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Thank you!

And, hmm.  Have you seen any other Toyle interactions?  I think he has at least three, and one of them is both easier to find and also kind of a hint.  Kind of.

The thing you have to do is a bit counter-intuitive, but (imo) matches his personality quite well.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it (and figured Alice out)!

And yeah, you unlock "start from X day" if you've played through all the previous days in a way that matches the perfect-score route.  (There are also a couple other custom starts, for skipping to interesting events that can't happen along the perfect-score route...)

Ah, sorry, it may be less obvious than I thought — try interacting with the counter!

Doesn't it seem like Toyle's personality clashes with Cerise's, just a little?  What do you think his ideal interaction is?

You can do it!!  Toyle is a little tricky, but there are only so many things to try...

It's all in the timing!

Hey, I'm glad, and thank you!  Hope you continue to enjoy it  :)

And it's just the two of us, but I guess you'll see that when you get to the credits!

I don't know about "like", exactly, but you can make them happy!

Lounging is helpful, yeah, since e.g. some characters will act differently in the presence of other characters.

Yeah, might be as simple as LÖVE wanting a more recent OpenGL version than your current laptop can handle.  Hope the new one works!  :)

Wait what?  On what OS?  I don't understand how that's even possible; the game bundles the font it uses!

Thank you so much!  I'm glad kitten mode was useful for someone  :)

Here's a pretty big hint: some characters will act differently depending on who else is around!  A lot of the story branches work this way.

This is...  completely baffling.  It's the same color as the error screen, so my best guess is that the error screen itself is also crashing, just from trying to print text?

All I can think to try is upgrading your video drivers?  But if you're on a very old or underpowered laptop, it might just not be able to load the game at all.

Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do from my end, sorry  :(  Unless you want to spend half a day testing out modified copies of the game until I figure it out.

Ah, sorry, itch didn't send me an email for this comment!

Completely blank, no error or anything?  Light blue usually means something went wrong, but then there should be an error message.  You shouldn't need any extra software, either.  Can you take a screenshot?

Thank you!  I'm working on it!  :)

oh cool, thanks for playing, and recording!  :)

(1 edit)

F11 or alt-enter is fullscreen!

If it comes up surprisingly small still, you might have to go in its properties, compatibility options, and set hi-dpi mode to "application".

Also, thank you!  :)

Ah, yeah, I originally wrote the Tuesday dialogue before Vess was in the game, so ignoring Krypto was impossible.  Oops!

Thanks for letting me know, and I'm glad you like it!  :)

That just affects the base size of the illustrations, not the size of the game.  Just double-checked and they fullscreen identically for me, and the assets are right.

Oh, if the problem is just that there's still a border when scaling up on 1080p, then that's deliberate.  It gives a little wiggle room, so the game can still scale up on slightly smaller screen sizes like 1680×1050 (which I had until very recently).

It can be done, yes!

Thank you so much!

The game should scale up to 2× on a 1080p screen, but I've seen that not happen for one or two people and I'm not sure why.

I put out a new version a couple hours ago that hopefully fixed the crashes!

The art pack is gallery mode!  :)

That's interesting about the movement; is the problem with actually walking around, or do you feel like you bump into things too much?

And the save file is stored in appdata or somewhere, so every version of the game (including HD vs not) will share the same save file.

think this should be fixed now?

There are several ways day 2 can go, yes...

(1 edit)

I think the first day is pretty straightforward, with no counterintuitive choices?  And there'd be a sign if you'd done it optimally.

(1 edit)

Sorry!  I think there's a crash in the audio engine, only for some people and only on Windows, which I can't really do much about.  :(

1. Sure, though please mention that (ideally in a comment on your own jam submission page) so folks don't judge you for the bits you didn't make yourself.  :)

2. Absolutely!

hey, thank you!

It's over!  Thanks for entering, even if you didn't!  I hope you'll all play each other's games!  <3

Next up…  stay tuned for Strawberry Jam 3!

Don't need anything formal — if you're looking, well, I guess see if anyone else shows interest here, or ask around on Discord?

If you mean how to submit — pick a person to upload it, then add everyone else as a contributor from the game's settings page.  They can then have the game listed on their own itch profiles by editing the page and unhiding the game.  I just woke up and am incoherent sorry but lmk if you need screenshots or something.


Hey, thank you so much!  :)

that is a very long story but we had to move very suddenly and the artist is getting a divorce and basically we did not have a lot of time for game dev this summer

we still intend to finish it; just not sure about dates yet

Thanks for making it!  :)

SUPER cute!  Really clever and effective use of Bitsy (which, alas, only other Bitsy authors can truly appreciate), nice little environments, cute pixel art, and a charming little plot with a twist.  Love it.

I love slightly bizarre, slightly incomprehensible glimpses into authors' minds.

It seemed to stop in the room with the underage drinking, but I can't actually tell whether that's intended.  Cool, regardless.

Interesting!  It's nice to have an actual universe I'm running around in for once, though the initial text wall was maybe a bit much  :)  I dig the kinda Flash-esque...  "skeletal" animation on the legs, which works surprisingly well with pixel art.

I died a lot, and in fact it seems like everything shoots so hard or fast that I die the instant it appears on the screen, and the only way to make progress is to memorize all the obstacles and dispatch them before they become visible.  Rewinding time is a very cool mechanic, but I don't seem to be able to use it after I die, so I ended up not really using it at all.

There's clearly something here, and all it really needs is a few numbers twiddled!  Do keep working on it  :)

I love the concept, though it almost feels like you abruptly started making a totally different game halfway through, where the races started?  I had to give up on the final one, alas, after throwing myself at the one before it an embarrassing number of times...

It might help if the background were more stable; sometimes it would change to horizontal stripes while I was moving along the ground, and it seemed like I wasn't moving at all, which was extra disorienting.

Hey, though, this is an entire complete game in only a week!  Great work!

I see some seeds of interesting ideas here!  Dig the perspective buildings, too.  Keep at it!