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Did you see the readme? It explains basically all the details I had in mind.

Uhhhh...I don't know. It definitely works in the version I packaged it with, so there's probably something screwy I did that breaks in specific versions. Sorry about that.

I definitely think it could be a fun idea. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff to iron out with the design and I'd probably need a lot of help with the sprite art, if I actually wanted to finish this. X3

Well...damn, this did an amazing job of capturing what it feels like when you're waiting for someone to answer online after a big fight. A+ there.

I really liked the horny part too, although it didn't entirely seem like the main focus. was pretty dang hot. I really liked this one.

I'm having fun with this one! It's a cute and fun little game. :3 I'm kinda feeling inspired to get back to game development myself.

Well this is very silly. X3 The reference to one of the earliest porn games is kinda neat, though. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, although I feel like everything could do with slightly smaller hitboxes.

The visual style isn't really my thing, but it's certainly evocative of ancient Atari games, at least.

Oh, I'm just silly and missed that, then. Ehe, sorry. X3

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. And I'm sorry if I sounded harsh -- in the end, there's no hard feelings. I think I might've been a bit swept up in the style of your prose and written something a bit more grandiose than I usually would have. X3

I do think you've written something moving and powerful here, and you should take pride in that.

There doesn't appear to be much to this one, but, worth peeking at to see some cute lizard cocks. :3 (and to find out I could stick my head through the ceiling a little bit. X3)

[CW: discussion of suicide]

This is an unusual comment, but it's a reply to an unusual story, so I think it's appropriate.

Have you played The Beginner's Guide? It's a very good game. But there is something troubling about it, the details of which I will not spoil for you here. Players were left with at least a little reason to doubt that what they had witnessed was entirely fictional. And if it's not fictional, that changes what we should think of the game, and its creator. The game never fully clarifies this ambiguity, perhaps out of some sense of artistic verisimilitude, but it raises questions of player consent -- if it's permissible for the creator to cause the player distress over whether what they're seeing is real.

I do not feel as though I consented to what I was drawn into here. I have, in the course of my life, tried to talk down more than one person from attempting suicide, and witnessed many others whom I wasn't sure how close they were. It's for this reason that I took the conceit of your story very seriously until I was reasonably sure it was a fiction, and that took quite a lot longer than I would've liked. Some kind of warning at the start probably would have sufficed. You may feel that this breaks the fiction you've tried to create, but I hope that you will consider your responsibility to your players. You seem like a serious writer, and this is as serious a concern as any within the fiction itself.

That said...I thought it was very well-written. Kicking off what appears to be an ARG for a game jam is a bold choice, and I have to admit, I'm pretty curious about it.

Phew...I, uh, really got into this one. >#> I only explored Illia's path, so I might come back and poke at some of the other options later. I really enjoyed the writing and the characters here.

The restart function doesn't seem to work, but that's probably more of a Twine issue?

Wow, this is really interesting. I got pretty stuck in some places, but I did manage to get to the end~ It's a bit hard to rate since a lot of its shortcomings are clearly related to the platform; I will admit I find the Atari 2600 soundscape uniquely difficult to listen to.

It would be nice if it was a bit clearer what could be jumped on -- I spent a lot of time on the ghost before I realized that I wasn't expected to completely avoid it.

Unless I'm missing something, the horny here seems pretty subtle. But then, I'm realizing by now that every time I'm not sure what the horny is, I just assume there's a sperm/egg metaphor going on. ...which would be pretty hot.

Uh, anyway. Overall, I had a fair bit of fun with this one despite the frustration at points. I'd also be super interested to learn more about how this game was made. Do you have any plans to make the source code available?

I liked the cute art in this one. :3 It's not super well-integrated into the gameplay though, and I feel like the game part needs a bit more work to be interesting. And I'd definitely speed up the block-pushing, it doesn't seem like it needs to be as slow as it is.

I did, uh, expect something to happen when I bumped into an enemy...*cough* But unless I missed something, it looks like there's only one image in the gallery right now?

Cool, thank you. I'm glad people have been really nice about responding to my requests for content warnings.

Yeah, I think that was the only one. X3

I'm in agreement that the fights dragged on a bit too long. Still, the boss fights are pretty solid, and I liked the character designs. Monster girls are always a plus.

I do think it might be worth adding a content warning for some references to stuff that didn't really appear to be consensual.

This is a nice little game~ The gameplay is pretty simple, but it was fun, and the movement system is novel, although it could be a bit clearer where are valid spaces to move.

The horny aspect was pretty nice too~ I like the concept of sex magic, it'd be fun to see that explored a bit more.

Hum, I'll bet I could think of a few interesting uses for this game. Maybe it could use some strip rules though...I guess it might slow the game a lot to use items of clothing as tokens. :V

Not a bad start, although it does kinda blend in a bit with other porn platformers of this type. It might be worth thinking of ways to set it apart if you kept working on it. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to reach the ledge on the right of the screen, so I got kinda stuck.

Also, this game could probably do with a content warning, since the sex doesn't appear to be consensual.

Huff...this one was really good. It has a nice, comfortable atmosphere that made me want to spend more time in it...ehe, I appreciate the care that went into the gender stuff, it's really nice.

This style of prose isn't quite my thing, but it's a nice start. I wish you luck on developing this further~

Hard to complain about lewd sprite art. X3 I'm curious to see more of this, though~ The only complaint I have is that the default Unity prompts kinda clash with the pixel aesthetic.

Ah, this is kinda neat. :3 I liked the talking route a lot, that was pretty cute. X3 Would be interesting to see this fleshed out more.

Neat little concept! I only played a few shifts 'cause the typing got tiresome after a bit, but there was certainly a lot of interesting variety. I have a feeling that this could be made really compelling with some tweaks, but I'm not quite sure what they would be.

(1 edit)

I tried the first two recipes, but I think I messed up the second one. X3 Learning nonstandard IF commands is a bit tricky, and I kept having to re-check the recipes after they scrolled off the screen. But, it's a nice first attempt, especially being made from scratch. It reminds me of Hadean Lands, which is an IF game you might like to check out.

I think I might've missed the horny aspect, so maybe I'll come back and try another recipe later.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I was gonna mention, it says there's an oven in the kitchen, but when I type 'look oven' it says there's no oven there.

I have a bit of a weakness for idle games, so I couldn't help but give this one a try. It's pretty simple, but the art is cute and nice, so I like that. :3

I will say, idle games have had a big move away from clicking lately because,'s kinda hard on people's hands. X3 I might recommend moving away from that mechanic if you wanted to flesh this one out more.

I also ran into some damage calculation weirdness...for one thing, it looks like maybe the item in the fifth slot doesn't do anything?

That might be helpful! I don't think that part is your fault or anything, it seems like a general accessibility issue in IF. A map of some sort would definitely be helpful for folks who are better at navigating spaces visually.

Phew, I think this one is a bit too hard for me. X3 I'm not too good at juggling this stuff in my head under pressure. But I love the concept. I'd probably do better if there was less time pressure on the shrinking, but I get the sense that might be part of the appeal. It certainly would be if this was about one of my kinks, I think. X3

I do find that there's something cathartic about mixing and making things like this, so it's something I'd be interested to see expanded on.

I find it a little hard to focus on interactive fiction, so I only saw the room with the spellbook. The transformation is well-written, although it was more graphic than I expected, so maybe I should've heeded the warnings a little more closely.

Also I think there's a bug in the exits? The spellbook room says the north exit is blocked, but I was able to go north and I ended up in a room that didn't appear properly connected to the spellbook room.

Anyway, not to be too negative! This looks interesting from what little I saw, and I might come back to it later if I can muster a bit more focus next time. Maybe I'll draw my own map so I can keep track of where I am.

Aw, this is really adorable! Vore isn't really my thing, but I think I learned something about why it appeals, which is the best thing to happen when reading fiction about someone else's kinks. :3

Ah, not too bad. :3 It's a good first start for a platforming game. Avoiding the walking enemies is a bit cumbersome, although admittedly I skipped the instructions so I didn't know I could jump on them at first. X3

Dudes having sex with each other isn't super my thing, but the flying enemy is cute, 10/10 would date. And the sprites and animations are pretty well-done. Drax must be a pretty dexterous lover to fuck someone in midair, too. X3

You might wanna drop flash, though, it's going the way of the dodo and it's gonna make it increasingly difficult for folks to play your games.

I'm not really able to get play-in-browser flash games working, sorry. If you could make the game file available for download, I'd be able to check it out.

I think I may have found an unmarked debug function? I pressed enter and the level skipped to the end.

Very cute! The sprites are beautifully animated, and the gameplay is nice and solid.

Personally I think the slip mechanic doesn't really work as-is, though, I found that my success rate was basically zero unless I mashed the arrow keys at random. It could also be made clearer what things cause you to slip.

Still, overall, very nice! I like it a lot.

Oh my gooood, this is great. It's super cute and fun and I love it. Heavily character-focused smut is super great and I'm glad to see Glip's art in the jam. I'd definitely be there for a full release of this game.

Interesting idea! It'd be cool to see it expanded on.

Fantastic puzzle game, I'd love to see more of this idea. The horny aspect is done in a really cute way, I think it's really nice. This seems like it could be really easily expanded into a full game. Gameplay-wise, definitely my favorite so far.

Interesting idea, although I kinda felt like I had no idea what I was doing through most of it. X3 I feel like the pacing is off, it might benefit from letting you click through text rather than waiting for each text box.

Huff...okay, this is the first one that kinda presses my buttons. The puzzles are nice and simple, and the end-of-area pics are solid. I was kinda curious if anything interesting happened if I *did* get caught, but that's just me. :P

I think the puzzle concept would need a little something extra to really make it shine in a larger game, but for a smallish game, it doesn't wear out its welcome before the end.