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Your music is amazing. Is it too late to ask for a tune and maybe a few sound effects if time? For my top down zombie sci fi game Zombreed. Something maybe a bit industrial, kinda cool, creepy with a good rhythm and catchy tune. Your tune dated Sep 29th is sorta the feel I'd like. :)

Thanks! I can at the very least get you some music. Shoot me an email or DM me on twitter with a SFX list that you need.

I just made some music that hopefully fits what you're looking for. I can either share it on Soundcloud or email it to you. What kind of SFX were you looking for?

Ah hey. I had to pull out of the Jam due to lack of time but I'd still like the music as I intend to finish the game and release it. I just followed you on Twitter so we can chat there via DM? :)

Of course, feel free to DM any time! Also no worries about the jam.