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I just played this for... who knows how long! For a brief moment, I was #1 in the world, but was quickly unseated and haven't yet gotten back on top. This is highly addictive, tons of fun, and an amazing game to come out of a jam!

I have more to say, but I stayed up too late playing EVADER and must now go to sleep.

What a creative game idea! It was tricky to get the hang of, and then the levels got harder and harder. I really like this concept and it is executed perfectly on Pico-8! Great job!

This is really cool! I got stuck a few levels in, but I really like the ideas here! Getting other octos on your side, etc. Very interesting and it is pretty well done. I also think the way that bullets bounce off of each other is really unique and interesting. The transparent floors are also a neat touch.

Could use a "quit" button somehwere, though. :)

It took me a while to "get it" and then it was a fun challenge with jus tenough strangeness in the mix. I really like the art style, and the 3D shifting of the walls. A very unique game that definitely felt like an early home computer game with a fancier skin. Great project!

I got to (what I assume is the end boss) twice and he got me. Pretty tough little game, but I like a lot of what you have here. The strange muted, electronic sounds are nice, and the increasing abilities are also cool. Think I could use a little feedback when I am hitting the enemies or something. At first I didn't think I was doing anything to them at all.

Nice work, and good luck with the little one!

Love your art style, and the game concept is fun. I don't think I was very good at it, though. Got fairly stuck on the second screen, but did the third in a flash! A very cool blob, indeed!

Love the art and the entire concept! The controls, effects of your actions, and even the UI are all fantastic.

I agree with BluShine that there were times when I had to wander a bit more than I would like. The sections of the forest were generated well, though, so they felt unique each time. This is a great project! Add in a few more things to toy around with as you go, and I would have no complaints at all!

Love the style of this whole thing. Each screen takes a few minutes to figure out, but it always makes sense. There are good visual cues to give a dullard like me enough of a push in the right direction.

I absolutely love your pixel art!

I got a big kick out of this! Outside for the laughs, it is just well put together and cleanly presented. A very nice style to it all.

I did have my wife play after I did, and there was no pizza to put in the oven at the end. Not sure what happened...

This is a pretty neat project and concept! The skeleton models look particularly nice, and the music is soothing as I watch my clones toil away.

This was fun to mess around with. Probably the most fun I've had with chess in years!

Just played the playable teaser, and I am definitely teased! What is happening!??!

This is great! It's frantic and difficult, but not unreasonable. The aesthetic and actual art has a lot of character and is all very slick.


Hey, do you have instructions available? I wasn't too sure what I was doing...

This was fun, and funny. I really like the style you have here, with the collage faces, the font changing, and the camera panning. It's well done and enjoyable. Gave me a good laugh.

Also, the box art is fantastic. "Brunch Satire" - ha!

This is pretty neat! Very relaxing, and interesting to see the different formations take shape. The look of the lighting particles is very engaging. Great work on this!

This is really great! The in-game graphics look very gameboy, and it was easy to get a handle on the mechanics quickly. Could definitely see trying to get better at this and enjoying the challenge. I did accidentally destroy a health potion one time when I needed it, which was unfortunate, but I don't know what else you could do from a UI perspective with so few buttons available... maybe use the "start" button for something so final or a confirmation pop-up? Anyway, that was just a minor thing.

Congrats to your team on a fantastic jam game!

Nice job on this! Based on the description, the first few levels are ripped from Chip's Challenge, which might be unfortunate, but I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't told me. Everything works smoothly, looks great, and is very very GameBoy. Good work!

Oh, and that picture of the captain is mighty unsettling!!

I really loved this! I only got to level 2 (so far), but it definitely feels exactly like an early gameboy game. Graphics are nice (and the kid is appropriately rad). Non-nonsense soundtrack really took me back. Fantastic!

Good backstory and concept. The fighting was pretty good too. If there were some kind of meters for health or stamina (or whatever the factors are), that would make it even better.

Oh, and I appreciate being able to upscale from actual GB resolution.

Great job!

A great concept and it's all well implemented! The graphics and sound are really damn good. Took me a bit to "get it" during the intro, but that's my fault. Great work!

Great job on this! Love the graphics and the mechanics. Very reminiscent of the GameBoy era (as well as Zelda). The music is also top-notch!

Love your pixel art in this, and everything is solid. Wish there was sound, but it's a game jam, so something had to go, I'm sure. Great entry!

What a fun twist on a couple of ideas. It was a little unsettling at first for it NOT to be a rhythm game, but I got over it just fine. I think this could be a good foundation for a non-GBJAM game. Very cool!

I was stoked to try this. Try to message me if you get it fixed! Thanks!

Pretty enjoyable and very eerie. Outside of the color palette, I suppose it isn't very GameBoy-esque, but it's still pretty slick.

I do love old school Zelda, so I like this quite a bit. It's pretty tough, so after about three times, I think I'll move on for now. That said, I liked what I played. The combat really reminds me of something... Hydlide? I'm not sure. I like your animations and dungeon tiles a lot. The level seems to be laid out well and wasn't making me do a ton of crazy backtracking just to make it longer. Great entry!

I like the character art a lot. Like all of the pixel art, actually. It's too bad it isn't animated, but I'm guessing you ran out of time.

Very interesting concept with some pretty neat ideas! I didn't build a whole lot when I played because I was cramped for time, but the controls made sense to me after just a little bit. Very cool!

Very cool game! Was a bit tough to tell which blocks were impassable at first, but that screams GameBoy! Very solid game, nice graphics, great entry!

Game looks great and is lots of fun. A bit difficult with the one-hit-kills, but is probably appropriate for the era! Very nice entry!

I played with the "hardcore gameboy controls" in the spirit of the jam. This is pretty fun and really tough (at least with those controls). Game looks really slick and nice! Doesn't really look like it is on gameboy, I guess mainly because of the available color palettes, but I think that's A-OK.

Pretty neat versus game! Wish I had tested it with someone else, but I was able to play against myself and get a good feel for it (I think). It's very clear what the goal, controls, and mechanics are. Everything works cleanly and felt good. Great entry!

The shading on the asteroids and ship look really cool. I must be missing something, though, because I can't steer the ship without it just spinning wildly, and the bullets barely extend from the front of the ship. Based on your screenshots, something isn't working right in my download.

Nice controls, and the difficulty seemed fair. Not a big fan of many of the early levels having platforms that aren't staggered, it makes for some really awkward jumps. I'm not sure how many levels you made, but I felt like I got fairly far before it got too frustrating to continue. Graphics could look a bit more like GameBoy. Some nice ideas here!

Pretty fun, simple game. I like the detailed background and the waving water as it progressed. Wish I could upsize the screen to 4x to make it a bit more visible, but that's OK. Nice job!

This is really cool! Granted, I am a fan of old slower-paced games like Star Trek arcade, but once I figured out what I needed to be doing, I was pretty hooked. Even though lots of games in the jam are pretty good, this is one I'm going to come back to later!

Ha! I got a good laugh out of this. I never got all the way to the end because it at least seemed pretty random if my hiding spot was going to be successful or not. What a neat memory and a cool way to turn it into a game. The looping music was pretty damn catchy as well. Good job!

Your game is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the basic premise, and the need to save ammo, etc. A neat way to have the "get a high score" feel from the early GameBoy era but still using some other genre staples that we didn't see much until much later. Nice entry!

Love the graphics and the cloud effects. I have no idea how you are able to do the tricks shown in your gifs! Like the other commenters, I tried for a long time and certainly wasn't able to get a very high score. I really like the simple idea, and it looks like it can get pretty intense and fun... I guess it was just a bit hard for me.