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Puzzle platformer that plays with the concept of diffraction
Submitted by raaaahman with 1 hour, 6 minutes before the deadline

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I love this concept and also wish it were a bit longer — I bet there's plenty of room here for, say, obstacles you can only interact with if you are (or contain) the right channel.

It is a little hard to tell the player from the barriers sometimes (especially in the second level), and I think it'd be improved tremendously if e.g. combined red + green displayed as yellow.  :)

I found the third level fairly tricky but the fourth almost trivial; I'm not sure if I missed something in the third or accidentally broke the fourth?


Oh yeah, there's probably room for triggers and moving elements. Indeed the lack of proper graphics hurts the read-ability badly, color combination could be a thing, maybe there could be also orange, purple and yellow platforms...

I believe you mean 4th and 5th level, since the third is pretty straightforward and serve only to expose the teleporting mechanic (between world bounds). They're not particularly well crafted, and I only differentiated them in difficulty because the 5th presents more pathes than the 4th.

Thank you playing my humble contribution and hosting the jam in the first place!


The diffracting mechanic was REALLY interesting, and although I cannot say if I got through the level by thinking about them or through sheer luck, I would definitely love to see an even more fleshed-out version with more levels. Well done!


Interesting mix of puzzle platformer mechanics here. How difficult did you find it to make levels for this?

I found it pretty easy to lose track of the red segment because it would end up hidden behind and moving with either the blue or green segment after splitting, but thankfully the levels are small enough that it was never too much of a problem.


Making the levels was far harder that I believed. There seems to be so little space between dead end levels and shortcut-able ones. I would have needed a dedicated time to understand it but I needed mechanical modifications until the end of the jam.

You're right, the different segments overlapping perfectly is a problem, a bit of transparency may fix this...


This is really challenging (or maybe I'm dumb) but it's fun, simple, and easy to catch on to the mechanic! Good stuff :))


Thanks for the feedback, I've played these levels so much while testing that I can't figure out their difficulty. :p