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The items in your inventory are automatically accounted for when you interact with certain scenes. This means if you're carrying something and it can be used in a particular scene, your character will automatically use it and the text you're given will change as a result. 

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Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing it. 

I just played through that room again and realized what I did. In the beginning paragraph's room description I said there were exits to the east and south but didn't specify that the east one was the way across the bridge. That could have been described clearer for sure. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it though!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing the game!

Very neat take on being a living plush in this kind of situation. I really enjoyed the safeword aspect of the game as well. That way the reader could kinda opt-out of a dialogue tree if it was getting too intense for them. 

Didn't have 2 controllers to test it out with but I like the concept and the music was very nice. Just the right amount of cheesy!

Very interesting! I like your writing style, it reminds me of the way that old authors used to write. The story flows as though you're a 19th century scholar who is trying desperately to save this small portion of themselves. I hope the continued stories are successful!

This was really nice and relaxing! I l especially loved the inclusion of the Toy asking for consent multiple times!

I think this was a very creative idea for this game jam! A racing game is certainly not something I would have imagined but it works really well. All the racers have their own personality conveyed in how they run around the course and the in their animations for when they're boinking the bunnies. The cameos were neat as well, but I was so focused on the race that I didn't get to see them all. I would also say that the turning could be fine tuned a little better but all in all a really solid entry. And thank you for taking the time to get it working in a windows build! 

Neat idea! I liked how you could advance the scene at your own pace by pressing the 'e' key.  I think the biggest thing to improve on is maybe have a slight idle movement at the end of the sequence of animations so it doesn't look like the crew got so worked up they ended up dying after finishing. 

This was really fun! I love the names for all the dildos and the other modes were great for testing out all the different permutations!

The reflection in the slime is really well done! I enjoyed putting the items into the slime and seeing how it would react and change colors. I think some extra feedback for the player as to what items are good vs. bad to the slime would be helpful for a future version.

Loved the little platform challenges and the animations for each of the characters. I think the inclusion of the help text for when you possess a body was a good addition as it helped me to keep straight what each character's abilities were.  Couldn't grab all the little slime coins but that was a neat extra goal for testing the player's ability.

Alice's shit-eating grin was a major highlight! Really enjoyed this and found the little touches like the music slightly changing when new characters entered the scene really cool! Overall a solid demo and I'm excited to see more from this later.

Neat little arcade shooter! The only problem I had was that sometimes enemies would pile up and I couldn't get back into firing range without taking some damage. I enjoyed the animations and the little cutscenes at the beginning as well.

Really enjoyed this! I was impressed with all the detail that went into this game. All the character portraits, items, and inventory helped to bring it together. I'll have to go back and play through it again to get the other endings. Great job!

The game's puzzles had me thoroughly scratching my head, but in a good way! I love the little finish animation for the robots as well!

This was really cute and I loved the little animations that the objects had! I had to adjust the speed of the clock using the up and down arrow keys instead of the left and right ones. Love the concept and think that it could be expanded on into a really neat rhythm game.

These issues should now be resolved!

I'll draw one up with the room names missing so you can at least get a general sense of where you're at. And i'll upload it as a screenshot for the game and then include the .png as a file in the download. The more I can cut down on confusion the better!

Current bugs I am aware of and am trying to fix asap: 

going south in the room titled " first room" has the potential to break the game. 

The Room of Armour lists south as a viable exit when it leads to nothing. 

yeah I've had other people tell me the exits are kinda messed up. The rooms for the transformations originally have the north exit blocked until the player grabs the item and then the north exit opens up.  Which might help explain what you experienced. Do you think a basic floor map would help other players? I might include a basic layout of the dungeon as a screenshot to help people get around. And thank you very much for playing it!

ah that might have been a result of stuff getting cut during the dev process. If you remember which rooms they were please let me know. And thanks for playing!

ah gotcha, I should have been more clear in the game with the keys and the door. You only need 3 of any of the keys to open the door. And to open the door you have to attack it. I didn't program in a 'use' function, though I understand how that is confusing without it. Couldn't figure out how to get seizethehorny to have spaces between the words for the command so I just defaulted to using the full phrase. And to mitigate confusion on the seize the horny mechanic I explained how high you have to get the horny stat for something to happen. The intended sequence of events for most uses of seize the horny is to typethe command and then attack a monster. Depending on your status then you'll get different outcomes to the fight. It was used as a parody of seize the initiative from D&D and that mechanic would be used to gain the upper hand before a fight starts. Looking back on it there was definitely a lot left unexplained with that mechanic. I added some clarification to the game's main page in the hope that it will help others playing. Thank you for the feedback!

yeah you just need 3 of any key to get past the final door. Hope you got to the end and thanks for playing!

ah that's my bad! Yeah most of the actions that can be performed on characters are either take, examine, or attack. I didn't program in a talk or ask command. Sorry for the confusion!

I'm glad you enjoyed the parts you could play! Thanks for giving it a try. Was thereanything in particular that confused you that I could improve explaining? 

unfortunately I don't remember. The best I can do without going back in is that if I had multiple types of DPC upgrades and upgraded one, it somerimes wouldn't change the damage until I bought more upgrades from a different item. 

Right before the bee girl is where it seemed to slow down amd then the last section before the dragon felt very long. It could also have been that I didn't manage my upgrades optimally as well. Glad to help!

finally made it to the dragon queen but didn't have the fortitude to beat her. Biggest point of criticism is that the last two sections of the game seem to have a big spike in difficulty that made the later parts of the game feel much slower and harder to get through. 

Love the idea! The sounds can get a bit repetitive though. 

This was a treat to play! I love how bouncy and expressive all the spritework is! The animation is extremely well done and the gameplay element of delivering drinks to the patrons was very well done. Definitely one of my favorites from the jam!

I really enjoyed this! The balance between moving around and using your attacks at just the right moment made it feel very tense. And the additional clothes mechanic and moaning helped to sell the nature of the arcana erotica in universe. The art was very hot as well. Congrats to the whole team!

Aww this was really cute! I loved the music and the way the characters interacted. 

I loved this game! The art is very well done and the kobolds were too cute interacting with each other! The puzzles were really neat in how they fit to use the character's quirks. Looking forward to more in the possible future.

This was super cute! I loved the puzzles that were involved in switching between the characters!

I feel like I also encountered this but I wasn't sure? It only happened sometimes for me.

I really enjoy all the character sprites you have and the gameplay is very good. The music is very calming and I could see putting this on and just chilling out for a bit.