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The timed menus on days 2 & 3 didn't show a timer bar for me like the one on day 1 did, was that intentional?

This was quite a bit longer than I was expecting it to be, nice work! Did you start writing or planning out the story before the jam officially started, or did you make everything in the week?

Where can I learn to be as cool as Casey

Could be. Here's what comes up in my emulator (Gambatte):

It's not solid and sits in front of the sheep sprite

Gosh 😻

The art & sound direction in the things I make is mostly just practical, because I'm bad at the Drawing and extremely bad at the Music, so I'm really grateful to hear that I was able to sneak some expressivity through some circles bonking off each other.

It was fun while it lasted, the world can always use more adventures with vigilante zombie owls

Pretty much coasted through the whole thing wth a persuasion build, 90+% rolls available on every choice until the ship. Hit a missing page though, oh no!

Page name: szalk-7-ship-greltza-defeated-2

"You've got enough slimes" This is an astounding lie

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I ate at least, like, fifty birds!

The bobbing idle animation was kind of cute and I really wish it was synced with the background music, although that would've been some work tempo & beat matching it for a silly, tiny thing.

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This got way less stressful when I figured out on floor 6 that enemies only attack you when you attack them. It's pretty gamebreaking haha

With two bodies it is possible, but hard, to make it out of the start without getting hit: I can usually do it about 3/4 of the time if I head through one of the two gaps and try to loop around the smaller body so both bodies end up slingshotting away. But with three or more bodies, there's no chance of getting out without getting hit haha. That's something I really don't like about the game, but I didn't have time to play around with other starting configurations.

I probably could've spent a whole extra week just tweaking all of the physics!

That sounds like a good reason to stick to small puzzles to me :)

I think there could be some interesting puzzle possibilities in having multiple record and playback points, although that might be tricky without increasing the level size to give more layout space.

Very relatable content, it's always rough when I get up and there's no internet on account of apocalypse

At the very start with those square configurations of eight people(?), the way the game's physics cause them to turn and block you if you try to enter the center, that was pretty powerful for just a bunch of squares moving around.

Wow that master is a real jerk

Well that's certainly as much Minesweeper as was advertised. I appreciate that you let me increase the dimensions further than there's actually screen space

The sheep spinning when you climb was an extremely good choice. Also thank you so much for making a Game Boy game.

Did the block in the upper left corner of level 3 have a purpose?

The movement and camera when moving diagonal is really jerky? I can't tell for sure but it kind of looks like it's alternating between moving/scrolling horizontally and then vertically every frame? It's really weird.

There's an old shmup, Fantasy Zone, that dealt with the problem of the game getting easier after you destroy targets by spawning enemies randomly as you move around the level. But there are a bunch other approaches you could take too, if you think that's something you want to do: power up the remaining enemies, etc.

The rain and music made this surprisingly relaxing.

Replied to CHz in EXRIS jam comments

It's really hard to use I blocks when you're stacked high and only have a few lines left. It's a combo of (1) the rotation from horizontal turning the block down instead of up and (2) the game canceling a rotation if there's no space, which combine to make it impossible to turn one of those from horizontal to vertical. Especially the 6x1, no chance.

That's killed a couple of games ;_;

Replied to CHz in EXRIS jam comments

I got 83 points, honestly I wanted there to be even more complexity levels (unless I just didn't score enough to unlock the next set). I think my success was based entirely on whether I was able to set up for gold blocks when they came or not.

oh noooooooo

bless u for tongue bleps

I don't make stuff with physics or collision all that often, so I still think it's really impressive that you were able to put this together this engine in a week, because there's no way I could've gotten anywhere close.

The way the camera zooms back a bit every time you fire and then resets was distracting to me, because it made the game just pulse in and out forever. And I found that if I held down space, the side beams would stop and only the front beam would autofire, so it was a much better strategy to mash space instead. Were both of those intentional decisions?

Uppercutting airplanes needs no justification

I got a point!

I'm kind of intrigued by what this would've ended up being if you'd had enough time to actually do anything

Interesting mix of puzzle platformer mechanics here. How difficult did you find it to make levels for this?

I found it pretty easy to lose track of the red segment because it would end up hidden behind and moving with either the blue or green segment after splitting, but thankfully the levels are small enough that it was never too much of a problem.

It's a completely inconsequential thing but I really enjoyed the effect of the screen clearing from black back to white after scoring a point.

That's a pretty clever bit of mechanical game design!

Whipping together a speedy platformer engine with arbitrarily sloped/curved ground in just a week is pretty impressive to me, nice work!

"It works well enough that I can do other things now" is a pretty good metric for a game jam

Nice. Bee-based web security doesn't seem like it'd scale very well though...

I cheated and started a week early because I'm omega level busy and knew I wouldn't get anything done in just the amount of free time I had this week. Don't tell the police. D: But I'm definitely going to finish something that's vaguely gamelike so that's nice.

Here's a video I took when I was working on collision, I just thought it was cute how these balls were dancing with each other https://twitter.com/CHz16/stat...

The only things that change in the ending are the manuscript title and description (there are basically 32) and whether you take the radio, so I consider it just one ending with variations really. None of them is really the "best" or "true" or "worst."

The game came together in pieces, effects first, so I never really had a strong thematic or subtextual vision for it. So if all you take away from it is that it's a weird thing that made you feel weird, I'm A-OK with that!

I couldn't play ten of them because of platform or because they crashed after twenty seconds every time, but I played and rated the rest!

In case you still care, just wanted to let you know that I just put out the last planned set of "playability" updates, so now on both the practice and execution screens there's a scrolling chart with much better feedback of what you get wrong & right, and there's also a health bar that you can configure to give yourself up to five mistakes per level before it fails you.

I'm still working to make my thing actually playable by human beings, but something that's technically a video game exists where none existed before, so that's a positive

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That's what I hear! I just did some initial work on a more traditional scrolling chart in the practice screen to hopefully make it easier to tell what you have to push and when, and I want to do more (a better indicator of when/how you get things wrong or right, maybe some beat notches along the track). Maybe level data changes after that, Spinning Swing in particular is probably too hard for its current spot.