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i failed to find the badly drawn furry porn.

don't worry i'm sure i can write a password cracker in no time

lmao omg.  carmen sandiego origin story

short but clearly polished to a...  diamond sheen?  and something about leaning into the retro aesthetic feels really fitting here but i cannot explain it.  i don't think the 80s or 90s were particularly big on horny theft as a theme.

arguably i haven't stolen anything until i've actually managed to leave the building but who's counting

i am running out of Commenting Juice but man, anime girl fucking heckling the tentacle monster is hilarious.  girl slow down i am still figuring out the controls

TWO people made horny sokobans??  this is like christmas for me

there are only a few levels but they're legitimately tricky!  you probably could've stretched that battery level out into two or three especially, but the solution is extremely clever and had enough wrinkles to keep me off the trail for a while.  very good puzzle construction

(the red does not go well on that gray background though; i didn't even realize there were numbers for the first couple levels)

holy fuck this just keeps going.  this is so incomprehensibly elaborate.  wow

a game that causes you to have sex in real life has surely got to win...  something.  i regret that i have only stars to give

i have no idea what is going on here.  dattebayo

hmm.  i respect that you modelled a house!  but the actual game part feels like an afterthought?  it's fairly buggy, which, sure, jam game.  but i'm not sure why it earns you money?  or why i'm buying books from my own house.  or need to paint them onto the wall to see the art.

i feel like i'm missing something that ties this together?  i wish you'd written a bit about the game so i could understand your vision!

i can't believe you were on the brink of throwing in the towel, this is a heck of a thing.  i love your teeny sprites.  everyone's real cute.  there are an awful lot of mechanics going on.  and the combat is pretty solid for being real simple.  also the frequent shortcuts are the kind of player kindness that often does not make it into a jam game

idk man it's real good.  good job

"it's a dark souls but you can jack off" is a sentence i just said out loud

i can't keep playing this.  like, literally.  it's legitimately making my arm hurt and after four or five upgrades i'm still nowhere near the "idle" part, if it has one.

i think i see what you were going for; cycling through multiple click targets, and having to click a lot in a short window seem like interesting twists on the genre.  but generally there's a tradeoff between clicking to progress quickly and letting the game run by itself very slowly, and if that's here i can't figure out how to make it happen.  which is extra weird when i have a little guy on the screen literally doing the work for me.

the animations seem cute!  i wish i'd gotten to see more of them

whoa hey tic-80, that's a first

this is very charming, especially the juxtaposition of little black critters against a bright cheery townscape, haha.  it's simple but in a kind of arcade way where i don't mind replaying it some number of times.  also i love upgrades.  tasty.

that said i think you have a slight design problem here.  it seems like the obvious optimal strategy, which the game almost explicitly encourages, is to just convert a couple screens and then return to the factory.  because the cops are brutal and easily three-quarters of my play time accomplished absolutely nothing, because i'd have 30+ drones and then waltz onto a new screen, bump immediately into a citizen, get trapped in a conversion, and be shot by a cop one foot away.  and there is nothing i can do about this whatsoever.  so the only solution is to play extremely conservatively and "bank" my drones whenever i have more than a handful.  there's no real downside to doing it; i lose out on the bonuses, but they're very small, i probably wasn't going to get them anyway, and they don't remotely make up for losing 30 drones.

also i assume the collision is tile-based here and that has definitely killed me a few times too because trees do not look like they are that big haha

i had a good time!  i say all this in the hopes you can make even better times

HOT DAMN a platformer where the sex is part of the game and not a thing that happens when you lose.  great concept and woven into the platformer mechanics very nicely.  aesthetic style fits well too and the animations are very cute

i had kind of a hard time dodging attacks and i can't quite put my finger on why.  it might just be a combination of several small things, like up for jump being kind of awkward in the heat of the moment.  on the other had it incentivized attacking instead of merely avoiding, which, is good, since that's the point of the game.

that's pretty nitpicky though.  great job overall.  honestly the biggest problem here is a development one, and it's that you are in for a quadratic art adventure if you want to expand on this -- a fourth enemy would require five new animations, then the next would need six, and so on...

(this appears to be a zip file named .rar, which confuses the heck out of the itch app haha)

i'm curious how the gems were going to work out!  shame it didn't get that far.  i want gems now

it's a start!  i'm not sure what of, but it is recognizable as video game

definitely not what i expected from the title so i'm very curious how that was going to factor in

wtf this is cute as hell i love all these panels.  and i love all your faces.  and also tfing into a foxbee.  and also that you plugged twine into bitsy somehow.  this is all such a goofy combination of things and it all works perfectly together.  you have GOT to keep working on this

feature report: i can jump up into a ceiling and simply ascend to victory

the music absolutely makes this.  wish there were more!  even a couple single-screen levels or something.  a good time while it lasted though

hmm well as long as you made it within february then that's probably fine.  i doubt most folks will rate you based on the nsfw version though  :)

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hi, sorry, but i've had to disqualify this.  it's clearly a game that already existed in a reasonably complete form at the beginning of february and which didn't meaningfully change during the month (except to add some new pinups), and that is not at all in the spirit of a game jam

interesting take on a deck builder, though, without the deck building  :)  once you get the hang of it the outcome is almost random, which is a shame.  i think you might have something here if you kept at it though

ohh you had me with "giant slime", i wish this had gotten further!  that shader is cool as hell too

our cat threw up while we were playing this which i think interfered with the vibes slightly

also my spouse was the one playing so here is their Guest Comment:

"I liked how the up and down motion felt, as it did feel buoyant to control. So, even though there was not a whole lot of interactivity, what was there was nice.

I feel like... well, I have experience with trance state type work, and I actually didn't grasp it was a kink for a really long time. It's something I like as a concept normally and in safe for work contexts. But, I myself find it very hard to get into trance state when I'm around others, and even generally. So, playing with our cat interrupting us, did kind of make that harder... and also, playing alongside someone (anyone really) makes it hard for me to connect to works that are about altered states of consciousness. 

I feel like I can struggle when I don't know "who" is talking to me. The video game was talking to me, but who was that? Who was the voice? I mean, my guess is "you", but without knowing who "you" are, that kind of thing ends up feeling unsafe for me to connect to as well, and interferes with the hypnotic process. This feels like a bit of a shame, and I was thinking about what would have made this something I might have been able to feel... and what came to mind for me was "if a character had been doing this to me, and I had any idea who the character was, then I might have felt more emotional investment in this... but as it stands, I have no idea why I want to be a pooltoy or a toy at all, or what any of this has to do with me emotionally". So that felt a bit sad. I grasp this kind of thing can work for others who don't really want to connect with a character, or who have no problem reading the voice talking to them in a way that removes whoever is on the other side of it... but due to my own blocks with accepting hypnotic regression, I just couldn't connect very well. 

Regardless, I did like the concept of the game, and I thought to myself that I could easily imagine others having a good time with losing themselves to it. So, I hope you had fun making it and I hope others enjoyed it too."

this is adorable.  love watching the kobolds bumble around while i, uh, manage.  direct.  chief eating officer

my only regret is that i cannot end the game in true paperclip maximizer fashion by eating all of my kobolds in one fell swoop

you had me at horse dick hamiltonian path sokoban

thank you for this gift, to me, personally.  it pushes all of my square fleshy mobile buttons

hey congrats on making a video game!

having several types of platform is a clever idea for cramming some variety into a short game too, and they're even thematically appropriate

hmm i guess it's hard to say a lot since it's only a few minutes long

i hope you enjoyed the experience though, and that you keep at it if it's something you want to do more of

i have been secretly looking forward to this all month.  chef kiss.  this is so ridiculous as a game but putting the drains on the sides and making pieces block them is a stroke of genius that gives me a more tangible and urgent goal than "just jam them all in there".  although i do also enjoy just jamming them all in there.

i could totally get 133 lines but i think ash is waiting on me so i'll just have to play some more later

i finally got the bad ending, where i don't turn into anything

this is super cute and i love it.  i don't know what else to say.  this is exactly what i would want from a tf adventure game.  if you told me you made a tf adventure game i would hope it's this


i think this might be my favorite so far even though it's among the most ridiculous

i mean i'm not gonna be a huge stickler on this or anything.  mostly it's just, could this code reasonably be used for two games?  if it's something you've already written then i don't want to force you to retype it to maintain the purity of the jam or whatever.  but if you're essentially reskinning an existing game then that's not so much in the spirit of a game jam

but even then it's hard to make a hard and fast rule — like i've suggested zdoom as an engine before, and you could do plenty there with just a map, not writing a single line of code

(1 edit)

you know exactly why lol.  it was a bad-faith entry mocking the idea of...  liking sex, i guess?  weird flex but ok

i don't know what you think you're going to accomplish here.  the jig is already up, you're not going to argue your way back in


this is cute.  it has completely sold me on being someone's digital pet.  i don't even have to piss on my own i can just do the lightest scowl and they will come furiously running to, i don't know, carry me to the bathroom i guess??

i love filled condoms being heart-shaped.  although it is unclear why they are valuable.  that's not even anything to do with her that's just my cum.  not MINE mine but you know the mysterious player.  presumably they could give you that at any time if you've got like an empty coffee can or whatever

immaculately highlighted boobs like wow.  i don't know if clicking on them did anything and it kind of seemed like it didn't but i kept doing it anyway because this girl gets so horny so fast oh my god

(hey you might wanna flag your downloads with the OS they run on, or your game can't be played correctly in the itch app!)

i see what you are going for and i am very bad at it!  i think that might partly just be that i have no sense of the map, and since i move so fast, the map ends up gigantic as a result, which means i can't see very much of it at a time.  and the tileset is just the one solid wall so there aren't any landmarks.  i think literally anything to help get my bearings would help?  but also, jam game, i totally get it

the acceleration seems really low, like it takes so long to stop that i sometimes slide entirely off of a platform, but also it seems like that might be what you're going for?  calling it a speedrun game makes me think you're more interested in flashy mastery.  i make platformers where everyone moves at a light jog so i admit i am not used to going at supersonic speed

i love this music track lol.  it reminds me so distinctly of SOMEthing but i can't place it.  it is 100% fitting for running around at nearly uncontrollable speeds though

holy moly this is the first game i've played and what a fucking opening.  bravo

just long enough to make me forget about the content warning by the time it really came into play lmao

the stats thing seems interesting + ambitious and i was a little nervous that it might end up punishing but it seems like it made relatively modest changes in the story, which is, kind of nice.  or at least it didn't y'know completely torpedo things

i'm fascinated by shocks, by the notion of a little instinct that has some inklings of things you shouldn't be able to know, but that is not entirely comprehensible and sometimes doesn't even seem to know what it's talking about either

also i think we can all agree the biggest fuckin freak here is charlotte by a mile.  girl wyd

hey, was this actually made for the jam?  i notice it's been submitted to some half a dozen jams, and it does seem very strange to make a game for a horny jam and then charge for the nsfw version

i'm not a fan of this kind of design either (i once played such a game and could not figure out where the sex scenes were because it was fairly short and i just happened to never die!!), but i don't know that it's deliberately sex-negative.  i think it might just fall out naturally for the wrong reasons —

  • most such games seem to be platformers, where the player is constantly in motion, and stopping them (sex is a very in-place activity) is kind of antithesis to the mood of the game, but the only natural stopping point is defeat
  • sex does often come with a climactic moment at which point you are done with the sex, so, there's a rather strong parallel there
  • "what if a thing i like were done to me" is a very common background radiation kink
  • and of course a lot of other games do it so it becomes just a thing to do

i don't really know what the solution is though, other than to simply develop a lot of kinks and base the game around those instead

or just go super cartoon with it and have penetrative-sex-based mechanics.  land on stuff with your butt and use that to jump higher idk

i literally do not remember lmao

77 games what in the hell

thank you all so much!!  this is truly ridiculous.  the previous record was 55 games from the last strawberry jam so you've all smashed that by uh let me just run the numbers here 40 percent

now go forth and play all of them!  and make good use of the "in need of ratings" list!  obviously the ideal here is for every game to get 78 ratings.  let's get on it

the biggest bummer about not finishing a game in time is that you don't get a bunch of your peers immediately playing it

so when you do finish it, you can drop a link in this thread, and then everyone who subscribes to it (there's a link in the upper right) will get an email?  i assume it's an email.  this is a good idea that i have thought out thoroughly

i'd be surprised if you could get an image model to do that either??  but even multiply layers will get you halfway there

i'm not banning it, but on a personal level i would kind of prefer you didn't.  or at the very least tried to find freely-available stuff that already exists first