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Fun game overall, but I feel like you especially rocked the harmony category. Things like using degree- of-nudity and screen blush for the health indicators and pleasured groans for the hit sounds did an excellent job of keeping the player's focus on the sexy parts of the game.

Very well done!

Thanks a bunch! That's really nice to hear.
I kind of agree, and I'd like to adress that in future builds. Some content wound up on the cutting room floor, and I feel like that made Ruka the platforming-kobold and Callie the kink-ability-kobold. Diversifying that a bit is gonna be a major goal for further development.

Huh, now I'm curious about mobility kinks being a thing. =P

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
I agree, and I've implemented a dialogue skip. It'll be in the next patch, whenever I put together enough content to roll one out.

Hahah, oh no! I didn't expect anyone to be able to get up there. Easter egg, I guess?

Aaaa, gosh! I'm glad you like it! <3

Also nope, I haven't implemented a 100% completion reward yet. 

This is a really cute game!

I like that the gameplay was challenging, and the gameplay was sexual, but the sex felt like play, not reward for a high score.  In some ways it actually felt like a sexier game if you slow down, look at the spectators, and take your time with the bunnies, and, that's kind of nice? It contributed to a feeling of everyone being there to have a good time, and winning the race just being an optional thing to shoot for.

The blend of 2d and 3d assets is neat, and I'm not sure I followed exactly what black magic you pulled getting the rendering set up, but I'm impressed.

Overall, the game felt really sexy, cute, and positive, and I dig it.

This is a neat demo!

In it's current iteration, it feels pretty basic, but relaxing and enjoyable. I found myself playing it for a fair bit longer than it took to find an optimal sorting strategy, which feels like a good sign. 

It felt really easy to 'win,' but I notice the "cuddly slime critters pending" line. Throw in some mischief along with the snuggles, and I can see this turning into a really adorable, really engaging physics puzzle game. 

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

Aaaa, this was CUTE!!!

Really lovely character interaction, I dig the emphasis on emotional vulnerability and bashful flirting.  I definitely have a soft spot for blushy kink banter like this.

The music was a nice touch, it definitely helped to set the mood of the game.

This was a really fun submission!

This was a fun play!

The setting was interesting, I liked the mix of classic fantasy and mundane slice of life details. The sexy scenes were well written, definitely super saucy stuff. Also I like that you get to TF. That was fun. I liked that you could choose for an encounter to be sexy or not through the SiezeTheHorny mechanic, I think that kind of player agency adds a lot to creating a comfortable sexy game.

I got a bit lost (I'm not great at text adventures) so I didn't see the whole thing, but I enjoyed the parts I was able to explore. Well done! =3

Wow, this is a really well done puzzle game. It's definitely stumped me a bit, but I feel like the roadblocks are from me not yet understanding the mechanics and the implications thoroughly enough, not a matter of having to guess the password. In other words, I feel like the puzzles are fair and approachable, and solved by thinking through things, rather than just trying random solutions. Which, is basically the gold standard, in my opinion. 

The horny is subtle, but definitely there enough to be cute, and building a game around robo-nuzzles is definitely fun the more I think about it. 

Really well done!

Neat idea, and gorgeous sprite work! The animaton is great, and all the icons are really cute, even if they don't do much yet. Even if the gameplay is pretty sparse so far, I'm glad you posted the proof of concept! I'd be curious to see what you had planned for the other activities.

Cute concept, great implementation. The controls felt solid, and the art was a treat. The slip mechanic gave me a bit of trouble, but was really satisfying to actually succeed at. I think I just needed more practice with it. I like that you could avoid it altogether, that really helped keep the difficulty manageable from the start.

The lapdance rhythm game was neat- I did feel a bit like I had to choose between enjoying the art or staying focused on the UI prompts to actually play, but the game cycle was short enough that it didn't feel like much of a sacrifice to do either.

There were some really fun aesthetic details throughougt, I like how the patrons follow you around after they're served, and I dig how much attention was paid to the background. The animations were really flirty and cute, tons of personality.

Over all, a really great submission!

This is a super cute game. The art and music are fantastic (I especially liked the gel characters) and the dialogue is a great blend of comedy and sexy. I thought the lampshading on the missing features was a nice touch- it made the WIP nature of the demo feel like a playful feature rather than a content gap. I'm looking forward to seeing the full version!

Thanks a bunch! And yep, music and sound effects are pretty much next on my list of things I'd like to add.

Oooh, gotcha, thanks for the heads up regarding the performance issues. I thought I was in the clear, I'll look into quantifying that better for future projects.

Glad you liked it! =3