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Ooooh, I remember this one from Ouya! It's sooo crazy XD This is clearly an instabuy for me! :D

Are you going to release it also on Steam? I'd love it there for the achievements and the "remote play together" function to play with my buddies online. If you put it there please tell us, and I'll buy it again! :)

No, sudokus aren't what makes it hard for me, haha. I love/hate those pigeons, when I see them coming I feel the urge to feed (or maybe shot) them XD

I'm getting better at dodging while thinking! :D

Thanks a lot for the game!! :D

Hi Santa! I'm your giftee, and I must say I LOVE THE GAME! :D

I still haven't been able to beat the game, (these pidgeons are a real threat XD) but I'll do it tomorrow for sure ^^

Could you maybe make a Windows build? 


That would be great!! :D

Man, you made me doubt a bit, so I have been trying it for an hour now and I cannot do it for the life of me ^^U So maybe the one that was misremembering was me, but I'd have sweared that you could, for real ^^U

Anyway, even if they cannot be returned in the original game, I think that would be a really cool game mechanic to be added :) I mean, the coolest pieces of my (probably wrong) memory from playing and playing Star Fox back in the days are the few times that I got to return their own shots to enemies (in my mind at least XD).

Maybe you could try to make that the player could kind of try to "aim" the deflected shots by pointing the ship to enemies? The easiest shots to hit the enemies (and your ship also XD) could be the plasma balls, because they have bigger collisions (in the original game at least).

I've just played the demo on Windows 7 using an Xbox360 gamepad and it works great! :D This game rules!! I love the classic Starfox feeling + Panzer Dragoon charging button mechanics! ^^ My only complaint is that the "barrel rolls" doesn't return shots, just deflect them (at least I couldn't return any shot to the enemies), and the sound of deflecting is not distinctive enough. Anyway, I really love how it is going, and I'm looking forward its release! Amazing work, Ben! :D

Thank you very much for the tutorial @Kronbits :D

(I hope in next ones you also add a voice over, or/and subtitles, or at lease some kind of "click feedback" so we can follow the tutorials easier, anyway good job)

This would indeed be a great feature, I really hope it's implemented in the future! :D

I hope that "exporting to png sequence" feature is implemented soon, that would really improve my workflow with  Pixel Fx Designer :D

Here is a tutorial by CodeManu that explains how create and render an explosion (just one burst), I hope it helps:

It's nice to hear about the Undo/Redo! :D

If you can import/export png sequences that's enough for me, I don't care too much about animated gifs :)

I've tried rendering after changing the Output Scale but I fear I couldn't see the difference ^^U  I tested 100% and 10% so the difference should be clear, maybe it only works in the full version?

If you can't have separate effects per emitter that would be a pity :(  If the effects aren't separated you cannot choose a palette for each of them, wich I think it's totally necessary (for example, you could choose a palette for explosion and another one for smoke, etc.). Couldn't you maybe draw each layer/emitter to a different image, then apply the effects individually, and finally show those images combined?  I think this is a really necessary feature.

This looks great! Will you release it also on Steam? :D

That's great! :D

Since you asked for them, I Have a pair of ideas / suggestions ^_^
-A (configurable?) number of "undos" would be the most important to me. Ctrl+Z is my friend and I feel lost without him XD
-More export options would be great, like png sequence or animated gif.
-More "import" options to use animated textures for particles, not just spritesheet, but also png sequence or animated gif.
-More motion types, like linear, or following a path drawn by users, and also predeterminated paths, like circles, triangles, etc. would be great.
-I love the idea of using nodes for effects :D A new node for resizing (with option to choose between bilinear/nearest neighbour, maybe?) would be cool, that way the output would be more configurable without needing to change lots of parameters.
-Having separated effects for each emitter and being able to copy effects from one emitter to another one would probably be another nice feature.

And that's it, I've run out of ideas XD I hope you can use some of them ^^

BlastFX community · Created a new topic Looks nice! :D

BlastFX looks pretty cool! :D do you plan on adding even more features?

I recently bought a similar program so I'll have to amortize it first, but I'll have an eye on this one :)

Thanks for the info!

I'd prefer not to install more apps beside the Steam one, so that would be great for me :)

Hi :)

I was wondering if maybe you are planning to release Pixel Fx Designer on Steam. That way you can get some more visibility, and also we users would get the possibility to get auto-updates by opening the program through the Steam client :)

I use some other programs through Steam for the convenience of the auto updates (Godot, Aseprite, etc), and I really like it ^^

Sadly I couldn't make a proper game in time for the jam, anyway I uploaded what I got :) Enemies don't have any IA, so you only can eat them and then launch them so they rebound on the walls of the screen XD

Originally it would have 2 players (hence the "bros" in the name XD), a total of 20 stages and 2 bosses, but I'm not fast enoug so I didn't had enough time, sorry guys ^_^U

Controls: (XBox Gamepad or Cursors + Z + X)
Z = Jump
Down + Z = Jump off
X = Eat enemies
Up + X = Spit out enemies

Music by Mark Sparling Thank you very much Mark! :D

The rules state "Game has to be made for a non standard aspect ratio. 1:1, 1:15, 30:1 and so on is allowed while 4:3 and 16:9 and other common ones are not."
So my question is, could you please list all the ones that are not allowed? "other common ones" is a bit ambiguous. For example, NES/MegaDrive/SNES resolutions are ok? To certain crazy people (like myself XD) those resolutions could resemble "common" ones XD

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I received them and they are perfect! :D Thank you very much!!! :D :D

yes please, thank you very much! :D

Thanks! :D (I've sent you an email)

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No problem :D I'm planning on stretching till the last minute of the Jam anyway XD

I don't want to abuse, but would it be possible for you to make one short tune more? It would be for the death/continue screen (something like classic Mario deaths ), if not don't worry about it :D

Thank you very much! :D

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Hi! :D I'm probably late to ask you this, but if you could make some music for a BubbleBobble-like game with a cute slime for main character you'd really save me XD A chiptune with happy/lively tune would be great! :D

Hi there, I just clicked on that link and the result was the message: "Access denied.", just to let you know :)