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Extremely cute and punny and I love the title screen art. Some interesting strategy going on in the attacks! Also slightly frustrating, since once a bro gets the goat it's very difficult to retrieve her. :)

I love me some Metroid nods. The bosses do feel a little fiddly, like I need to almost cheat to beat them... but I did beat them, so maybe that's fine (or even intentional). I do wish the abilities had been more useful, but I guess that would require a somewhat bigger game. :)

Alas! My wild ride hit a brick wall. :)

In a couple places it reads like you were getting frustrated with a scene, a problem I'm definitely familiar with but have no great advice for. I feel like this is going somewhere, and I hope you can figure out where!

Super cute. I love that the aesthetic looks like it could be any pet-corralling game, and then... it isn't quite. :)

Oh this is so good.

I seem to be running into crashes even when not picking things up; between that and some sort of dropped input thing, I'm having a tough time progressing. :) But this is definitely a good idea, and an impressive amount of stuff to fit into a PICO-8 game in just a week or two.

This is a neat idea! The faux SMS frame works really well. Would be a slightly smoother experience if it fit better within itch's own frame :)

I dig the pink sky over a darkened city, and the theme of color, and the moody narration... but beyond that it loses me a bit. I'm not sure if I don't get it, or if I'm just thinking too hard and there's not actually something to get.

I like where this is going! I wish you'd had enough time to get all the way there. :) Nice chill shooty experience.

Oh my god.

I actually hadn't seen the original painted backgrounds before! So that's cool, though, not the context I would've expected. :)

Poor Gavin. How dare you

What concerns me here is that canonically you've now made zero MegaZeux games, and that's a travesty.

Love the redrawn stock sprites.

robot demon with a thick corpus wants to annihilate you. 9/10, worth the kinkshaming ❤︎

Oh heck yes. Finally, some sweet and straightforward weird smut.

This is very well put together for a first game! I think these are RPG Maker's stock assets, right? I've only ever seen them used in, er, unpolished games, but here they match the quality of the writing. Well done! I hope you try your hand at some larger game-making. :)

Unfortunately I couldn't finish it — I'm not sure if it's RPG Maker or my VM or what, but I always hit a point where the game stops redrawing. :( Probably not your fault.

This is completely ridiculous, which I love. I'm glad you're still working on it!

Writing is charming, though could use a wee bit of proofreading. :) The character art is lovely, and the music is... very appropriate, haha.

Interesting little universe!

I got a very old-school interactive-fiction-y feeling at the beginning — terse chunks of text with just enough detail — though later passages were more like traditional prose. Or maybe there's not even a difference and I'm imagining it.

Well that was definitely horny. :)

I see what you mean by "modular" — you have your work cut out for you! This'll be pretty impressive when it's done, wow.

An interesting twist on bullet hell, and I'm a huge sucker for inverting expectations, yess. ♥

I can't believe you did this in a day having never used LÖVE or Lua before? I would probably spend the better part of a week unnecessarily fucking around to produce this.

I suspect the enemy ships can easily arrange themselves in an impossible pattern, but that's a bit tricky to solve.

This is a really cute style! I wish it had a couple difficulty levels or something, so I'd have an excuse to play it for longer. :)

I'm a huge sucker for console entries for game jams! This is cool even if you didn't get as far as you wanted, and also I totally understand and sympathize. Also, somehow, one of the very few straight-up explicit entries!

Peaceful and serene and wonderfully surreal.

This brings back memories I don't actually have — I was never into TAPS etc., but I did fool around on a friend's platonic MUSH for a while, so I'm familiar with the aesthetic. Just a shame no one was logged in on the worlds that sounded most interesting :)

WHOOPS I played this for like an hour and a half.

So, uh, that's my review. Charming! Too charming. Please get out of my head

*fans self* this manipulated what matters

That was patently absurd and yet also kind of hot, which is my favorite intersection.

I suddenly realize I really want a burger.

This is ADORABLE and also the most strawberry-themed game I've seen so far. I love that there's a little strategy in how you choose to attack, and I'm left to figure it out myself.

Flying enemies seem a little bit tricky, and I have a hard time telling if I'm going to hit them or they're going to hit me. Still, I lasted a pretty long time.

I can't believe how much you did with like three colors, either. Damn.


I love this preposterous setup. I also love how fast you had me going from "oh i'm okay at rhythm games" to sobbing on the floor in the fetal position.

I don't quite understand how these instructions translate to lovemaking, but I've taken a lot of notes and will be sure to give them a try.

I can't believe you have me almost in tears over a game like this, with a single sentence.

This is really cute, and a nice little peek into an unfamiliar universe. :) I love that the inner monologue about the table, etc., changes when returning to the same room. I actually haven't seen that done much. I'm glad you made something and I hope you make more!

By the way, there's a checkbox for games that can play directly in-browser — though you might have to name the file index.html for that to work?

Well, that was exactly what was promised. :)

It doesn't seem to matter if I buy more than one of the same item? I wasted a whole lot of jizzdollars buying tons of computers before I noticed my speed wasn't going up any higher.

But I might be taking both this and Cookie Clicker a little too seriously. :)

Oh I love this. Super adorable. Can't wait to see where you go with it. :)

Oh, this is very charming. :) I love how microscopic everyone is. It's too bad I'm probably too full to fly myself to safety now...

I'd suggest having a thicker line on the tops of buildings and whatnot, so it's clearer that I can stand on them; at first glance, I thought the whole city was just a background.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. ;)

I'm really terrible at this, augh! I have to run it in a VM, so the lag probably doesn't help, but I'm also just really bad at fighting games. Nice execution on a smartass idea, though. :)

This has a lot of cute touches, and a little puzzle that works surprisingly well! In a funny sort of way, this is in the same general style as "click to cum" games, yet completely blows them out of the water. Very clever, bravo.

I feel as though this game is trying to tell me something profound. Where most of the games people made were 100% fantasy, this one is pure reality, reconfigured. I am at once enlightened and more lost than ever.

This is probably the classic genre of "horny game", and I'm not surprised someone went for it. :) It's very straightforward, but that makes it also very pure, in a way. Thanks for entering!

This was definitely something, though I'm still wondering what that something is. I love that it quietly bucks a bunch of expectations of what a "game" is, right down to the resolution and releasing for everything but Windows. Thanks for entering!

Oh! I assumed you had generated the floor at once, since rooms were the same when I returned to them. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would be easier.

bug reports:

  • i put the cake in the oven without preheating it and i think it just vanished
  • i get "bad expression: timeleft is not defined" on "make a game"
  • the entire premise is predicated on the absurd notion that i would ever be on time for something

I can't believe you made a game where I fuck up my own birthday party