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Ah, thank you!

The bar turns black and stops filling while the mural is being attacked, by the way; meant to make that clearer but was basically out of time.  You lose if the door falls, but you can't win if the mural isn't being painted.

If you ever give it another play: try talking to Anise.  :)

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Hm, that's a shame. I had a bit of slowdown in those, but thought I fixed it. How good is your computer, very roughly? I've got a fairly beefy machine for development reasons so it's hard to tell how much wiggle room I have.

Thanks! It honestly doesn't even feel like that much.

Wires updating once per frame was more of a way to avoid having very long wires potentially hold up an update, but I do like the visual effect. I'd kinda like to make it time-controlled instead, even.

Yeah, I know forest 2 is a bit... massive. There's a tricky balance to strike here: you only need ~⅔ of the hearts, so surely some of them should be harder to get, so going for 100% is actually an accomplishment and not something that happens naturally just from walking through the levels. But at the same time, making them too hard will frustrate people who are trying for 100%, even though the game doesn't require it and nothing actually changes.

Ha. Lexy used to walk faster, too. I kinda want to do something clever here, like sync the walking animation framerate to Lexy's movement speed.

The tail is, uh, mostly positioned that way because I ran out of space in the frame. :) I extended it downwards for the sake of jumping, but extending it leftwards would mean I have to fix a bunch of anchors, and apparently I was too lazy.

I'm not particularly happy with the parallax, yeah. The forest ought to be visible for much longer when moving upwards, but even in the hub it's half-buried beneath the ground. I even had multiple layers I wanted to add in, but the math was not working out and I didn't have time to sort it all out.

Uggh, controls. The movement keys are on the right on a keyboard, even if you use the numpad... but a lot of games use WASD, which is on the left, so you can still use the mouse, and of course that's where they are on controllers. I don't know, I wish there were a decent standard here; I've also had people complain that I didn't use Z and X. I do like access to the I key for the inventory, so maybe sometime I'll try a WASD + JKL sort of thing, though that puts my hands kind of close together...

Skip it for now, then! You can come back later, and you don't need all of the hearts anyway :)

I know I've been mostly AWOL working on my own game, neglecting my Jam Coordinator duties — whatever those are? — but thank you for making something! I'm overwhelmed by the number of games that exist just because of my silly little jam idea.

I'm going to make an effort to play every game, though I expect it'll take me a while, and I don't know what form the feedback will take, yet. Last jam I made a single massive Twitter thread and it started to break down towards the end. Also I'm never sure if I should comment on the jam submission page or the game itself??

If you tried to make something but ran out of time: finish it anyway! Your effort still deserves to see the light of day!

Install LÖVE and run the .love file with it — either from a shell ("love neonphase.love") or by dragging the .love file onto a LOVE shortcut.

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omg you can't propose a concept like that and then not do it

There are four screenshots...?

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I don't know if Marvel will mind, but I don't care.

Interesting, but says it's not stable yet, which makes me pretty heckin' wary.

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I love the art, I love the wires, I love that there's AI at all. I can't believe you fit all of this in, just, generally. You made really effective use of a small handful of tiles, too. And even tiny dust clouds! So many nice touches.


  • Not that it matters, but you got the button labels backwards in the description; X is X, Z is O.
  • Gravity is REALLY strong, which makes jumping a little frustrating, even early on. It completely ruins that puzzle near the end with the four switches, too, because you jump so quickly that you have a really short window before hitting your head on the ceiling. I spent so much time here arrrgghh.
  • The combat does feel more difficult than it should be, and for artificial reasons, which are the least fun — they can run back to me slightly faster than their iframes run out, and I think they might have slightly longer reach than I do? A couple times I've swung, missed, and then been hit even though neither of us moved. It was okay once I got used to the timing, but I guess it's just not where I expected the difficulty to be.
  • I'm not sure the second shortcut is actually useful? At least, I can't find an easy way to get back to it.
  • It might be helpful to have different sounds for the player being hit vs an enemy being hit.
  • In spots where a wire goes down through the floor, standing above it looks weird, since the wire is behind you but in front of the thing you're standing on. Maybe wires should draw in the foreground, like the girders do?
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i can't figure out how to get any other endings!! ARGH

this is so good though, and shows just a tiny glimpse of what twine can be, changing the very way i read it. amazing

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"and without whom this game would simply not exist."

oh no

what have i done

I'm glad it was mentioned here, because even after leaving the radio behind, I didn't think to seriously try using the UI without it :)

i love these tree friends

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For anyone who doesn't follow me on Twitter: I've been playing through every single game and commenting on it in a single long thread. I'm almost done! I also left a comment on the jam entry page of every game I played.

My email's on my website!

~ ♥ ~

Sorry, that was a framerate-related bug — should be fixed now.

No voting! Just make a thing.

I'm finding that writing a game has been distracting me so much that I've barely watched any AGDQ, so... I'd say that's very much in keeping with the spirit of the jam.