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On top of the simple buildings looking good, having the drones build them at high speed is so satisfying to watch! Especially when they place a block then destroy what is not part of the building.

The patterns and generated flowers look really good! I cannot decided if I prefer the coloured or lineart version though.

That is a really original idea, I like it a lot!

While I would not be able to read some of those number by color alone, it seems like the dots used to represent the number always end up smaller than the background ones, which makes it easier to tell the number anyway.

The output is visually really nice to look at, and I like how some lines end up sharing some stations! I hope you can find a solution to this messy name problem though ;-)

Those mansions look so good! Is it possible to quickly explain how your algorithm is choosing to "grow" the house (where to add a piece, which size, that kind of detail)?

Thanks for the report! I made a quick fix to increase the volume, I may try adding a volume slider later on.

I think the output feels really similar to your actual goal, so congrats on that! I do not know if this fits the movie you talked about, but would it be easy for you to show those plants growing ?

Yes, that is the one! although it was a group work (I only did the buildings and filled the lots with them). We also had our share of stupid, time-wasting issues with Unity, but overall spent a lot more time in our generation code.

The collisions felt a little bit wonky on the down-left and down-right sides, but the sprites looks very cute! I hope you can make something even nicer out of it!

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Really nice! The layout strikes a good balance between organic and organized. I participated to a similar project but your output is visually much nicer than ours.

The screenshots look really nice, but I cannot get the window action to do anything on my computer. Otherwise this looks quite cool, congrats!

The first time I got stuck just before the top because no green block generated on the top two layer, leaving me at the bottom of two-units-deep holes I could not jump out of. Other than that, it worked very well for a 3D maze, the size was just enough to get lost a little without it becoming too frustrating. Great job!

The result is very pleasant to look at! I wish you could just refresh the image by clicking on it, it would be easier to generate new ones that way.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I have been able to locate the problem with the help of a friend, but had no chance with finding a fix, so I just changed the way both backgrounds and text are rendered. It should be working right now.

First, thanks for playing and commenting! Separating buttons was mandatory to execute some of the puzzle I had in mind when designing them, however I did not manage to fit them into a single screen yet...

On another note, I am interested in getting some more feedback about this rendering error, since a friend of mine reported the same issue but I was not able to reproduce it on my computer. Can you read the text on the very first level ? For time constraint reasons text and background are displayed with the same code, so an answer or even a screenshot could go a long way to help me fix the issue.

First generation Surface Pro ( Good luck with your engine !

The game was a fun to play and very polished experienced, displaying the trajectory was a good idea to make the game less frustrating and more about reflexion than execution. My favourite puzzle was the symmetric one not long after the box return, that was great. Transporting those cubes and solving puzzle with them made me think of Portal...

The diffracting mechanic was REALLY interesting, and although I cannot say if I got through the level by thinking about them or through sheer luck, I would definitely love to see an even more fleshed-out version with more levels. Well done!

Yeah, I know. I just went away to other games and other genres, so a little refresher is always a good thing !

Nice game, although I sucked at getting a good time (around 50 seconds was my best I think). Just so I know, is there actually a way to use the path just left to the starting point ?

The game is simple but really fun to play once you find a good strategy and try to stick to it! I got to the high 47000 with two bodies, as this is the setting where I felt I could best control the other bodies' trajectory. Is it possible to avoid the collision right after the beginning though ? I could never manage to do it ...

Thanks for the suggestions ! I did follow the same thoughts that you had but chose smaller, one-screen sized level because they were easier to create; but nothing actually restricts the level size, I actually had to block the camera's movement.

Really nice game with a lot of polish, the slimes were just too cute.

The game ran kinda slowly on my computer, and I could not find anything to do except playing the jumping mini-game. I like the flickering lamps though, they surprised me at first but it was a nice touch to set up the atmosphere.

Even if it felt a little bit slower than a Sonic game, you really nailed the feel for the controls. It made me realize how much I missed playing 2D sonic games...

Nice visuals, and the icons were a big help when testing on a tablet.

The diversity of trees I managed to create with it was impressive, and most of them were very good looking (and miles better that what I could do myself by hand). Playing with it was very fun!

Wow. Every game I see made on the PICO-8 manage to impress me a little bit more about the platform. This one is gorgeous, and a very good shmup on top of that. The "no penalty on death" is very forgiving and helped me to keep on playing world through world. An awesome entry !

I found moving the character a little bit hard because of the lack of control when in the air, which made moving back to the platforms a complicated tasks when coupled with the way enemies spawn and descend toward you.

However, the lighting and forcefield effects felt very "powerful" to use, and I got some really good looking constellations out of the generator, so overall I liked it. Good work !

You definitely got something right with the "feel" here, hitting those crates felt quite satisfying. I am interested in seeing what this will become with a little bit more time put into it !

Managed to clear my way up to the 10th dungeon, mostly by mashing left click until I got to where I wanted. Music and sprites were really nice!

A small issue I noticed is when the screen fades to 'Dungeon #', the character becomes unresponsive but the missiles still hit it.

I really liked how restricting the visible area around the player makes the levels feel a little bit more claustrophobic, although it also made navigation a little bit hard sometimes. Maybe having a map of already-explored territory could help with that ?

Other than that, the only real issue I found was that when the stairs are placed in the bottom-right corner of the room, they are barely visible because of the walls surrounding them on two sides.

Good work !

The game felt quite polished, but even after four or five games, I am not sure I understood what to do. I eliminated every spawn, but is there a way to get to the beast itself ?

Other than that, hexagonal maze looks so good, I want to generate some by myself now.

The controls felt a little bit awkward, maybe because of the acceleration and large hitbox. But for a first try, it is otherwise quite playable.

The idea was interesting, although I had trouble making sense of the monster creation at first.

Very well polished entry, it reminded me of Finding's Nemo for the GBA (except with less Advance and more GameBoy). Quite challenging because of all those ennemies in small spaces, but still very enjoyable. Good work !

Cute little puzzle game, the puzzle were good!

A really cute, bite-sized dating sim with interesting characters. I loved it!

Nicely made game, graphics and audio were on point! I may have spent half of my playtime on getting from the second checkpoint to the third one: that precise jump between the two spikes was too hard for me... Speaking of checkpoints, their animation/sound effect felt just right. I would love to just run around in a room full of them just to activate them one by one ^^'

The tileset instantly reminded me of the original Pokémon one, and after checking part of it is actually from that original tileset. The game was not very well polished: I recognized issues we encountered with Unity for pixel-perfect game, and while not obvious to solve there are ways to improve the look of the game. It also crashed twice for me (which is another side-effect I had with Unity's WebGL export).

On the plus side, the story could become the base of a fun exploration game.