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A clicker game about relieving characters of their Lusy energies.
Submitted by Edmang — 11 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback, I super appreciate it! I've posted an updated version as a new game located at

(I changed the name so as to avoid conflicts with another nsfw game that I found out recently had the same name)

I fixed the DPS bug so it should stack everyone's damage properly now. I've also reduced the enemies health and increased the money you get from defeating enemies. I'm planning on working on the following next:

  • Making the horde menu pop from the side whenever you want to swap something in the wagon
  • (This will help unify the UI and hopefully clear up any confusion)
  • fix the prices of buying x amount of upgrades
  • Add more enemies and background images
  • Add popups when you mouse over upgrades (to indicate cost and flavor text)

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


I really liked this game's art style and music! Like people have mentioned, I think being able to get DPS earlier would have been better, but it's still a nice clicker game. I'm still a little mystified as the difference of items being in the hoard or wagon, since sometimes it didn't seem like either my DPS of click damage changed with some of them. Also, I think you should have the, to the next level button start on auto because I played for like 10 minuted before I realized I wasn't changing levels xD But regardless, good job on this!


The art on this is so wonderful! The characters were all super cute, and the ui looks really nice, even if it can be a little bit confusing at first. As a clicker, I'd say the difficulty curve might need some tweaking, the time leading up to being able to do dps instead of dpc was pretty long. Also, adding a button that swaps between dps and dpc loadouts easier would be really convenient when trading off from active play to background. Otherwise, I enjoyed it! Very cute, good job!!


Clicker games really aren't a thing that is my thing! This one confused me at times - I never really felt as if I knew what I should be doing, or that I was playing it effectively. But that's okay! I think I might have an easier time getting familiar with the game once your ideas here have a chance to be more fully realized, and I'll look forward to that. And the art is _adorable_ and I wanted to give all the characters a great big hug! ❤


Nice graphics : ). Not really my kind of game, but i give it a try (beat the dragon, don't know if it was the end of the game). It was a bit long to be honest, even if playing with a drawing-tablet probably save some time and efforts. Maybe a shorter game would have be more sweet for me (with localized damages : 3 ?). Another thing is it was feeling a bit linear, maybe some easiers zones where you can feel powerfull could be refreshing.
Also, i tried to do a all-companions wagon (to maximize DPS), but it seem they don't had, the last companion added was the only one DPS'ing.
Overall, a very good start to expand on : ).


I have a bit of a weakness for idle games, so I couldn't help but give this one a try. It's pretty simple, but the art is cute and nice, so I like that. :3

I will say, idle games have had a big move away from clicking lately because,'s kinda hard on people's hands. X3 I might recommend moving away from that mechanic if you wanted to flesh this one out more.

I also ran into some damage calculation weirdness...for one thing, it looks like maybe the item in the fifth slot doesn't do anything?


Love the cute art!

At first I had trouble parsing some of the UI, which can be very overwhelming and had some things I needed to get used to (such as available buy options turning red).


Yeah, I had similar problems with it. The whole "adding to wagon" thing was really weird and it wasn't clear to me what would cause me to not have to kill my wrists through manual clicking anymore.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I ended up quitting in zone 23. DPC was 200 and DPS was 66. I didn't really feel like clicking any more and it didn't seem like mathematically the DPS would ever be useful without grinding for cash for a really long time. Cute art though!

Balance things:

The upgrade price increases each time you upgrade something, but the 10x price is ten times the current price, so it ends up being a discount if you buy with 10x instead of buying 1x ten times. Is that intentional?

The second ally's base attack was 3 and increased by 3 with each upgrade. The third ally's was 2 and increased by 2 with each upgrade. The fourth ally's was 2 and increased by 1 with each upgrade. So there wasn't any reason to use anyone but the second, she dominated both with stats and price.


The artwork in this game is so pretty! My only complaint is that I had a hard time figuring out what was going on, some more design affordances and maybe a thicker manual section would help.  (I'm one to talk with my special-snowflake race driving mechanic but still.)  This game is probably smarter than I was able to figure out, but it was fun all the same.


I really enjoy all the character sprites you have and the gameplay is very good. The music is very calming and I could see putting this on and just chilling out for a bit. 


finally made it to the dragon queen but didn't have the fortitude to beat her. Biggest point of criticism is that the last two sections of the game seem to have a big spike in difficulty that made the later parts of the game feel much slower and harder to get through. 


thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to find a way to make the difficulty curve less jarring, it’s probably due to the lack of higher end upgrades you can unlock, with the bee girl being the strongest one you can snag. A time what point did the game start to slow down for you?


Right before the bee girl is where it seemed to slow down amd then the last section before the dragon felt very long. It could also have been that I didn't manage my upgrades optimally as well. Glad to help!


The art in this game is strong. Love the character visuals. :D

Deleted post

I feel like I also encountered this but I wasn't sure? It only happened sometimes for me.


I’ll try to investigate the cause of this bug, thanks for pointing it out! Do you remember exactly what icons you were selecting when the Dps wasn’t stacking?


unfortunately I don't remember. The best I can do without going back in is that if I had multiple types of DPC upgrades and upgraded one, it somerimes wouldn't change the damage until I bought more upgrades from a different item. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I have the bug too, it's manifested in different ways?

First it worked like this: when I equipped one ally and then another, it would completely ignore the second's DPS and just keep the first's. If I then unequipped the first ally, the DPS would drop to zero.

And now it works like this: when I equipped one ally and then another, the second's DPS would overwrite the first's. If I then unequipped the second ally, the first's DPS would come back.

I'm not 100% sure what I did that made it switch, it's possible it was buying/equipping the next item but I didn't do before/after tests.


thanks for the in depth notes! It looks like it’s not properly adding the dps of allies each time they are added. I’ll put in a few checks to make sure it does this on next release.