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also glip asked me to post this:

hi, i asked eevee to pass this message along for me, but i am glip and i specifically had wanted to include the ending where krypto is erased from existence.
first of all, i'm sorry to hear that you ended up with intrusive thoughts over the stories involving her. i can agree that she did not get a proper resolution to some of her pain in this game, and i can see how that would leave you feeling pretty bad if you empathized with her as a character.
there are a lot of personal feelings in krypto for me, so i do empathize with her suffering to a degree. there were also personal feelings in it for me of... i have dealt, unfortunately, with minors pushing their way into adult spaces and being awful and abusive over it, listening to no one. that was quite painful to experience... but i also recall being a minor who snuck into adult spaces as well, and being difficult and insufferable at points before i understood what kind of danger i was in and the ways i was hurting others with my engagement.
my feeling of wanting to remove her from existence was partially rooted in wishing i did not have to deal with the kinds of situations i did... both when i was a kid, and when minors forced their way into my spaces and attacked me for removing them. however, i DEFINITELY can understand how it would feel painful to see her not treated kindly in multiple routes, despite her own actions. krypto unfortunately isn't the kind of character who would be satisfied by just getting the thing she wants... she has a lot of pain that makes her have trouble caring about how she is impacting others, which can make her pushy and mean. this does not mean she does not deserve understanding, however.
she is an important character to me, and the pain they go through is something i work out and work into my stories. i have been working on stories with her for a couple of years now... and i hope it brings you any comfort to know that it does matter how she is treated, to me. i am sorry that you ended up having such a bad reaction to it, and i hope that in time you are able to dismantle those intrusive thoughts and work out that pain and receive acknowledgement for it... thank you for taking the time to write and share your feelings

i've been mulling this over on and off the last few days

i didn't picture it the way you do when i wrote it — but if that's how you read it, then that's how you read it, and it would be poor form for me as an author to tell you how you're "supposed" to read it.

it kind of seems like i touched a sore spot, something that happened to you that feels similar?  or maybe i'm way off base there.  regardless, i'm sorry to have caused such a visceral reaction in what was supposed to be a fairly lighthearted game.

are you referring to the lexy ending?  i can't think of anything else offhand that sort of matches what you're saying.

i saw that as a roughly equivalent response — something bothersome and moderately inconvenient that you don't immediately know how to get rid of.  what about it elevates it to the level of abuse for you?  do you see krypto's treatment of cerise the same way?

it's nowhere near permanent; it's just a button.  lexy and i are both assuming that krypto is clever enough to figure a way out of their predicament.  i mean, at the simplest, all they need to do is ask someone else for help.

but i don't quite understand why you'd bring the dev commentary up here, anyway; that was very explicitly about kink feelings.  i didn't say characters can or should never change at all.  everyone is always changing in little permanent ways all the time.

thank you, me too!  maybe when i get back into godot sometime, busy with other big stuff right now

haha, congrats!  thank you, and i'm glad you liked it  :)

(the spikes)

there is one other thing beneath the bridge you can use

you get more inventory later

X should be jump?


even worse, it's x64 only!

alas, itch doesn't have a way to mark that and godot doesn't support exporting to ARM yet, but keep an eye on this issue

it is a crime that this didn't win kink tbh


very glad to see a minigame collection again, i do like these!  except that i am bad at them, please fix that.

fave is probably...  the drinking game maybe?  although this is VR so i shouldn't actually be drunk, which feels like cheating, but maybe that's why i'm actually okay at it

art direction: good.  font is pleasantly retro, maybe could be a tad brighter.  you do have a lot of scenes where pixel art coexists at several different resolutions and that's a bit jarring, but the art itself is cute as heck

music also good, bleep bloop

nice job!

i think i got her to sneeze but the dialogue made it seem like maybe there was a Level 2 Sneeze if i got more cells (20?), but i couldn't manage more than i think 18.  or maybe that was the payoff and i tried to route this for no reason??  i see from other comments that there's no ending so maybe that was it then?  nice, i won

at first i thought everything reset when i ran out of life, but then i reread the instructions and it clicked and i actually really like that it was only a temporary setback with no other punishment.  feels really forgiving but also leaves a lot of room open for doing some speedrun bs to get every single cell in one pass without taking more than two hits (i did not do this though)

i take it the girl is literally dating us, but we presumably divide asexually (and in fact are doing that constantly throughout the game), so is she dating all of us, or do we decide which of us is the original, or, look i really need some lore here and i don't know why

at first i thought this might be a little too on the nose during a pandemic, but the protagonist is clearly a bacterium and not a virus, so that's fine probably.  and they're really cute anyway

man.  this is really unique

i love the playing with colors and formatting

i love dog girl doing a lot of dog things, more dog things than you would usually see a full dog girl doing, and she's only a dog person girl

i love the fragility and the awkward orbiting and not knowing how to engage with someone because you're acutely aware that she is the sort of person to have very particular rules of engagement that are usually violated

the dreams hurt

i feel a lot of things now

oh man i really struggled with this.  i think the combination of the slow movement (appropriate for a chameleon!), WASD following the chameleon's facing direction rather than the camera, and being unable to turn in place just gave me a lot of trouble navigating a small area.  after ten minutes of trying i still couldn't even escape the cage  :(

i love the aesthetic of flat fullbright 3d and really want to look around the house, but alas

update: lmfao i just got the ending what the fuck

ok but i feel like i have to rate this 5 stars in kink just because it could be any of 100 different kinks if you squint a bit

this is delightful.  i know in my brain that there's not much challenge to it but i want to keep playing it anyway.  if you gave it some keygen music in the background and churned out a couple mellow bleep bloops with sfxr it would basically be perfect

the little orbs bouncing around inside my big orb are really nice to just, watch.  also i love that the game still manages to ramp up no matter how ridiculous it gets, even when i'm at...  let me see here...  level 91418 with a capacity of about 83 million

i always look forward to the inevitable incredibly abstract entry and this does not disappoint, thank you

i guess this is not the sort of activity where having more boxes of tissues helps you do more in parallel

incredibly lifelike simulation.  i also emit a square wave every time i accrue a horny point

ok but actually varying the pitch of the bleep bloop makes this shamefully compelling.  it's very satisfying i can't explain it.  the doggo doesn't look very pleased about all this though, but that might be because there's a camera watching him buy a subscription to OnlyDogs

tragically this won't run for me (win10 x64); it seems to die in ren'py guts, which offhand doesn't make any sense, but i'm scrambling a bit to rate games before the deadline and don't have time to diagnose  :(

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:   File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 231, in script call     call _splashscreen from _call_splashscreen_1   File "game/script.rpy", line 151, in script     with Pause(1.5) NameError: global name 'name' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback:   File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 231, in script call     call _splashscreen from _call_splashscreen_1   File "game/script.rpy", line 151, in script     with Pause(1.5)   File "renpy/", line 1397, in execute     renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)   File "renpy/", line 1646, in with_statement     return, paired, clear=clear)   File "renpy/display/", line 2605, in do_with     clear=clear)   File "renpy/display/", line 3066, in interact     repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)   File "renpy/display/", line 3862, in interact_core     renpy.display.behavior.skipping(ev)   File "renpy/display/", line 272, in skipping     if map_keyup(ev, "skip") or map_event(ev, "stop_skipping"):   File "renpy/display/", line 242, in map_keyup     if (name in ev.eventnames) and ev.up: NameError: global name 'name' is not defined Windows-10-10.0.19041 Ren'Py Demons Rise Up! - Early Demo  Sun Mar 14 22:33:36 2021

also what exactly was done during february?  was it only the character portraits...?

(1 edit)

ack, wish i'd read the below comment about a lust modifier before playing!  that's a really clever mechanic and a welcome twist on the usual "horny is punishment"; instead it has some gameplay purpose and makes for an interesting risk/reward thing

hmm.  this Is A Shmup, a genre i'm pretty terrible at, but i think i played this longer than any other shmup in recent memory, so that's probably a good sign.  it does need some visual feedback (flashing sprites white?  (write a quick shader that combines white with the sprite's alpha)) and maybe ui that's a little easier to read, but otherwise seems pretty solid?  i am using a question mark because i don't know anything about shmups??

i love the backgrounds; i don't think i've seen parallax photorealistic clouds before and it's absolutely gorgeous.  excellent choice of music too, extremely chill

btw i would speed up the dialogue a tad, and also make it so if the player presses D while the dialogue is still in mid-scroll, it just reveals the rest of the passage instead of skipping to the next one

the code just stopped working for me near the end

ah, but you see, this is the true Jam Experience.  it's closely related to the Software Demo Effect, where a thing you wrote works perfectly until the exact goddamn moment that you try to show someone else, especially if it's extremely important that it work right then

a+ pixel art.  does that cake have a wiener.  i hope so because that opens up so many opportunities for hilarious attack animations

congrats on starting something!  that's one of the hardest parts of this whole process.  (the other hardest parts are finishing, and the bit in the middle)

finally a game in which i annihilate dicks

i mean, eggplants

i'm floored that this is the first bullet hell i've seen where you play as your own mouse cursor (i am very behind on playing games made quick games, sorry, sorry), though it has such a small hitbox and takes so little damage that just ignoring the bullets seems to work out pretty well

now i have to figure out how to rate only the new stuff, which i'm pretty sure is basically the eggplant sprite,

whoa, this has a lot of ideas in it!  bravo on implementing all of this, holy moly; i've never even tried ledge grabbing, it seems like a nightmare.  and i love horizontal floating; one of my early games was a little puzzler where that was a mechanic.

there might even be a few too many mechanics for how much game there is so far; on our first playthrough we charmed the guard and got right into the cellar without even realizing there was an outside, so we got two infodumps about controls for different characters back to back without having used any of tab'i's abilities at all.  on a later attempt i did find my way outside, but the difficulty spiked (ho ho!) so quickly that it took me at least half a dozen attempts to get through.  i think the introduction would actually be faster with a longer tutorial section, and i'd enjoy getting to just run and float around a bit before the giant 2x spikes come into the picture haha

i like abruptly switching viewpoints halfway through and then getting glimpses of information from the dialogue options themselves.  really clever, and tells me things even if i don't pick that option.  there is clearly a whole-ass world behind the scenes here, and even this small demo leaves me with a feeling of depth

unfortunately the dialogue is really hard to read while it's scrolling since it's constantly in motion.  ideally, scrolling text (even left-justified) should be laid out ahead of time and then revealed, so that the existing text is guaranteed not to move when more of it appears.  (that said i have absolutely no idea how to do this in gamemaker.)

overall this is a little rough around the edges, and it has a lot of edges, but it feels like a good start at something

(btw, if you don't mark your downloads with what OS they run on, the itch app won't be able to play your game!)

this is really cute and lightly scratches a sim itch i didn't realize i had.  there's hecka lot of potential here, i hope you keep working on it!  also i thought the critters were little mole guys, i hope that's helpful somehow.  maybe because of the low lighting, made it feel kinda underground

i did have a problem where they all threw a party in the starting area, and i realized they're probably all trying to get to a point where they can teleport out but they're too busy moshing to do it.  i see now that i'm not the only one, haha.  that basically ended the game though, since i could never get more money  :(

also the first thing i tried to do was build a loop, but the last room only connected to one of the adjacent hallways, so there was just a closed door stuck permanently in the other hallway?

oh btw you gotta mark your downloads by which OSes they run on, or the itch app won't know what to do with your game and will make me click like 50 things to download and run it manually

excellent.  cute music, cute sprites, cute conceit.  i fucking love kitsune-ass tail powers, that's good as hell.  love the smb3esque shadows on the background.  also love the background, i never expected pixel bath tile to be so aesthetically pleasing

i don't even know what else to say, this is small and straightforward

that said, games i enjoy get my brain a-whirring so here are some design thoughts, oh my god please take it as a compliment that i typed this much

- it's kind of a struggle in the early game; i can't quite one-shot almost anything, and power bonus orb things don't drop very often.  letting me lose to the boss and then continue with what i've already got is a nice touch, but then i lost again and ended up having to do 20 levels to fight the boss again.  on the other hand, playing 20 levels meant i could collect more stuff.  so maybe that works out.  i would probably put my thumb on the scale and guarantee that at least one whole orb spawns in the first N levels; you very rarely want anything to be 100% up to chance

- the charge-up time often feels slightly too long, which might be an opportunity for another kind of collectible that speeds it up a bit

- obviously my dick should change to match my tail, i mean, obviously,

- having a wimpy attack to start with and then getting a variety of others that make me better in some situations is really good, but i sometimes found myself with low health and faced with a heart attached to a tail i very much did not want to pick up.  i think that limits the player's ability to make decisions, especially since health is never a guarantee and you enter the boss fight with however much you happen to have; it was rare that i felt like i could afford to pass up health, even if the tail seemed like a downgrade.  and at that point it's less like i'm collecting powerups and more like my ability changes arbitrarily.  i suspect there's an aesthetic thing here, where the tail ought to be attached to something, and i don't know what you can do about that.  but i'd love if i dropped my current tail (in the world!) when picking up a new one, especially to lower the risk of trying a new one out

- the starting attack is really wimpy, the range is so bad haha.  being outranged by an enemy using the same projectile is a bit frustrating

- sometimes bats spawned in fricking elevator shafts where they were impossible to hit, or i had to drop down further than i could see and landed on a dude

- i always have mixed feelings about "penetration = winning", especially since it lends itself so easily to games like this.  i was glad to see it subverted here, by having us power-bottom a couple mobs instead.  although then it was unsubverted by the ending?  but that's also fine.  i don't know, i don't have an entire thought here

this is the only narrative game i have ever read on stream in its entirety and i think that says it all.  bravo, opa.  bravopa.  can't wait to dunk on quill even more when this is finished

if i had to give this a letter grade i would go with P

damn, this is tricky!  you've clearly got a lot of stuff in the works here: a variety of spells that even affect friendly npcs, an ominous health bar, brewing/crafting, adventuring and finding treasure, a cool aesthetic going on for the school, etc.  but it's all in pretty early stages still so i can't even guess how it'll come together.  i am interested to see where you're going with this, though, and i was pleasantly surprised that i could bumble my way through without reading the game page at all; a lot of early WIP and/or jam games don't explain themselves very well.

one thing that stood out is that there's a character creator, but i can never actually look at myself from the front in-game!  maybe leave the player alone while moving the camera, and only rotate them when they start walking?

PS here is one of my secrets: take a couple hours sprucing up the UI, early on.  even temporary stuff.  just like slap a subtle gradient on the health/mana bars, make a basic custom background for the buttons, pick a cool font from google fonts, that kinda thing.  it tricks everyone into thinking the game looks way more polished even though it takes almost no work  B)

(1 edit)

the induction was very cool.  i've never had one even remotely work on me, alas, but i do enjoy listening to them.  it's like asmr turned up to 11

i love the very simple concept and the metaphor for Your Mind and the absolutely trivial controls, and i was 100% ready to play some chill arcade game.   hoo boy are the default settings intense though.  the pain sigil inflicts psychic damage even without the triggers installed, and there are just so many red squares.  after the extremely low-pressure "here is 1 shape" of the introduction, that caught me completely off guard, haha.  and even the trance sigil has the side effect of covering the screen for precious seconds, increasing the risk of getting more pain sigils, so i ended up with the counterintuitive feeling that the best way to play is to dodge everything?  let's not think too hard about what that implies about me within the metaphor of this game

had a much better time on easy!  i'd thought the combo meter was broken but no it turns out i am just terrible.  it definitely becomes much chiller.

tbh i'm kind of scared to try anything harder.  and neither here nor there, but this seems like the kind of game where cranking up the difficulty is actually really hard to do fairly; even on medium i sometimes saw a triangle and square overlapping, making it effectively impossible to keep a combo.  using a bluetooth keyboard at the edge of its range probably didn't help either, though this game is begging for precision and i suspect an analog joystick would've been a better idea (is that supported?)

also it's very pretty.  if it had a third mode where the game plays itself and deftly dodges all the shapes, i feel like i could've stared at this for hours.  hours and hours.  just stared, blankly, so blank

overall rating: 🌀/10

hey, keep at it!  and you don't have to only work during jams y'know; an afternoon of writing here and there will get you surprisingly far

i said on stream, "this is the best game i've ever played"

i didn't beat it.  i don't think i can, seeing as i am not an AI.  i hope the ending is spectacular but only for robots?  if organic life beholds the ending it appears only to be white noise, probably.  that's my headcanon

i don't even know what to say.  mere human words cannot capture this experience.  every part of it is perfect.  please participate in every strawberry jam until the end of time

i am going to find a way to write a virus that makes it so recaptcha on every website is replaced with this game

does what it says on the tin!

love the sound effect.  fantastic

tip: if you tweened them to be slightly shorter and slightly wider (like, 1.1x, 0.9y) at the peak of the vertical animation, you'd get a squish effect which would be pretty cool

thanks for participating!




Oh I am super here for this aesthetic.

This seemed impossibly difficult while I was figuring it out, but then it revealed itself as a novel kind of puzzle slash memorization game, and it works far better than I would've expected!  Enjoyed it a lot once I got the hang of it. 

I like that this combined alcohol and sex in a way that isn't just "get drunk and be an easy lay" — it seems like being drunk is explicitly the focus here, and sex only happens if you try very hard to not overdo it.  Feels like a welcome inversion of a common trope. 

Impressive use of RPG Maker for something that it's clearly not designed for, too.

I think the game softlocked during the ending — seems like the menu was invisibly on top of everything?  But now I'm seeing other comments talk about a secret ending so I might have to revisit this...

This is exactly what I was hoping it would be from the thumbnail.  Short and sweet, cute art, and a good amount of charming characterization packed into the time it has.  Don't know what else I can say!

I cannot believe how good this little plane looks.  Hot damn.  Absolutely gorgeous.

I love this inversion of normal flying games, where you're supposed to fly directly into other things.  It's surprisingly difficult!  I think playing this got us doing some impromptu game design at it, too, like wondering about birds you'd want to avoid (because they'd make you full but provide no fuel), and that's basically the highest praise I can offer.

I struggled a bit with the controls, but generally in ways that I suspect are deliberate?  Like I don't think you can fly an actual plane straight up, and a couple times I stalled trying to do so.

The cloudy foreground is a very clever touch — gives me the sense of motion even in an empty sky, and hints very gently at where the edges of the world are.

My one gripe is that I sometimes just can't find any little planes to eat!  There could definitely stand to be more of them around, especially given how small my fuel tank is.  I guess that's what happens when you shrink that down to make room for a tummy.

Super cute, super charming.  Love it.

(1 edit)

the narrative style here is interesting — it feels very terse, mostly a brief sentence at a time, but it also seems to work for what this story is doing.  the narrative crams a lot of worldbuilding and development into a relatively short time, but if it were significantly longer, it could easily get lost in the weeds and detract from the real theme?  i think you've hit a surprising sweet spot here

i admit i did some yelling at the screen every time eric's programming career allowed him to hack advanced alien technology or somesuch, but that's the kind of yelling i enjoy doing, so that works out honestly

but i enjoyed this!  a brief jaunt through an unfamiliar universe, and high stakes that never take themselves too seriously.

PS: there seems to be a running theme wherein the background accidentally makes eric look three feet tall.  i assume you're using stock photos here and have to kinda take what you can get, and also it's really funny, so please do not fix it

i got my first follower after several stream attempts and was really excited, but then i showed my feet and they unfollowed instantly.  it's just like when i stream in real life

this feels like a skeleton still, but i can see some glimpses of incredible depth, like how viewers tend to be in countries where people are more likely to be awake at the time i'm streaming.  i suspected that when i was playing (though my knowledge of world flags is lacking) and am pleasantly surprised to see it explicitly mentioned on the game page.  that's some mind-boggling attention to detail, and if you apply that to every idea you come up with, you'll have something incredible on your hands here.

oh i LOVE this.  i'm a sucker for point and click, and you have invented...  point and dick


this is a super cute little...  puzzle adventure, i guess?  it's also, brilliantly, the sort of thing that only works as a jam game — a longer game would necessarily have far more insertables, and sorting some 30 dongs by girth would take all the fun out of it.

i don't know if the protag is jelly or something but i'm headcanoning that they are, it's the only explanation

the art is cute, the dialogue is cute, and the ending twist was surprisingly delightful.  this is, hands down, the most wholesome demon knotting simulator i've ever played