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1. Sure, though please mention that (ideally in a comment on your own jam submission page) so folks don't judge you for the bits you didn't make yourself.  :)

2. Absolutely!

hey, thank you!

It's over!  Thanks for entering, even if you didn't!  I hope you'll all play each other's games!  <3

Next up…  stay tuned for Strawberry Jam 3!

Don't need anything formal — if you're looking, well, I guess see if anyone else shows interest here, or ask around on Discord?

If you mean how to submit — pick a person to upload it, then add everyone else as a contributor from the game's settings page.  They can then have the game listed on their own itch profiles by editing the page and unhiding the game.  I just woke up and am incoherent sorry but lmk if you need screenshots or something.


Hey, thank you so much!  :)

that is a very long story but we had to move very suddenly and the artist is getting a divorce and basically we did not have a lot of time for game dev this summer

we still intend to finish it; just not sure about dates yet

Thanks for making it!  :)

SUPER cute!  Really clever and effective use of Bitsy (which, alas, only other Bitsy authors can truly appreciate), nice little environments, cute pixel art, and a charming little plot with a twist.  Love it.

I love slightly bizarre, slightly incomprehensible glimpses into authors' minds.

It seemed to stop in the room with the underage drinking, but I can't actually tell whether that's intended.  Cool, regardless.

Interesting!  It's nice to have an actual universe I'm running around in for once, though the initial text wall was maybe a bit much  :)  I dig the kinda Flash-esque...  "skeletal" animation on the legs, which works surprisingly well with pixel art.

I died a lot, and in fact it seems like everything shoots so hard or fast that I die the instant it appears on the screen, and the only way to make progress is to memorize all the obstacles and dispatch them before they become visible.  Rewinding time is a very cool mechanic, but I don't seem to be able to use it after I die, so I ended up not really using it at all.

There's clearly something here, and all it really needs is a few numbers twiddled!  Do keep working on it  :)

I love the concept, though it almost feels like you abruptly started making a totally different game halfway through, where the races started?  I had to give up on the final one, alas, after throwing myself at the one before it an embarrassing number of times...

It might help if the background were more stable; sometimes it would change to horizontal stripes while I was moving along the ground, and it seemed like I wasn't moving at all, which was extra disorienting.

Hey, though, this is an entire complete game in only a week!  Great work!

I see some seeds of interesting ideas here!  Dig the perspective buildings, too.  Keep at it!

I graduated!


I like this genre a lot more when the thing that's going to get me is a big happy smiling triangle.  :)  Thanks for jamming!

ah, sorry, some stuff got in the way.  we'll need to make an announcement about that soon

hey jfyi, you might want to flag the download as being for windows so it works with the itch app

I'm planning on it for the expanded game, yeah!

Ahh, okay, I'll have to give it another try then.  My brain has been poisoned a lot by the standard mechanics of Inform games  :)

Oh man echoing the bit about name-only mode, that's really fun.

This is ridiculous and...  exactly what it needed to be, wow, bravo.  I don't know what else to say!

Except that I feel I should be able to call the cops if someone wants a fist dildo with a cumtube

I applaud writing IF from what I assume was scratch, nice!

Unfortunately I can't simply take saucepan, and take saucepan from cupboard informs me that there is no cupboard on the counter, which has me a bit stuck.

Again you've made a color-changing thing that I feel like I barely understand but enjoy poking at anyway.  :)  I can't believe you got reflections and blobby rendering working in LOVE this quick, jesus christ, are you a witch.

My only regret, as with most dates, is that the food is not infinite.

Ah, too bad there's not much here; seems like it could be a funny concept if executed well.

Seems like you've got lowish gravity with lowish air control, and the combination means I go helplessly drifting when I do a running jump; maybe turn one of those up a bit?

Oh this is fantastic.  I love change-of-perspective stuff.

I super dig the aesthetic; it didn't even occur to me that everything is straight up untextured until I'd been playing for several minutes.  It works really well!  The most important things are the text and the chemicals, and they both stand out about as well as they possibly can like this.  It's a cool aesthetic besides, and drives home "sterile lab" better than any sterile lab textures could.

I can imagine a whole series of different lab setups you have to navigate, with different lab equipment and hidey-holes and maybe even places you deliberately can't get into until you get small enough.  You've got something really slick here; run with it, imo  :)

Ah!  Do they only trip you when they're moving, or always?

(1 edit)

Ahh, this was so cute  :)  Just a really smooth platformer with a lot of care put into it.  Saving from a slip is a bit tricky, but it seems like there's always a way to avoid slipping in the first place, so it becomes a kind of tradeoff where you can decide which way you want to approach things, and that's pretty impressive emergent behavior for such simple mechanics.

Slipping from running into someone is a good idea but plays a bit weird in practice, since only one of several kinds of people wandering around can actually trip you.  Maybe, counterintuitively, the squirrels should just always be running?  Would make it more clear what they do and save you from gotchas like one starting to run while you're already halfway past.

I vaguely wish there were an ending, though this is really more of an arcade-style game so I have no idea what it could be really.

This is like physics Tetris except it actually mostly works??  I'm really bad at Puyo Puyo but I cleared the board here, which I think means I win.

God I'm just imagining all the powerups and whatever you could stick in here, like, red slimes are gooier and can ooze between the cracks between others and ok welp rating this five star horny

Ah, too bad there's not more of it; the art style is cute!  Good luck with getting it done  :)

This kind of auto-aiming grid-based is an interesting twist on an FPS, and I bet you could actually do a lot with it if you wanted to pursue more attacks, status effects, etc.

Shooting someone out of their clothes is, of course, also an interesting twist on an FPS.

think I hit myself in the face a couple times, which honestly is not an unreasonable use of horny magic.

Thanks for entering!  :)

Yeah, sorry, we caught that and fixed it after a couple hours!  I hope!

Hey, don't worry about it.  :)  Nothing stopping you from picking it up later, or doing something else entirely.

cx_Freeze is cross-platform, and PyInstaller's FAQ explicitly says Wine should work for a cross-build, though I've never used any of these tools myself and can't comment as to how good or easy-to-use any of them are.

Ah, sorry for the delay, I don't seem to be getting itch emails about new topics here?  But yeah that's fine!  It's a low-pressure game jam, the ultimate point is to be making games  :)

Last year's Strawberry Jam had one entry that was basically just a naked erect dude (photo, not art), so, I don't think "too nood" is really a thing.  :)

And my own game last year was about a fox so absolutely go nuts with the animal people.

Nothing wrong with submitting to multiple jams imo.

Augh, I really don't like this about Game Maker's pricing model.  It effectively discourages releasing cross-platform, not for any technical reason, but just because they're holding the exporters hostage.  :(

LÖVE gives you lots of nice primitives and utilities, but yeah, it leaves you to do the actual Game Stuff by yourself.  Dragging things around wouldn't be too hard to build from scratch, but it would definitely take some work (and that's on top of learning LÖVE in the first place).  I know dragging is possible with Ren'py, but don't know any of the details.

You could maybe build it as a web thing, with JavaScript?  It sounds like you want to mostly have boxes arranged on the screen, which the web is pretty good at.  You wouldn't even need a real engine; just find a tiny library that makes dragging easier and slap it on some <img> tags.

Ehh, that seems iffy; I guess it depends on how far along the demo is and how much work is left to make it a full game.

Hm, I guess that's fine; it just looked weird that the game was finished before the jam started.  :)

Let me tell you about Roguelike Simulator

This feels very classic!  Tile-based pixel-art mazes are a whole aesthetic, I guess.  :)  Alas!  I stepped into a bad warp somewhere near the end and got stuck in the upper-left corner of the starting screen, so I may never know what becomes of poor Klyde...