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hey thanks!  on glip's behalf haha

you've gotta talk to vess on thursday

incredible.  you captured the Online Experience so well that we had to google some things to see if they were actually real or not, which felt very bizarre.  i was almost afraid i would load google on my phone and get the simulated online

thank you so much!  i'm still pretty new to music so i'm really happy with how it came out!

there are only two buttons and a d-pad!  run around a bit and try stuff out

ah, but part of the fun of the pap is to run around mashing it and leaving little pawprints everywhere

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holy fuck???  this is kind of rad though

Believe it or not, those are both extra Kryptos!

thank you!

Thank you so much!  I know the game very much benefits from note-taking and I'm delighted that you actually made a spreadsheet  :D  (So did I!)

Thank you!  And ADO's definitely still on the list, don't worry!

Hey, thank you!  We're just a week away from doing an expanded release on Steam, too, if you haven't seen it in HD yet.

I actually spent some time trying to make an Android build after I first released it, but it was a huge pain in the ass.  Even getting the screen resolution right was a nightmare, and then converting the whole game to work with a touchscreen when it's mostly based on smallish text menus...  sorry, but I don't think I can justify the effort.  :(

This bug really has been around too long, it's inexcusable

thank you!  and yeah it could definitely use any kind of learning curve, haha, but i ran with what i had



this is cute and great.  one of the hard things about inform is resisting the urge to dump a wall of text on the player, which is necessarily exactly the thing you have to do for a sex scene, but i think you crammed a decent amount into only a screenful.

the rest area thing is REALLY interesting; the only other IF i've seen with blanket resets like that is hadean lands, which was a serious enough undertaking to have a kickstarter.  i'm assuming this was a giant pain in the ass.

i'm pretty curious how the energy system will work out, but of course there are only a couple folks here so it doesn't get flexed too hard

hey did you know you can put illustrations in inform 7 games.  just saying, that seems like cool information imo

ah dang i love the little adventure game puzzle touches in here, and the color-coding by environment.  the latter reminds me of photopia which is very good

i don't know what to say!  it's a pretty compelling exploration of a totally bizarre planet.  i haven't seen the ending yet (this is the last day to rate games and i'm scrambling to finish before i go to bed) but i sure want to, and that seems like, that's good for fiction right, wow i should go to bed

i think this would've functioned as a better demo with a little more combat rather than npcs; most of them just tell me they'll do something later in a game that isn't finished yet, anyway.  i only got to see the core loop after talking to everyone

which is a shame because i'd like to see where it's going!  you have a solid spread of platformer movement here and i wish i could play with it somewhere other than a flat plain.  gimme a couple jumps to make and walls to slide down; you put in the effort to make this stuff work, might as well let me try it out  :)

hmm.  i can't tell if this is unforgiving or i'm just not understanding it.  i haven't found any way to refill health or magic, which means that i want to play conservatively (or i'll die, since i can't seem to save either?), and i have virtually no offensive power once i've used up my one or two fireballs.  that leaves me trying to pick up vegetables and chuck them around with kinda slow and icy movement, which is probably why i died to an adventurer shortly after finally finding an armor refill statue.

i also didn't realize at first that i could store the items i was holding, since holding them with my sprite usually means they're not in my inventory; oops

that said, there are a lot of good ideas here and some cool exploration of them.  i LOVE that the map is randomized, that there are retro-style respawns when you get far enough away from a room, and that i can pick up pretty much anything.  the sphinx riddles are really charming too.  i can't believe you did so much with a handful of low-level adventure game critters and three vegetables

i like what you came up with here!  execution is a tad rough is all

oh my god


this is an enjoyable video game but thinking through the mechanics and implications is going to haunt me for days

lmfao this is hilarious, what a good narrative aesthetic

if anyone ever asks me what lesbian energy is i'm just gonna direct them to this game

aw this is so cute and charming.  it was pretty short but i feel like it did a lot with the time it had, and a lot with the format too — often a lot of choices, but no pressure to pick the "right" one or remember to come back.  it just kinda, unfolds naturally.  excellent use of twine!

i can't believe you made a fucking horny pangram game, that's a new one

ahh you breathe a lot of life into what would otherwise be fairly vanilla encounters, this was such a pleasant read

a bit surreal and mysterious, but satisfying.  and a silent protagonist in this format is REALLY interesting, i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like it before??  it actually works surprisingly well for making this more about "me" and less about a protagonist character

hmm.  i admit i left the game running while i was playing other jam games and then got back to it when everything was maxed out haha

but i feel like i don't quite get it?  it's hard to tell what all five meters represent.  the bottom three seem to all shoot up if i do basically anything.  the red/top one is clearly how sick of my crap they are, and i assume the pink/second one is...  horny, or something, but...  i can't figure out how to do anything that doesn't either increase Angry way more than Horny or decrease them both by the same amount.  which means it's impossible to max out the pink bar before they run away?  i must be missing something here but there are only so many things i can try

i really like the aesthetic, and i'm a huge sucker for journal entries and whatnot that unfold further as you make more progress — discovering sketches was really cool!  but i guess i kinda ruined it by grinding everything out first so i didn't have to go back and retry everything.

also having pokémon-style dual versions is just fucking, chefkiss

first of all, bravo on having a portrait-oriented window to match the phone theme, that is extremely charming

wish there'd been backscroll or something though; a couple times i briefly forgot context after the screen cleared, oops

the specific gay subculture here is a bit alien to me (do guys really talk to each other like this??  i 100% believe it) but this felt like getting a peek into a world i never really see any of?  that was pretty interesting

and then there's the elephant in the room which is rather conspicuous, but i definitely appreciate making it so conspicuous that it's trivial to avoid, even if i'm dying to know how folks would react to our hero cockily dropping a bomb like that out of nowhere

it's a nice little story game!  it's a bit weird but i like seeing other folks' brands of weird

oh, whoa, that sounds like firefox is really reluctant to give you hw acceleration at all

you might have to disable tracker protection for the page — godot tries to use local storage but gets blocked because it's in an iframe

aha!  that's pretty interesting, and forces you to be quick with switching around because it's hard to predict exactly when you do your own attack...

OH i love this, it's really simple but the constraint of only being able to do two things per night works fabulously.  the mechanics kind of unfold before you as you explore the town over the course of the first few nights; you could of course refuse each prompt and explore the whole town on the first night, but honestly who's going to actually do that.  i love narrative tricks that rely on player behavior to work, rather than being enforced by the game

the "boss rush" at the end rewarding you for doing better with more scenes is a beautiful cherry on top, too.  bravo, this is really thoughtful.  even like the "discard your hand" card feels thoughtful, it's not obvious what it does at a glance but it could be really helpful

only major criticism is that i can't see my deck whenever i want, and when i'm prompted to pick a card, the cards aren't sorted so it's hard to gauge at a glance how many of each i have?  but the game is short enough that deckbuilding isn't TOO critical, you could grind it if necessary.  (which is something else i really like: games that emergently make the game easier the more you lose)


honestly though a VN where anthro bug folk have sex the ways the actual bugs have sex would be, kind of, interesting?  i don't know if i'd have the stomach for all of it but i admit you've piqued my interest

also this is definitely a great way to just straight up announce that you didn't finish the game haha, thanks for at least letting us see the aesthetic

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oh this looks interesting but there's not quite enough yet to know what to expect it to be!  i love the aesthetic (and the tongue-in-cheek commentary on it, like the loading screen ad copy for hexagonal mugs)

looks like ui was the hardest part; the coin count seems to be in the middle of my screen and the text is kinda hard to read, but i feel like i've seen the same issues in other unity games, so i'm guessing it takes a bunch of annoying extra work to wrangle unity ui into behaving sensibly

i hope you keep this going, i'm curious to see where you were going with it!  and it's one of the very few 3D games ever made for a strawb jam so all the moreso

this is fucking incredible.  i'm so happy.  i'm so glad i started a jam that inspired this to exist.  the world is such a brighter place because this game exists

thank you.  thank you so much.  everything, right down to the hint at the end, fucking radiates lucasarts energy.  i can't believe you pulled this off so beautifully, right down to the crucial little details like the font and the timing of the dialogue.  i am shedding 1 tear.  you are angels

this could use some polish and maybe some lore justification of how a librarian is in a shmup, haha, but it's an interesting concept

showing sex scenes when you lose is definitely not ideal; if i were better at the game, i could easily play through a large chunk of it without realizing it even had sex scenes at all!  like i beat stage 1 first try, so if i wanted to see the sex, i'd now have to go back and play it again and lose on purpose?

i don't really know what else to suggest though, and anything else wouldn't really fit with the tone of the scenes (at least the one i saw, for stage 2)?  hmm, tricky

this game is good.  this game is very good.  this game is worth 5 stars.  i rated this game 5 stars.   we should all rate this game 5 stars.

oh my god i just assumed i was playing as a furry girl and it threw me for a huge loop when neither of those things turned out to be true hahaha

short but cute!  having a seemingly arbitrary decision completely change the outcome for unpredictable reasons is really interesting; i've always felt conflicted about doing that sort of thing, but it works really well here since the lead-up is quick and the game is pretty short so there's no cost for trying both paths

holy fuck

this is a specific kind of genius storytelling that i don't even know how to describe.  a hyperfocused viewpoint that other things are just happening around.  and then when yellow hides her phone, suddenly we become both our own point of view and its point of view simultaneously.  what a cool perspective twist.  and then yellow came back and the desk itself, us, became a character in a way...  ahhh i love this

my one critique is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to snort ALL the coke and i spent the entire game glaring at the single coke speck left

this is a little frustrating to play since i just take attacks and don't feel like i can do much to stop them.  i don't even attack myself, i just kinda decide what my next automatic attack will be.  but it does seem like there's an interesting system in here.  maybe just needs some nourishment.  i see another comment mentioned i can reduce incoming damage but i don't know how i was supposed to figure that out?

i love the little comic cutscenes before every level??  did not expect that at all, that's really really cool

also i can't believe a literal harpy stole my man away hahaha.  nice to have the dude be kidnapped for once!

everything about this is incredible

i'm at a loss for words

also now i really want a soda.  probably a huge sponsorship opportunity here

this is the most relatable game i have ever played

i think the music is stolen though so i can't rate more than a 4 for that