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The sequencer changes the instrument only when it plays a step with an instrument value set (the second number in the row).

You might need to open the instrument editor twice: once to assign the instrument (making sure the instrument number is displayed in  the pattern), then reopen the instrument editor again to tweak the sound.

While the track is playing, any changes made to the current instrument should be applied in real time (You can still start/stop the song with the instrument editor open). Is this working for you?
I plan to implement a way to hear the instrument by playing it from the keyboard.

The source is open and can be found here:

surprisingly fun!
very good use of the 64x64 pixels limitation
good job

Really polished game, also quite hard straight from the beginning.
You should add some rewards for destroying ennemies, like giving back some health or stronger weapons.

This game is so stupidly fun!
great job on the sound design and music.
I will follow everyone and say you should make a version for touch devices.


Very nice animations.
Simple gameplay but well implemented.
good job!

this is a quite cute little game.

cute game even incomplete. You should try to finish this one!
Not seeing the next piece make it more challenging.

I may have bind the rotate jewel to the UP arrow, it would probably feel more natural on a keyboard.

Fun and quite challenging little game.
And very nice chiptunes! 

I do like the AESTHETIC of this game (needs to be played full screen).
Sound effects are a bit too loud (or the music too quiet) .

Simple and very fun! I love it

fun concept and pretty challenging game.

hiscore: 86

update 30/10/2016:

As per request, added a password system !
Set the game in pause to see the current level password.

update 23/10/2016:
Added a speedrun mode to the game.

The screen canvas is scaled by 4.
To replicate the dot matrix effect of the Gameboy screen, I just added a semi-transparent grid overlay on top.

Cute graphics and quite interesting mechanics. It took me a while to get used to the controls and understand that you could use the orb to teleport yourself where you want. I would like to play more levels.

also, really nice dot matrix effect ;)

The engine is nice, I like the old-school zelda-ish transitions eefect. Too bad there is no real end to the game. I would maybe suggest to go with procedurally generated level / Rogue-like approach for this one.

Hello mguitars.

This is quite a lot of nice chiptune tracks that you have on your soundcloud!
Are you still available for collaboration?
I need some music for my game and I think I won't have time to make everything by myself.