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I love the idea and the graphics! I was having some control issues when trying to navigate the food selection, so sometimes I didn't have enough time to get the right food, but it was fun anyway.

Thanks! I wanted to make the bears as smaller as possible to have a lot on screen, but yeah, less than that and I doubt anyone would recognise them as bears xD I love pixel fluid sims! Probably not very GameBoy like, but... they are so cool :)

Thanks a lot! :)

This really gives me great GameBoy vibes! Music, sounds, that nice scrolling between screens... Spot on!

Thanks! :)

I know, right? And probably it's not very comfy to land on that boat. If there's ever a sequel, I will make sure old Teddington comes prepared with a sturdy bigger boat with some comfy pillows to land on :) Thanks for playing!

Cool game! I loved in particular the music, animations like the duel... and the writing! xD Bloody cow eating the ring...

Oh, kind of like a "yahoo" when they jump? Yeah, that would be cute! It may get boring with so many bears jumping, but I would give it a try. I had the same concern with the splashes, but it wasn't too bad in the end, so...

Aaah, I didn't check it on the phone! ^_^;
I honestly wasn't expecting that it would show full screen. Those buttons are for an Android version I didn't upload in the end. On WebGL they're not resizing properly because the latest Unity is giving me "Screen.height = 0" on WebGL. No wonder you have issues with the D-Pad, it looks really small!

Regarding the drowning bears, I added the message that they swim home safe at the end of the game because my friends said I was mean to the poor bears. If I add drowning noises, they will report me to PETA for sure! xD

Thanks for playing! I will try to fix the full screen size or at least upload the Android version.

It's GREAT! I loved it. Terrible the first couple times, so satisfying once you get the hang of it. Nice music, nice animations (I keep looking at the game over skate spinning xD).
I was going to add that I hope the birds are ok, but... nah, little feathery bastards, they take too many points xD

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I had to add that message because my friends were making me feel guilty about the bears falling to the water. I even thought about showing them swimming, but... too much stuff on screen, probably. I didn't think too much beyond "collect bears," but the setting seems to be problematic ^_^;

Loved it! First level, "Cute!". Second, "Oh, interesting mechanic". A few later, "Ok, I wasn't expecting this to be such a good puzzle game!"

Thanks! :) 

I love it. Shame I'm so bad at this kind of games! xD But the music is great, and I love the bit of strategy that having several weapons available gives. I went right away for the one that shoots and arc, but... no way, you need to change based on the situation, sticking to one is not enough ^_^; I need more practice!

Thanks a lot! 😊

No, they swim, I swear! Actually my partner told me that probably they would be safer falling in the water than hitting the boat xD

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks! :)

No worries. And you can judge, of course! All feedback is welcome. We can't improve if we don't know what people think 🙂

Yup, not hiding that! ^_^

The different characters have slightly different gameplay (their speed or the way ground and power ups spawn varies a bit), and it has a hidden Game Boy mode... but it is indeed a veeery short game! We are ok with that, it was a project to learn and have some fun (that's why it's free), and we definitely reached that goal.

If it kept you entertained just for a couple minutes, we are glad.  We will try to make it better next time. Thanks for playing, thanks for the feedback, and have a Merry Christmas! :)

It's incredibly crazy, silly and FUN. I definitely recommend giving it some minutes, if it doesn't make you smile, you must be a vampire and there's no hope for humanity xD

Thank you very much! 😊

Thanks for the review! I totally agree with you, it's just a short demo. I had not enough time, and the dialogue system took me a bit more than expected (tags, ugh...), so I just went for a visual taste.

But I will keep working on it and I'm glad we started off on the right foot. Thanks once more!

Looks really nice. Some control problems and framerate hiccups, but you kinda get used to the. Problem playing on the browser: Ctrl + D bookmarks the page on Chrome, that stops the game and then resumes as if you were holding D all the time.

Looks awesome, but it's quite unforgiving (seriously hard). I love how the plane enters the scene (and I saw it a few times xD) and the music.

Hard to see what's coming, certainly a navigator would be a great addition, but so far it's an enjoyable game with nice details.

I really like the mechanics, bow is more than just a weapon. Lovely graphics too.

Uuuuultra cute and lovely music too!

Haha, I really like the idea! ^^; And it's harder than it looks, "Some hoomans are stoopid" and you have to almost dance around them to make them follow you xD Really fun!

Nice idea, but it already starts so fast that is hard to know what you're doing ^^;

Luftrauseeeeers! I love that style of game :) Needs some more work but it's looking nice so far.

Yup, it's fun. It took me a while to realise I could stop the arrows with the whip, because... yeah, who reads the instructions? ^^; My bad. Oh, and at the beginning, if you don't move (looking at the controls and all that), youget hit by the ball :( Spawn at safe spots, pleeeease :)

Good mechanics and nice look. Some polishing and this idea could really go somewhere!

It's BEAUTIFUL and the music is lovely too! The dynamic lights seem to go a bit crazy sometimes and it breaks a bit the look, dunno if that's intended.

Classics never fail to entertain for a bit. It's nice, and I love the screen shake. I think platform and ball should go a bit faster, maybe.

Proper retro feeling, really nice! And great music! Something to fix? When you hold space all the time to shoot, you end up skipping the game over screen too ^^;

Wow, what was that? xD I love the idea and was fun to make the sheep fly around with guns, but yeah, I need more practice to not impale the poor sheep :/ Nice graphics and sound!

Not a bad idea, but way too slow :/ Cute graphics though.

Ah, I'm terrible at this kind of games ^^; But it looks really cute and it's fun to play. A nice twist to tower defense games.

One of my faves so far! It's nice to explore the city looking for people (and pets!) to rescue. The aliens look... like zombies, indeed, but not a problem. Waaay too many missed shots, I think I would prefer to just have less ammo or harder aliens. Oh, and while the helicopter was flying away somehow an alien on the ground was still hitting me... I thought I was about to die despite having finished...