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The diversity of trees I managed to create with it was impressive, and most of them were very good looking (and miles better that what I could do myself by hand). Playing with it was very fun!

Wow. Every game I see made on the PICO-8 manage to impress me a little bit more about the platform. This one is gorgeous, and a very good shmup on top of that. The "no penalty on death" is very forgiving and helped me to keep on playing world through world. An awesome entry !

I found moving the character a little bit hard because of the lack of control when in the air, which made moving back to the platforms a complicated tasks when coupled with the way enemies spawn and descend toward you.

However, the lighting and forcefield effects felt very "powerful" to use, and I got some really good looking constellations out of the generator, so overall I liked it. Good work !

You definitely got something right with the "feel" here, hitting those crates felt quite satisfying. I am interested in seeing what this will become with a little bit more time put into it !

Managed to clear my way up to the 10th dungeon, mostly by mashing left click until I got to where I wanted. Music and sprites were really nice!

A small issue I noticed is when the screen fades to 'Dungeon #', the character becomes unresponsive but the missiles still hit it.

I really liked how restricting the visible area around the player makes the levels feel a little bit more claustrophobic, although it also made navigation a little bit hard sometimes. Maybe having a map of already-explored territory could help with that ?

Other than that, the only real issue I found was that when the stairs are placed in the bottom-right corner of the room, they are barely visible because of the walls surrounding them on two sides.

Good work !

The game felt quite polished, but even after four or five games, I am not sure I understood what to do. I eliminated every spawn, but is there a way to get to the beast itself ?

Other than that, hexagonal maze looks so good, I want to generate some by myself now.

The controls felt a little bit awkward, maybe because of the acceleration and large hitbox. But for a first try, it is otherwise quite playable.

The idea was interesting, although I had trouble making sense of the monster creation at first.

Very well polished entry, it reminded me of Finding's Nemo for the GBA (except with less Advance and more GameBoy). Quite challenging because of all those ennemies in small spaces, but still very enjoyable. Good work !

Cute little puzzle game, the puzzle were good!

A really cute, bite-sized dating sim with interesting characters. I loved it!

Nicely made game, graphics and audio were on point! I may have spent half of my playtime on getting from the second checkpoint to the third one: that precise jump between the two spikes was too hard for me... Speaking of checkpoints, their animation/sound effect felt just right. I would love to just run around in a room full of them just to activate them one by one ^^'

The tileset instantly reminded me of the original PokΓ©mon one, and after checking part of it is actually from that original tileset. The game was not very well polished: I recognized issues we encountered with Unity for pixel-perfect game, and while not obvious to solve there are ways to improve the look of the game. It also crashed twice for me (which is another side-effect I had with Unity's WebGL export).

On the plus side, the story could become the base of a fun exploration game.

Graphics and audio were very good and fit the game nicely, game was simple but well polished, and the humourous remarks from the skulls were funny. The checkpoints were a good surprise that prevented the game from feeling unfairly hard. One of my favourites from this jam!

With its only game mechanic, this game offered a good challenge until I figured out that grouping the cats together lets you hold them off more easily. I managed to get to 162 after multiple fails under 60 points. The music loop was fitting the theme too. Good job!

You should try to fix the camera when fighting a boss, I was surprised by an off-screen giant ball of energy when fighting the big skull for the first time. Otherwise, it was ok to me.

Using the marking on the floor as pieces of the map was a really neat idea ! Overall enjoyable, even the repetitive sounds of the steps was soothing after a certain time.

Extremely polished and pleasing to play horizontal shooter. I loved it!

Controls felt nice, and although it was a little bit short, you could definitely turn this into a nice challenging platformer with more levels and obstacles. Good work on the audio part too!

The character felt a little bit slow, as was the moving platform bit with the piranhas. That being said, I enjoyed playing ! (also hidden paths, I love that !)

Really nice platformer, the controls felt very good (especially the walljump) and some levels were a bit challenging. If it had more levels, I would have played them all !

Graphics were well-made, but somehow one-shotting all the enemies felt kind of overpowered.

This game was strangely addicting, it felt very good to play. It was also a quite hard, but I am definitely going back to it to get revenge on that rolling gear boss. Great job !

It was a short play, but a nice one.

I liked how the different layers were all visible at the same time, it somehow felt like more than just 4 colors. Just wished the game was a little bit longer (and noisier), which is a good sign!

Graphics and sound were both really good, but I found there was little incentive to do anything but stay at the bottom and spray the incoming missiles with your own. Then again, maybe I just do not know how to play this game :S

Despite the simple mechanics, the game was fun to play ! Only issue I had was the slimes being rendered behind my turrets, making it very difficult to see what was happening once every spare inch was used for a building.

While the platformer part and puzzles were amusing, the later part with all the skulls coming at you was quite frustrating to play through (directing the ice missiles with the same keys you are moving in felt unresponsive in the small space of a screen); and when I did manage to beat it, nothing happened (as in, I could not exit the screen, the music stopped and no events were triggered). Could it be because of the browser version ?

The game really felt "otherworld-ly", and the puzzle were well-made. I liked it!

A cute little platformer! Although the character's movement felt a little bit strange to me (the double jump needs a really quick double tap to gain the necessary extra height), the reflect mechanic was simple but worked well. While I needed a hit or two to figure out how the health meter worked, I found it very fitting with the bubble-themed power-up.

The different characters' skills felt well-balanced, and I especially liked the free SP-drain for the mage character.

Everything from graphics and sound to the game mechanics is extremely well made and feels very pleasing to play with. Great entry!

Graphics were simple but cute, and I really liked the map being a zoomed-out version of the gameworld. Some sound effects could make it feel a little bit more "alive", maybe ? Anyway, I liked it !

Art and music were top notch! While the gameplay was a little bit hard, it was definitely worth the effort to get a score at all on the last level (damned tornadoes). Loved it !

This was really perfect ! I really like the puzzle design, they were just hard enough to be quickly solvable once you found the "trick" for that level while constantly keeping that satisfying "Finally, I solved it !" from level to level ... although I am not really sure I understood how I managed to solved that end-game level with the two looping tracks...

Anyway, I enjoyed it greatly and would love to try more levels if they are of the same quality. Good job !

Graphics are really nice and set the mood straight away! The game felt good to play, and I really like the afterimage effect on the player's sprite. However, having to redo the whole level got really boring after the second character. The game could use a check-point like system at each character, for example

It is really sad that your programmer could not help you make the game, because as you said, both graphics and sound were top-notch. I hope to see you flesh it out a little more in the future. Best of luck!

The graphics were really interesting, and the game seems like it could be really fun to play. However, when combining the distance and spread of the enemies to the relatively slow rotation speed of the player, the game did not felt fun to play. In the end, I did not manage to unleash a single supernova...

As you said, the AI can be a little bit silly sometimes... Anyway, the game itself seems quite interesting, and I will try playing it with another human being for a test. Graphics were well-made, but since I have some problem with colours, even your mixing help was not that much of a helper there... Perhaps you could try to mix symbols together instead of colours as a visual aid ?