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god this freaking comment is probably longer than all the text in the game put together and i don't know what to think about that

This is so pretty.

I got a bit confused after I shrank the first time, since the camera zoomed in so much that it seemed like I'd teleported to a vast open area.  Also I went through several walls, probably from piercing during a framerate drop.  Physics is hard.

But it's SO PRETTY and you should definitely make a game with more game in it that looks like this.

Yep, works like a charm now!

Thank you!  I'm hoping to expand this into a more serious game someday  :)

I can read the text, though it's a little goofy.  Here's how it looks for me, in both Firefox and Chromium:

Please help.  I cannot stop playing this.

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I have to admit I usually get tired of this mechanic pretty quickly, because it's ostensibly about puzzles but very swiftly descends into punishing you for execution — if you make one wrong move, you basically have to start the entire puzzle over, because you need to stay synched with your twin.  There's also a lot of waiting around while recording, to make sure you have enough time to do everything.  I'm basically subtweeting Talos Principle here.

But you've made a few very nice touches to avoid that, which I greatly appreciate!  Single-screen puzzles can't get too out of hand, the amount of time you can record is fairly severely limited, and your clone stays in place once the time runs out.

I'm also intrigued by having the record and playback buttons in different places, so I have to deliberately jump uselessly against walls at times to record actions that will play back correctly later.  It reminds me of desync'd Doom levels.  I think a single puzzle in Braid requires a similar tactic, though in a much more minor way.

Unfortunately I don't think I can finish it; I'm having a strange rendering problem where the floor appears one tile below where it actually is, and it's making later levels very difficult to coordinate.  But thank you for this fun entry in a genre that often veers into the tedious.  :)

I really enjoyed this!  I always love the added wrinkle of "co-op" puzzle-solving, but usually it comes in the form of clones that share your controls or time clones or something similarly clumsy.  I've never seen anything quite like this before and it was pretty interesting.

I think the physics might be tied to the draw framerate; I first tried it in my main browser (which has a zillion tabs open, so JavaScript can be a bit laggy), and the box moved almost unusably slowly.  Seemed fine in a secondary browser.

It might've been nice if the exit doors were a different color or something; that confused me on the third puzzle, where the screen is so tall that a good chunk of the fourth puzzle gets included as well.  You did a lot with very little graphics-wise here though; very nice  :)

I love how much character you fit in here just by adding a little screen-shake and doing some weird things with audio.  The whole game is built out of a single primitive, but it has far more personality than it would if anyone else had made it.  Damn.  Bravo.

I love this concept and also wish it were a bit longer — I bet there's plenty of room here for, say, obstacles you can only interact with if you are (or contain) the right channel.

It is a little hard to tell the player from the barriers sometimes (especially in the second level), and I think it'd be improved tremendously if e.g. combined red + green displayed as yellow.  :)

I found the third level fairly tricky but the fourth almost trivial; I'm not sure if I missed something in the third or accidentally broke the fourth?

Extremely cute and punny and I love the title screen art. Some interesting strategy going on in the attacks! Also slightly frustrating, since once a bro gets the goat it's very difficult to retrieve her. :)

I love me some Metroid nods. The bosses do feel a little fiddly, like I need to almost cheat to beat them... but I did beat them, so maybe that's fine (or even intentional). I do wish the abilities had been more useful, but I guess that would require a somewhat bigger game. :)

Alas! My wild ride hit a brick wall. :)

In a couple places it reads like you were getting frustrated with a scene, a problem I'm definitely familiar with but have no great advice for. I feel like this is going somewhere, and I hope you can figure out where!

Super cute. I love that the aesthetic looks like it could be any pet-corralling game, and then... it isn't quite. :)

Oh this is so good.

I seem to be running into crashes even when not picking things up; between that and some sort of dropped input thing, I'm having a tough time progressing. :) But this is definitely a good idea, and an impressive amount of stuff to fit into a PICO-8 game in just a week or two.

This is a neat idea! The faux SMS frame works really well. Would be a slightly smoother experience if it fit better within itch's own frame :)

I dig the pink sky over a darkened city, and the theme of color, and the moody narration... but beyond that it loses me a bit. I'm not sure if I don't get it, or if I'm just thinking too hard and there's not actually something to get.

I like where this is going! I wish you'd had enough time to get all the way there. :) Nice chill shooty experience.

Oh my god.

I actually hadn't seen the original painted backgrounds before! So that's cool, though, not the context I would've expected. :)

Poor Gavin. How dare you

What concerns me here is that canonically you've now made zero MegaZeux games, and that's a travesty.

Love the redrawn stock sprites.

robot demon with a thick corpus wants to annihilate you. 9/10, worth the kinkshaming ❤︎

Oh heck yes. Finally, some sweet and straightforward weird smut.

This is very well put together for a first game! I think these are RPG Maker's stock assets, right? I've only ever seen them used in, er, unpolished games, but here they match the quality of the writing. Well done! I hope you try your hand at some larger game-making. :)

Unfortunately I couldn't finish it — I'm not sure if it's RPG Maker or my VM or what, but I always hit a point where the game stops redrawing. :( Probably not your fault.

This is completely ridiculous, which I love. I'm glad you're still working on it!

Writing is charming, though could use a wee bit of proofreading. :) The character art is lovely, and the music is... very appropriate, haha.

Interesting little universe!

I got a very old-school interactive-fiction-y feeling at the beginning — terse chunks of text with just enough detail — though later passages were more like traditional prose. Or maybe there's not even a difference and I'm imagining it.

Well that was definitely horny. :)

I see what you mean by "modular" — you have your work cut out for you! This'll be pretty impressive when it's done, wow.

An interesting twist on bullet hell, and I'm a huge sucker for inverting expectations, yess. ♥

I can't believe you did this in a day having never used LÖVE or Lua before? I would probably spend the better part of a week unnecessarily fucking around to produce this.

I suspect the enemy ships can easily arrange themselves in an impossible pattern, but that's a bit tricky to solve.

This is a really cute style! I wish it had a couple difficulty levels or something, so I'd have an excuse to play it for longer. :)

I'm a huge sucker for console entries for game jams! This is cool even if you didn't get as far as you wanted, and also I totally understand and sympathize. Also, somehow, one of the very few straight-up explicit entries!

Peaceful and serene and wonderfully surreal.

This brings back memories I don't actually have — I was never into TAPS etc., but I did fool around on a friend's platonic MUSH for a while, so I'm familiar with the aesthetic. Just a shame no one was logged in on the worlds that sounded most interesting :)

WHOOPS I played this for like an hour and a half.

So, uh, that's my review. Charming! Too charming. Please get out of my head

*fans self* this manipulated what matters

That was patently absurd and yet also kind of hot, which is my favorite intersection.

I suddenly realize I really want a burger.

This is ADORABLE and also the most strawberry-themed game I've seen so far. I love that there's a little strategy in how you choose to attack, and I'm left to figure it out myself.

Flying enemies seem a little bit tricky, and I have a hard time telling if I'm going to hit them or they're going to hit me. Still, I lasted a pretty long time.

I can't believe how much you did with like three colors, either. Damn.


I love this preposterous setup. I also love how fast you had me going from "oh i'm okay at rhythm games" to sobbing on the floor in the fetal position.

I don't quite understand how these instructions translate to lovemaking, but I've taken a lot of notes and will be sure to give them a try.

I can't believe you have me almost in tears over a game like this, with a single sentence.

This is really cute, and a nice little peek into an unfamiliar universe. :) I love that the inner monologue about the table, etc., changes when returning to the same room. I actually haven't seen that done much. I'm glad you made something and I hope you make more!

By the way, there's a checkbox for games that can play directly in-browser — though you might have to name the file index.html for that to work?

Well, that was exactly what was promised. :)

It doesn't seem to matter if I buy more than one of the same item? I wasted a whole lot of jizzdollars buying tons of computers before I noticed my speed wasn't going up any higher.

But I might be taking both this and Cookie Clicker a little too seriously. :)