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Sadly I couldn't make a proper game in time for the jam, anyway I uploaded what I got :) Enemies don't have any IA, so you only can eat them and then launch them so they rebound on the walls of the screen XD

Originally it would have 2 players (hence the "bros" in the name XD), a total of 20 stages and 2 bosses, but I'm not fast enoug so I didn't had enough time, sorry guys ^_^U

Controls: (XBox Gamepad or Cursors + Z + X)
Z = Jump
Down + Z = Jump off
X = Eat enemies
Up + X = Spit out enemies

Music by Mark Sparling https://soundcloud.com/marksparling Thank you very much Mark! :D

The rules state "Game has to be made for a non standard aspect ratio. 1:1, 1:15, 30:1 and so on is allowed while 4:3 and 16:9 and other common ones are not."
So my question is, could you please list all the ones that are not allowed? "other common ones" is a bit ambiguous. For example, NES/MegaDrive/SNES resolutions are ok? To certain crazy people (like myself XD) those resolutions could resemble "common" ones XD

You are welcome ;)

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It looks like an interesting theme to me :)

By the way, your link to the jam is broken, I almost thought it was deleted or something like that. Here is the correct one, just in case https://itch.io/jam/absurd-aspect-ratio-jam

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I received them and they are perfect! :D Thank you very much!!! :D :D

yes please, thank you very much! :D

Thanks! :D (I've sent you an email)

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No problem :D I'm planning on stretching till the last minute of the Jam anyway XD

I don't want to abuse, but would it be possible for you to make one short tune more? It would be for the death/continue screen (something like classic Mario deaths https://youtu.be/s2-zTspthXw ), if not don't worry about it :D

Thank you very much! :D

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Hi! :D I'm probably late to ask you this, but if you could make some music for a BubbleBobble-like game with a cute slime for main character you'd really save me XD A chiptune with happy/lively tune would be great! :D

No problem about the test mail ^_^

Personally I would prefer that the Jam would take place at the same time than the Ludum Dare 36 (next weekend), that way the voting issue of this LD edition would be solved, and It also would encourage people that is new to itch.io Jams to participate on it (and then on future events, like an Itch.io Jam).

Thank you very much for your work, Leaf! :)

Hi there, I just clicked on that link and the result was the message: "Access denied.", just to let you know :)



I hope Itch Dare still happens, I think it's a great way to solve the "no ratings problem" on the actual Ludum Dare.

Anyway, the main page should be updated to avoid confusions about Ludum Dare in August is not happening :/