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Some have found it too hard and other too easy, seems folk either love and have played this style of game lots or not too keen. Can i ask how far you got? maybe i can balance it a bit better

Hi all, the boss is a reward for getting over a x150 combo... Some folk have said that's pretty tricky. The key is to start you chain as early as possible and use the bombs to link if you get out of position. Stay low and try to herd the bullets. @delca yes you can play the game quite safe and surviving, but I try to reward riskier play, longer combos with a boss plus your score all adds up. It's certainly supposed to be one you come back to

The graphics are sparse, but i think the animation and gameplay is AAA. Top notch shooter, this is my kinda game. and helped i have Alien soldier :D

Really great music, It could have done with a quicker forward fire rate, and some parallax with the stars. Overall I enjoyed it

Thanks alot, really makes me happy to get comments like this and to know people understand what I was going for with the visual feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

yep the previous comments say it all, its pretty bad taste

Well i played more than a few times, very addictive, would like to try and complete this with a gamepad. Overall i deducted a few points for gameboy feel, you can tell its made in a modern engine, and i would've capped framerate. Also i probably would've liked a but more variety in the music loop, but so far this is my fav jam game! Great work

Some really cool ideas with the crystal ball, and the screen scroll and graphics feel very much like links awakening. I would have prefered 8 way movement like zelda, but i understand some games final fantasy restrict to 4 way. Sadly i got stuck early on behind a low wall and could get the ball over to teleport out. Some real potential here!

Thanks very much and its a very fair point, i can't match the res with pico8 unfortunately! I've added new a boss phase and as folk have mentioned the difficulty i plan on easing people in first.

Thanks Jupiter! I have had an idea how i can ease the difficulty in. Great vid and idea to cover the entries

Thanks Alot! Try using autobomb, press right at the title screen. Before dying you superbomb and continue playing. You can do this 3 times to get further at a cost to final score. Also if you have a 360 controller or usb controller handy try plugging that in if you prefer pads to keyboard. (Works on chrome/firefox)

Just wanted to say this jam, the duration and the timing at the start of the new year is genius. I'm looking forward to contributing and finally finishing something. GT

Aha, great I'll just download and avoid the browser quirks altogether. Many thanks!

Hey im not sure if the javascript detect is playing up, but its saying - i cant run the unity player in chrome. However i've just played another made unity game...

Thanks alot glad you enjoyed it!