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sorry, i don't think that's really possible; the engine i used doesn't have a way to do that currently

feel free!  there's a bunch of contact info on my website

things on the internet are often misconstrued

you can hmu (email, twitter dm, discord, whatever) if you want to ask about anything

hey, sorry for the delay; sometimes itch doesn't email me about new comments here and i am not totally sure why??

i don't know you personally so i can't make any guarantees, but i don't think there's anything in the game i would consider generally triggering.  the protagonist feels pretty strongly about having clear expectations, and in fact the first encounter is about someone trying to navigate that.

there is a rude adolescent who gets kinda mean to you sometimes; that's about as dire as it gets, i think?

i think someone once left a thumbs-down steam review complaining that they don't need to be babysat about consent, if that tells you anything

depends when you do it!

oh, thanks for the update.  i'm a little curious what they said there that resonated that they didn't say here, but no need to explain if you don't want to

excellent job giving me choices and then making it clear when they actually mattered later

She's still not wearing any clothes and is giving you a look that you associate with people who are about to have sex with you.

this line alone is worthy of pratchett, 10/10

wow i love every part of this, no notes


absolutely love puzzle-solving based on turning into things, even as brief as this was.  make this a full adventure game and i will give you one million dollars

wow, this is some hella production values

love the environment and the character and the brief glimpse of horny metroid powerups.  (ran fine on our media center frankenputer on Cinematic, fwiw.)  i am not sure what kind of society would make doors that open this way so i hope you have a lot of lore planned because i am dying to find out

i don't know that the crouch-jump really works, but also this is a fairly small area so i don't know that nitpicking the abilities makes much sense at this stage!

just thought you might want to know i never closed this and

You have 2.35e43 Kg (2.35e40 metric tons)
Height: 4.08e9km (2.53e9 Miles)

i like the general idea, but man, the encounters with five mice just seem designed to completely fuck you.  and not in a good way.  i just cannot do anything fast enough against 12+ desire every turn, lingering desire doesn't seem to finish anyone off, and even charming doesn't help since they won't bang each other.  i can either pass turn forever or lose half my bar to this with no reliable way to ever decrease it.

i guess it's extra frustrating because it feels like there's very little strategy with the cards themselves; i can't keep cards until next turn, for example, so it's completely random what i'll be able to do.  i don't think there's a deck editor, either.  i have no idea what i'm supposed to do here lol

OTHER than that, it's a good concept and execution.  really appreciate the tips on terminology while playing.

is this horny ghost trick.  did you invent horny ghost trick.  i think you invented horny ghost trick

it's a shame you ran out of time because i absolutely would play an entire 60-hour game of this.  my one regret is that i didn't get to traverse the full breadth of the office

props for the sysadmin being a trans girl with no bra, that seems 100% accurate to me

i like the crispy aesthetic here (parallax city works very well while being chased by a Large Creature), and i was pleasantly surprised by the huge game-over art!

cool music; the title theme reminds me of (ocean) surfing for some reason, which is pretty funny given the aesthetic.  i think the music is original, right?

agree with other folks on the gameplay ideas; i think with a few fairly simple tweaks this could have some decent staying power, would feel like i'd want to compete over high score!

this is cute!  i like the tiny "status" illustrations.  also that "INSIST" does not actually work out for you.  also the hints at a larger world with some stuff going on in the background.  also the monocular designs that go without comment entirely.  feels like a brief peek at something

btw the issue in firefox seems to be that the illustrations have `height="100%"`, which makes them as tall as the entire screen.  i don't actually know offhand why chrome doesn't behave the same way; i think firefox is correct here?  anyway probably just, delete that, if possible

Holy crap the TF animation was delightful, and also appears to change parts of you in random order (or at least different order, perhaps based on how much of each suit you've gone through?)

The card game seemed much harder at first than it turned out to be, though I did screw myself a couple times by completely forgetting the values of the court monsters.

I don't know what else to say.  Short, sweet, complete, beautiful.  Extremely good TF feels.

(1 edit)

Pleasant and short idle game, which is not even especially idle, since going as fast as possible requires constantly active juggling.  I actually really dig how that works out, and how I have to keep readjusting what I'm focusing on as things become less effective.  The ol' Cookie Clicker is, I guess, designed to run forever, which means constant amounts of massive downtime.  I like the paperclip optimizing approach of having stuff to do for a while and then a clear end state.  (I guess here that would be having eaten the entire Earth.)

I love the illustration slowly zooming out, that's such a good touch.  Also the names of the autofeeders lmao perfect

One bug, I think: I was holding the mouse down on the magma extractor button when I won the game, and when I continued playing, it was still held down.  Clicking it again didn't help.  So now I'm just constantly buying them, forever.  I guess that's okay.

help.  it never stops.  where is it coming from.  it must be ghosts.  there is ghost cum everywhere oh god

i love the spin clean.  also the background (+ perspective) is very nice, though being a fully designed house with nobody in it is slightly jarring until you discover the ghost orgy lore

controls are slightly difficult if you're trying to speedrun; ironically this feels like something better played two-handed

Weird, I don't even remember playing this one.  Anyway my credit card number is 6011 0009 9013 9424, my mother's maiden name is Davis, and my first pet's name was Oodles.  Let me know if I can help with anything else.

holy crap you are a genius.  i would never in a million years have thought of "adversarial inverse kinematics" as a horny genre

absolute delight to play and completely ridiculous.  honestly impressed at the number of levels; for a jam game i often expect like one or two and that's it, but somehow you kept upping the ante here.  the closet is downright nuts.  i don't know how you did any of these in seconds, almost all of them took me 5 entire minutes

moving things in 3D space with 2D controls is hard, I think it might help if you could rotate the camera with the keyboard while dragging with the mouse?  or had some shortcut to drag along a surface maybe

There is a lot of video game in this video game!  After playing it for 45 minutes I think I get the general idea, except I'm still fuzzy on exactly how I'm supposed to find secrets, so then I lost two audits in a row and my dumb ass was fired.

This is an impressive pile of mechanics that all seem to thread through each other (and each "mode" of the game), which is quite an accomplishment; at first I feared this was going to be a jumbled mess, but it makes sense once I got the hang of it, and a lot of the costs and rewards are pretty intuitive.  I have no idea how you could teach them to the player gradually, since they all seem to matter at once...  But then, I felt like figuring out the game was part of the game, and interesting in its own right beyond merely trying to min-max all the numbers.  So maybe that's fine.

I kind of wish there were more in-depth character interactions so I could get to know who the heck any of these folks are; maybe in response to the post-task response (praise, instruct, etc.) to make it feel less like merely picking from a menu?  But then you already did a lot in a month so maybe I'm just tossing out things you've already had in mind for weeks.

Bravo on sheer grit alone, damn.

Swizzle I am so sorry I overfed you and something terrible happened

I don't know what I can say about this other than that it is the thing that it is, but I appreciate it for being that thing, and also offer solidarity over writing your own physics engine because that's easier than making a video game somehow.  The character is super cute and I feel a little bad performing Touch on them while they are pinned in place like some kind of hyperspace butterfly exhibit, but also I have discovered that now I am interested in being a ragdoll, so, definitely positive overall

I am trying so hard to find a joke about exchanging their coordinates but it's just not coming to me

oh this is really cute.  I love puttin the eggs in warm places, that's a nice touch.  I also love that I seem to be an off-brand chocobo.  The guards remind me vaguely of, something, but I can't put my finger on what exactly...

The guards are also SUPER oblivious and honestly that's fine, please do not interrupt me I am quite busy

The flat solid-color aesthetic is nice but in a couple places I wasn't even sure I was moving; I wonder if some AO or even a subtle bumpmap might help?  Also sometimes the camera clips outside the level geometry but lol fixing that is impossible, video games were a mistake

lovely and charming and definitely on-brand for the jam, thanks for entering!

lmao this is the most extreme dick-rubbing simulator I have ever seen by far, and I love this sort of "the devil must agree to a game you propose" rule taken to its logical extreme

I feel like it might be against the spirit of the game but I found that holding my dick out of the way the entire time was a pretty solid way to win?  But also I am trying to attack and dethrone god with my wang so maybe it's entirely within the spirit of the game

excellent plot twist and dick designs, a+.  only note is that dicks seem to draw underneath my feet, whenever the twain meet

Auuuugggh I spent so much time on this and then went through a gate while a goblin was in front of it and got softlocked

But obviously that means I liked playing it!  You have a solid little hack-n-slash here with a lot of different directions you could take it in.  What comes to mind for me is adding more stats you can upgrade, like movement speed and attack speed (and sex speed?); otherwise there's a bit of a lull at first where it feels like you'll have a tough time if you don't grind up to at least 7 ATK so you can beat the guys on floor 1 in only three hits.

I like the kinda roguelite approach of starting over from the beginning, but keeping your stats.  I really wanted to beef up and beat up a dragon but I think I poured half an hour into this before getting stuck...  so....  I will have to try that again later.

Meanwhile I will just have to ponder how werewolf pregnancy works.

ah, nelder/mead, that classic ship

this is the most aesthetic.  it is so aesthetic.  i cannot believe this.  what a feast for the senses.

this is the kind of game that makes me have to ask insane questions like "are you actually doing nelder-mead under the hood or just faking it with a funny blob" because i would not be surprised

what a thing of beauty.  bravo

(tip: if you are right-handed and have ever played guitar games, i had a much easier time putting my right hand on ZXCV)

whoa dang this is pretty cool

I love a lot of the aesthetic choices here: the critter designs, the cyan darkness/fog, the slight tilt of the whole world (which thankfully also applies to the controls) suggesting everything is a bit askew, the text physically following you around

also I'm a sucker for procgen and there are some nice touches there, like the tiny gaps they can't fit through but which take a teeny bit of finagling for me to fit through

I almost made it once but there was a critter right on top of the checkpoint and I was out of items so I think they are just smarter than me, rip

Oh no I am so sad that this doesn't go on for much longer with the bat taunting me the whole way

I love this format, and the journal aesthetic, and the bad ends for fucking up the potion!!  Although I guess since the game ends with you still inside the bat, they are arguably all bad ends, which is a bold choice but I admire your resolve

the potion of unlocking is fucking hilarious too, god dammit you got me good

I am super into a point and click dungeon crawler where the dungeon is a tummy, there has got to be so much potential here, PLEASE keep working on this

Just a heads up: seems like this only runs with Java 8, or at least it wouldn't start with my default Java 17.

Lovely palette and overall feeling, and very pretty music.  Feels more like a puzzle game than a platformer, too (which is fine by me!), though the springs launch you fast enough that sometimes the execution is tricky.

Love having a bark button.  I use it all the time even when I don't need it  :)

Very charming, well done!  I think my only real critique would be that, generally, pixel art games try to keep all the pixels the same size  :)

Hey, your PC download is flagged as Linux and Mac, but it's only for Windows  :)

Interesting ideas!  You have a lot of different abilities here.  I love teleporting powers — it feels really powerful to be able to go through walls! — so I was really happy to see that.

I don't know if I did the boss the way you intended?  I had to shoot fireballs as fast as I could before he reached me, because he seems impossible to dodge or jump over.  Breathing a lot of fireballs is pretty satisfying, though.

If you're looking for any advice, I think you should try to make longer levels!  You went to a lot of effort to make all these powers, but I only got to use most of them once.  Even simple things like rows of bricks could be fun for a player to run through and destroy.  (Of course, you might then want to add checkpoints, so dying doesn't mean playing a very long level over again.)

I hope you keep making games!  It's hard, but there's nothing else like it.

I wrote some longer thoughts on my blog if you're interested.

oh, no, sorry, i was pretty tired when i wrote this comment and it came out weird lmao.  it's a clever idea!  there are some quirks, like being able to accelerate to preposterous speeds, but since they apply equally to both players, they made the experience feel like chaos and it was a good and hilarious time

wow this is actually the slickest game of life implementation i've seen, somehow??  finally i feel like a god, creating and destroying tiny gliders at my whim.  also sick use of mouse in pico8

i am REALLY curious to see what your full vision was for this, because it is delightfully weird.  almost unsettling to play, i think??  be in constant motion, or be vulnerable...  i guess that's an inversion of how combat usually works?  hmm

omg this is clever...  i played this with my spouse and careened directly into their square at 1000 miles per hour.  very good

i have never played roblox so i have to assume this is a 100% faithful recreation of it

i didn't even know you could make something like this with scratch honestly, bravo??  i think we got two cats

super chill.  make the terrain infinite and i would play this all day

every part of this is so fucking good but the feelings i have about it, ironically enough, completely defy explanation

also glip asked me to post this:

hi, i asked eevee to pass this message along for me, but i am glip and i specifically had wanted to include the ending where krypto is erased from existence.
first of all, i'm sorry to hear that you ended up with intrusive thoughts over the stories involving her. i can agree that she did not get a proper resolution to some of her pain in this game, and i can see how that would leave you feeling pretty bad if you empathized with her as a character.
there are a lot of personal feelings in krypto for me, so i do empathize with her suffering to a degree. there were also personal feelings in it for me of... i have dealt, unfortunately, with minors pushing their way into adult spaces and being awful and abusive over it, listening to no one. that was quite painful to experience... but i also recall being a minor who snuck into adult spaces as well, and being difficult and insufferable at points before i understood what kind of danger i was in and the ways i was hurting others with my engagement.
my feeling of wanting to remove her from existence was partially rooted in wishing i did not have to deal with the kinds of situations i did... both when i was a kid, and when minors forced their way into my spaces and attacked me for removing them. however, i DEFINITELY can understand how it would feel painful to see her not treated kindly in multiple routes, despite her own actions. krypto unfortunately isn't the kind of character who would be satisfied by just getting the thing she wants... she has a lot of pain that makes her have trouble caring about how she is impacting others, which can make her pushy and mean. this does not mean she does not deserve understanding, however.
she is an important character to me, and the pain they go through is something i work out and work into my stories. i have been working on stories with her for a couple of years now... and i hope it brings you any comfort to know that it does matter how she is treated, to me. i am sorry that you ended up having such a bad reaction to it, and i hope that in time you are able to dismantle those intrusive thoughts and work out that pain and receive acknowledgement for it... thank you for taking the time to write and share your feelings

i've been mulling this over on and off the last few days

i didn't picture it the way you do when i wrote it — but if that's how you read it, then that's how you read it, and it would be poor form for me as an author to tell you how you're "supposed" to read it.

it kind of seems like i touched a sore spot, something that happened to you that feels similar?  or maybe i'm way off base there.  regardless, i'm sorry to have caused such a visceral reaction in what was supposed to be a fairly lighthearted game.