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We get a lot of random spam entries, but you had only entered our jam, so I was hoping it was intentional. Mention your jam theme in the description somewhere and we'll be good to go.

Hi there,

Is this intended for Wizard Jam 9? Doesn't seem to fit with our theme or mention anything about the jam.

Lots of fun! Really nailed that Wario Ware feel, but with your own aesthetic that worked really well with Die Hard. 

I had a lot of fun playing this! Gave me a good nostalgic feel, and I really enjoyed the challenging and unusual mechanics. There wasn't just one wacky thing to make this game different than most single-screen games, but a nice handful. Really felt like I was playing an old DOS game, or a forgotten arcade machine in the back row. Very nice! Will be returning to this one.

Loved every bit of this, even when I was horribly stuck! If I could figure out how to give this game stars on itch, it would get 5.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for posting! I was glad to see you figured out what to do, as it's a bit of a challenge.

I was just watching some of your Global Game Jam videos this morning. Keep up the great work and fun videos!

I enjoyed playing this! The soundscape is very impressive and the lighting also really helps add to the mood. 

Sometimes I couldn't repair the floor when I thought I could. Not sure if there's a location-based restraint on the tiles that I couldn't discern?  I also had a little trouble knowing which tile they got through at the end before it told me I was done for. 

All around, a great game! Very nice work.

This was fantastic!  A great mix of really stiff-feeling NES-era controls, mixed with some modern day forgiveness in the level design. Love the comic panels and the story. It's another surreal mixture of good gameplay and story from z_bill. Love it.

I like this a lot. It's like Metroid bomb jumping made into a game! I wish I had more agency over the bomb placement, or maybe understood how it was determining where to put the bombs better to make things a bit more predictiable. This is a cool concept and a fun challenge.  Good work!

This is really slick and fun. The color palette is perfect, and the controls are intuitive and just work! I like the scroll wheel control, which is unusual, but nice. Adding the F key was a good move as things got more complicated. Nice work on this one!

This is really cute and fun! Love the style of all the elements put together. Nice work!

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This was pretty neat. Impressive that you made this while finishing your Master's degree as well! I like the art style and the gameplay was a nice mix of arcade avoidance and light adventure game mechanics. Sound effects would be nice and some of the "enemy" hit boxes seemed a bit large, but that's OK. Nice work!

The physics didn't seem too unpredictable. The only part that seemed a bit unreliable was the turn after the hill. I just went really slow most of the time to prevent an accident. If you end up remaking it, let me know!

This was really cool. I have been following development on the idle thumbs forums and was excited to try it out. I have fond memories of using these tracks for hours and really getting into a Zen state. The controls set up and the physics did a good job of bringing that back. So did the sound effects. The story element was a nice touch and was a neat way to move up through the difficulty. 

Good work on having a vision and following through! It's really neat!

This is a really cute, short game. I like the simple, but endearing art style -- both in-game and at the start and end screens. I especially like the jetpack kids/people. And I mean the robot's lips are very kissable!

The sound effects are nice and the music is really good and is a great backdrop.

The only problem I had was on the first screen when I accidentally ran a kid off the screen and had to restart. This wasn't a big deal since I lost about 3 seconds of progress,  though.

Great work, team! 

Hopefully the bug you ran into has been fixed in a patch I uploaded after I read your comment. As far as the cannon firing faster, that is a definite option in the balancing puzzle, but many things could/should be tweaked to make the game more fun and fair.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug report!

Balancing didn't get nearly as much attention as it needed within the jam. Several factors could be tweaked/overhauled to make it better. I'm debating if I should do much work on the game after the jam deadline outside of bug fixes.

I really appreciate you playing and leaving feedback!

That's a great score! Thanks for giving it a go!

Sounds like a bug to me! If you have any other information about what might have been happening when they stopped disappearing, I'd like to know. I am trying to do some bug cleanup for things like this if I can. 

Thanks for playing and writing!

Yes, I agree, a change needs to be made to ease up on that a bit. I think adding in long-distance attacks by some of the revolutionaries would be a good idea. Thanks for giving it a try and for the feedback!

I just played this for... who knows how long! For a brief moment, I was #1 in the world, but was quickly unseated and haven't yet gotten back on top. This is highly addictive, tons of fun, and an amazing game to come out of a jam!

I have more to say, but I stayed up too late playing EVADER and must now go to sleep.

What a creative game idea! It was tricky to get the hang of, and then the levels got harder and harder. I really like this concept and it is executed perfectly on Pico-8! Great job!

This is really cool! I got stuck a few levels in, but I really like the ideas here! Getting other octos on your side, etc. Very interesting and it is pretty well done. I also think the way that bullets bounce off of each other is really unique and interesting. The transparent floors are also a neat touch.

Could use a "quit" button somehwere, though. :)

It took me a while to "get it" and then it was a fun challenge with jus tenough strangeness in the mix. I really like the art style, and the 3D shifting of the walls. A very unique game that definitely felt like an early home computer game with a fancier skin. Great project!

I got to (what I assume is the end boss) twice and he got me. Pretty tough little game, but I like a lot of what you have here. The strange muted, electronic sounds are nice, and the increasing abilities are also cool. Think I could use a little feedback when I am hitting the enemies or something. At first I didn't think I was doing anything to them at all.

Nice work, and good luck with the little one!

Love your art style, and the game concept is fun. I don't think I was very good at it, though. Got fairly stuck on the second screen, but did the third in a flash! A very cool blob, indeed!

Love the art and the entire concept! The controls, effects of your actions, and even the UI are all fantastic.

I agree with BluShine that there were times when I had to wander a bit more than I would like. The sections of the forest were generated well, though, so they felt unique each time. This is a great project! Add in a few more things to toy around with as you go, and I would have no complaints at all!