot for creating and constantly improving this great software! ^^

I am relatively new to picross games, but I enjoyed it a lot! :D

Some ideas/opinions:

-You should probably add an options menu to let the player disable completely the wobbly/colored text.

-I couldn't use the buff because the game finished too soon XD Does it affect the smallCure too? By the description it seemed it woould only change the attack.

-This needs music. I'm glad you are planning to add it :)

Please continue with your good work! :D I would love buying this game on Steam (you could probably release it on early acces).

Hi! ^^ Here's the annoying "suggestions guy" again! XD

This time I would like to suggest... Possibility of using several bones to manipulate a single image, using weights.

For this, you probably would need creating and adding a mesh to an image so we can add the bones and weights, and deform it with the bones.

The weights could be added manually or automatically (it would be a good idea to let the users edit them later, though). They could be represented by colors, like in the following (Unity) example.

I'll add a pair of examples that you can test freely (there are also some paid options, but these two are good enough).

Anima2D on Unity (free for personal use):

DragonBones (free, open source):

Not sure if PixelOver could somehow make a symbiosis with DragonBones or something like that, but I'll just copy these links here, just in case they :) (Godot plugin)

I hope you like the idea. The work behind looks a bit daunting, but it would be an amazing feature! :)

Oh, cool, thanks! ^^

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Hi again! :D

This one is hard to explain, so I've made a video.

As my English speaking is probably not very good, I add here what I spoke in the video:

"If I try making a looping animation for the white box, and the keyframes I make are on the zero second and in the middle of the time duration, everything's fine. I don't even need to add a frame at the end of the time for it to loop, which is really nice. But if I try to make another similar animation with a bit of delay, I cannot make it to loop like the first one."

So, my suggestion would be adding a loop option for each track. If checked, it would make the animations to loop seamlessly :)

A way for make it work could be that the program would "create invisible keyframes", those keyframes would be outside of the timeline. In my example, for the blue box, it would create a keyframe "X Position = 50px" at -0.3 seconds and another one "X Position = -50px" at 1.02 seconds.

I hope it makes sense, and I hope you like the idea! :)

Thanks a lot! You are the best, man! ^^

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When I tried making an animation I felt the need to use some keyboard shortcuts that have not yet been implemented, such as "move to the previous/next frame", "move to the previous/next key frame", "play/stop/pause animation", "copy/paste selected frames" etc. So I would like to suggest 2 related new features:

1) More Keyboard Shortcuts. In my personal case for animation, but maybe other users find that some other shortcuts are missing and would like to suggest them (people, please write the ones that you want answering to this post, so we'll have them all together in a list in here ^^)

2) A Keyboard Shortcut Window that allows searching and rebinding them. This would easily allow the users finding shortcuts that they wouldn't even know they existed otherwise, and also changing them to their personal preferences. You can find a really nice example of this in Aseprite (and/or LibreSprite) in "Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts", as shown in the following screenshot.

Just in case it helps :)

.ASE file format:

.PSD file format:

If you could make PixelOver able to import/export .ase and .psd files, that would be amazing :)

Right now there are lots of Aseprite users which also use Photoshop (or similar software that can use psd files) struggling with their workflows due to the current impossibility to convert from/to these two filetypes.

Thanks! I'm glad to help! ^^

Hi again! :)

I have ideas for two features in the "Open" and "Save" menus, they are related to each other so I thought it's better to explain them together:

1) An option to open the selected o the current directory in the system file explorer.  I find myself wanting to open the folder where I stored the pixelover project and this would save several clicks :)

2) An option to add the selected or the current directory to a list of "Favourites". This would be a nice addition in case you are working on several projects and don't want to worry about the "recent files list" forgetting any of them.

Both features could be added subtlily (maybe) so they don't overwhelm new users with too much options. Maybe something like this:

I hope I'm not too annoying for asking for so many features XD I'm super happy with the program and just want to help with (hopely useful) ideas ^^

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Oh, this feature didn't even cross my mind, but it would be totally amazing! :D

The only thing that I think the program is lacking a bit is the ease of handling the timeline when the complexity of the animations increases (it can be pretty hard when you have several things moving around).

For the next release Deakcor has improved this a little by letting the user to decrease the line space (this way the timeline space can double the info contained in the same vertical space), but the use of "objects" having each one its own timeline (in the style of "Flash" movieclip symbols), would be a real game changer! :D

I totally agree, that would be great! :D

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Hi! :)

I think there is too much vertical wasted space between rows, you could show double the info using the same space. Right now each row uses 28 pixels, but they could use just 14:

On the other hand, maybe some people think different and my suggestion would make them feel like it's too cramped, so maybe you could add one option for "vertical padding" in the Settings Window.  Or if you want to use a lot of fine tunning, you could add several options, one for each part of the UI (not sure if it's worth the extraeffort though) Something like this:

Aaaand I have just realized I should probably have asked this in Discord XD Well, anyway I'll put over there a link to this topic ^^

As always, thank you very much for this great program! :D

Puede que el tema acabe siendo alguna referencia al lore del canal como hizo Guinxu (¿batidos? ¿palomas? ¿Alf Jonathan? XD), pero sospecho que Alva nos sorprenderá con alguna idea que no nos esperamos :)

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Yeah, it seems he is :D I asked Deakcor (the Developer) in a Youtube video about the program and he said that he'll chek about it :D

That's great! Thanks a lot! :D

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I am not sure if this should be a feature request or a bug report, I hope it is in the right place ^^U

The bones property "Transform > Length" doesn't seem to affect the image when it's changed. I would expect it to affect the image when it grows, the same it does when the bone is rotated or moved.

Also, I would like to ask you if you have in mind to add another property called "Transform > thickness" (for example) so the bones can enlarge the image in both length and width.

Thanks!  :)

(2 edits)

I'd like to suggest making all the panels adjustable (I colored them in the image, not sure if there are more).

I want this feature mostly because I have 2 monitors, and I could really use the space much better if I could rearrange the program panels, but then again I think that this would be useful no matter the amount of monitors a user have.

I cannot maximize the program to 2 monitors, but I can click and drag so it occupies all the space in them, but then the view panel (the one that shows the images) works in a strange way. The view panel is centered in the middle and I cannot adjust that, so it's cut between my 2 monitors:

It would also be neat to be able to move the animation panel to the right so you can see all the layers at once when you have a lot of them (like it happens in the animated bones example).

Maybe you could make that the panels can be undockable/dockable, so we could arrange them with complete freedom.

I hope you like the idea, I think it would be a nice new feature! :)

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Hi! First of all, thanks for creating this great program! I love it! :D

I would like to suggest two palette related features.

1) Animated palette cycle (color cycling).

This is an ancient technique, almost lost since it is a feature that can only be found in very obscure programs like AutodeskAnimatorPro (antediluvian soft that runs only in MS-DOS), its descendant GrafX2 (which is free software and works on current Operative Systems, but has the same obscure and counterintuitive interface), and ProMotionNG (which is not so obscure, but maybe too expensive).

You can find an excellent explanation of the technique here:

And several amazing examples here:

Paul Robertson ( also uses this effect in several of his most psychedelic animations.

In short, this feature would:

  • Give the option to make a part of the indexed palette “fixed colors”
  • Give the option to make a part of the indexed palette “cycling colors”
  • Give the option to animate the cycling part of the palette. Maybe adding also an option to change the speed or reverse the animation.

2) Animated indexed palette (by changing between several indexed palettes).

This feature would require to:

-Give the option to create keyframes changing the indexed palette (the user should have previously generated all the palettes).

This would let users have more control over the colors in their animations by the use of palette swaps. It also would let users to achieve the color cycle effect, although with more work than in the previous feature.

I hope you like the idea! And thanks again for creating this great software! ^^

That would be great :D

Oh, I didn't think that not having Excel installed could be the cause, sorry ^^U

I use LibreOffice, is there any way to use it instead? I tried the new build though, but I got the same error.

Thank you! :)

Hi, thanks for creating and sharing this program! :)

I also want to report a bug. I have tried to import the excel sample, but when I click on that button I get this error:

(I'm using Windows 10 Pro)

They are ammo for your secondary weapon (knives/timestop/holy water/axe/etc)

Ooooh, I remember this one from Ouya! It's sooo crazy XD This is clearly an instabuy for me! :D

Are you going to release it also on Steam? I'd love it there for the achievements and the "remote play together" function to play with my buddies online. If you put it there please tell us, and I'll buy it again! :)

No, sudokus aren't what makes it hard for me, haha. I love/hate those pigeons, when I see them coming I feel the urge to feed (or maybe shot) them XD

I'm getting better at dodging while thinking! :D

Thanks a lot for the game!! :D

Hi Santa! I'm your giftee, and I must say I LOVE THE GAME! :D

I still haven't been able to beat the game, (these pidgeons are a real threat XD) but I'll do it tomorrow for sure ^^

Could you maybe make a Windows build? 


That would be great!! :D