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it's just a glitched rendition of the tetris theme I made in sunvox

Yes, the game was made back when Java 8 was new. Just tested and the game does not run with java 13 or newer. So you will need any java version from 7 to 12 to run the game.

You can use the big red download button at the bottom to download the "Infinitris_v1.0.jar" file. You will need Java (if not already installed) to run it. You can get Java from

Hi, glad this gets the approval of a professional ;) Back when I made this I had no idea what spins and kicks are and that Tetris could get so sophisticated. I have never implemented those things, so I don't know how hard it is to do, but seems like a good challenge for a rainy day.

Never played puyo puyo, but that actually sounds like a fun idea. However it's probably gonna be a while before I'll get to that.

Thank you for your kind words.

In the future there will probably be puzzle games too, but at the moment no tetris puzzle game is planned.

No matter how far you go, you will never reach the end. :P

On a more technical note: The world is stored in chunks of several blocks and new chunks are only created when you place blocks in them. I'm not sure about the web version, but the desktop version stores the positions in 32bit, meaning at roughly 2 billion blocks from the starting location, the game would crash. But before that you would most likely see massive slowdowns (since all chunks are kept in memory) and/or a lot of graphical glitches (due to floating point imprecision) similar to what happens when you go too far in e.g. minecraft (You can look it up by the name of "Far Lands").

So, for all intents and purposes, the map is infinite.

Hey, I just played your game.

I think I found a bug, when you spam space while respawning the player sometimes gets stuck in the air. Also when smashing on top of the boss I sometimes died instead of damaging the boss.

Smashing enemies is pretty satisfying. This would really be a neat little game if just the restarting didn't take so long. The player needs to be able to respawn on the press of a button when you have instant death spikes all throughout the level. Otherwise it just turns frustrating.


Just awesome, once you get the hang of it, it's really an immersive experience, I wonder how this would play with VR. Best thing is grabbing the eyes and throwing them right back into the others. Just one time I encountered a bug where I kept falling into 'the nothingness', otherwise really impressive.

As others have said really solid game, just the controls are really tough. First time I got up to the wolf and immediately died, second time around I couldn't even get past the spike pit anymore. It's really weird that when you press left, you first walk left, then when you shoot you fly to the right, upon landing you start walking left again... made it really hard to climb that mountain. IMHO the sheep should shoot to the opposite direction it's moving, so one doesn't change direction abruptly upon landing... but on the other hand, maybe awkward controls are what you were going for.

Saw the devlog thread with your mockup and wanted to see the finished game, and it turned out really great! My only real complaint is that the combat itself is rather boring. Still, you have a very polished vertical slice, just one level that is really well done, instead of a trying to squeeze in a lot of content and having the quality suffer... I hope one day I'll learn to do that too.

Hi, I played and reviewed your game, you can read the review in the micro-review thread here:

Really polished and tight controls. It just was a bit confusing, that the gravity switching controls were explained in the beginning, but you only get it suddenly later, without notice. And the sounds have been a bit off putting. But otherwise solid entry, played trough 'til the end.

Finally, after 48min and 146 deaths, I managed to beat it on hard :)

Just awesome graphics, animations, sound and gameplay.

The music is really amazing, and has this gameboy feel to it. At first I thought this was an endless shooter because it dragged on like forever without anything changing. No matter what I did I never got to the bossfight, do I need to get like an impossible 500 chain combo?

Thanks a lot for commenting, great that you like it!

I know, the graphics aren't one of our strongest aspects. And I sadly never got to replace some of the placeholder graphics.

Thanks for the great review. You mention many important points. Yeah we focussed on game play over graphics. But sadly the music/sounds were a last minute addition so they might not have turned out that good.

Some tutorial for controls would have been necessary, and reading your text I'm not even sure if we properly communicated that the player is invincible while dashing. Powerups and different weapons were planned from the beginning, but cut due to time constraints and I wasn't sure how/when they should drop, but you gave me an idea how to integrate them, without the enemies randomly dropping them.

Tuning the difficulty is always difficult, because I usually played the game already hundreds of times until it's finished, so I just included multiple difficulties (with a third one, that only even unlocks after you beat it on "Hard"), but I think I could have done more, like allowing the player to retry directly at the boss they died at instead of the beginning, at least on lower difficulty settings. But I thought it isn't a big issues since the game is rather short with 3 stages and can approximately be played through in ~7min (in a single run).

Ok, this turned out longer than expected. To conclude: thanks again for the helpful review.

Demi-God Review:

I'm not sure how to categorize it, but I'll try: Demi-God is a side-scrolling beat em up/shooting game where you have to advance forward while beating waves of enemies.

The game is very short with only around 4 waves, but it's just the right length for the amount of content present and doesn't overstay it's welcome.

At first, I just clicked the game window to get the focus, and it automatically advanced the title screen with the controls, if you wouldn't have had the controls on the game page, I would have missed them.

The transforming was a nice touch, although I'm still not exactly sure, what the animation is supposed to represent. The bullets you can shoot felt IMHO too weak, it could help to make them faster and bigger.

Killing the bats felt much better, than killing the aliens(?), because they died within one hit. And hitting the aliens the first time, did not really give any audio/visual feedback.

The music was a noticeable short loop, but nevertheless it did not get annoying.

I just saw that the art looks crisp in the screenshots, but when actually playing the graphics look blurry. Seems like they get scaled with "Linear" instead of "Nearest" Interpolation.

I reckon this might have been one of your first games? Don't be discouraged, if I sound overly negative/critic, I hope you see it as a way to learn how to improve the next time around.

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