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Resurrection BloomView game page

A dating platformer about kobold nerds
Submitted by Axi — 7 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Obviously the characters are way too cute!

I also enjoy games with multiple characters and unique abilities.


Oh this is just adorable in every conceivable way! I'm especially fond of the way the various co-op mechanics play into the theme - it really does feel as if Callie and Ruka are out on a date together, finding ways to become closer to one another even as they go after the resurrection bloom. Such effective intertwining of game and story is a rare achievement, and you should be proud! And it's just plain fun, too. ❤

(One thing. After a while I noticed I was switching characters pretty frequently, in order to avoid having either fall behind the other - it came to just not feel right, not having Callie and Ruka together when they didn't need to be apart in order to solve a puzzle; I felt like that would be letting down the narrative and the characters alike. If you're planning a post-jam revision, might I suggest a "hold hands" key? I'm strange, I know - but I imagine I might not be the only one who'd find that a worthy addition!)


Oh this was super cute! I found myself trying the flirt option a couple times with each new mechanic just to see what new levels of adorable Ruka and Callie would reach~

All in all some nice light platforming to go with the lighthearted fare! You introduced each new mechanic pretty seamlessly too, with just enough of a push to get players to think of the new possibilities that were opened. "Inflated? Oh, my jump's a bit higher and floatier now, makes sense!"

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Get a load of these two extremely good dorks. I finished with 58/65, I didn't really feel like doing the backtracking after shrinking.

Was it intentional that Callie can't deflate on her own after inflating with the fish, but Ruka can? I thought it was a bug at first and actually ended up resetting to the last checkpoint once, and I was confused later when she could deflate on her own while ballooned.

Also I got thicc Ruka stuck here above the final door after a ledge grab oh no (luckily I had the door open already so I didn't have to reset)


Pretty impressive for just a month! I love the sprite art and everything. I think one thing I'd like is if the game had a sort of Donkey Kong Country sort of follow system, since walking both characters over the same terrain can be a bit tedious at times -- and on that token, I feel like a lot of the environments could be made more compact, I felt kinda lost at times due to the wide open nature of some areas.

Still, this is a solid little game that could turn out to be really fun with some polishing. And the romance and kink stuff is super cute. :3


This is so adorable I love it aaaaaa

Blushy romance is my catnip so... a million stars.  Want more. Want all of this. Yes put this game in my face forever kthx.  I stopped my first session (playing this again, definitely) after getting stuck on the water puzzle (maybe I bring fish back? how do?) so mmmmaybe there are places where the game could be more self-explanatory, but the datequest idea-- super cute!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks a bunch! That's really nice to hear.
I kind of agree, and I'd like to adress that in future builds. Some content wound up on the cutting room floor, and I feel like that made Ruka the platforming-kobold and Callie the kink-ability-kobold. Diversifying that a bit is gonna be a major goal for further development.

Huh, now I'm curious about mobility kinks being a thing. =P


I loved this game! The art is very well done and the kobolds were too cute interacting with each other! The puzzles were really neat in how they fit to use the character's quirks. Looking forward to more in the possible future.


Great game! I liked the art for the dialogue and found using two characters to be a neat concept. My biggest gripe was how the dialogue would keep interrupting the levels and blocking most of the screen, but the dialogue was still fun to read and it didn't take too much away from the game. Great job!


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
I agree, and I've implemented a dialogue skip. It'll be in the next patch, whenever I put together enough content to roll one out.