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Of course! Thank you 😊

I usually make nsfw queer romance stuff, is 18+ material allowed in this jam?

The art on this is so wonderful! The characters were all super cute, and the ui looks really nice, even if it can be a little bit confusing at first. As a clicker, I'd say the difficulty curve might need some tweaking, the time leading up to being able to do dps instead of dpc was pretty long. Also, adding a button that swaps between dps and dpc loadouts easier would be really convenient when trading off from active play to background. Otherwise, I enjoyed it! Very cute, good job!!

10/10? From a mind control aficionado? Such wonderful praise! I'm glad you enjoyed is so much. I was most confident in my writing skills for this game, now that the jam is over I can fill in the glaring gaps of background art, sound, and good ui design. Thank you so much for playing!

"Scary and stuff" is one of the best short descriptions of my work I've ever seen! I'd use that as a box quote if I was making a box! Audio was an  unfortunate casualty from time crunch, i agrees its absence is pretty jarring. Thank you so much for playing!

Yeah, that's always something I've struggled with when looking for stuff with elements of mind control. It can so easily be cold and harsh, cruel even. Its fiction, so that can be sexy and fun, but I wanted to build a setting and a world that could house loving connections alongside horny mind control powers. Im so happy you liked it so much!!

Omg I'm so glad it spoke to you so much!! This is the first nsfw game I've ever released, so I'm really happy you responded well to it! I'm happily plugging away at the final version of the game, hopefully to be finished by June. 

As for having more choices, the rest of the story script is already written, and has far more options that influence the story in more major ways. A few people have expressed similat sentiments after playing the opening section that i finished for the jam. I had to cut a lot for time unfortunately! 

Thank you so much for playing!!!! <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! I tried to write a story with mind control that still had room for gentleness and sweet moments. I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

I'm trans too, and this made me super happy to play, I can't wait to see more from you <3

I'll check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

Short, sweet, and with a lot of potential! The visual presentation of the game as a chatroom that completely shakes up the default look of Ren'py was a really good decision.

It's mostly cute, less so much horny, up till that last line. What a cliffhanger! It suggests so much about the world. Consensual cyborg hacking in a kind, anti-capitalist world is a topic I'd really love to read more of. The cover art on Itch is also very cute!

This game speaks to me on a gender level. I really appreciate the care and consideration the whole thing takes to transness and gender-nonconforming themes in general. I enjoyed the sort of softness of atmosphere the whole thing gave off. It has a horny soul, but also a very kind and caring one. 

Not much in the way of graphics given that it's a IF piece, but the chosen color scheme was pleasant and cute, setting the tone for the story really nicely. Mechanically, the ability to pull out more description for scenes and people was a nice touch.

I'm excited to read more~!

A fun and pretty game that was pretty difficult for me!

I would build up too much speed and get caught on a rock, swiftly ending my run. That said, it was very satisfying to play, and the sound is simple, but nice. The artwork is super cute as well! 

Just, such a cute game. The game itself is fun to play, and the controls are well polished. Some of the rapid button inputs are a bit tricky to pull off (I never got through all of the customers in lap dance portion, and couldn't save myself from slipping once), but the game was very forgiving, and never punished me too much for my failings.

The pixel art is gorgeous and expressive, and bouncy. It's a joy to look at, just to watch the customers do their unique wiggle animation at the end of the lap dance, the main character bobbing as she walks.

What an incredibly fun concept, with cute and well put together execution! This game has a great interface, it's easy to pick up and play, and the monstrous things people ask you to make are just... absolutely terrifying at times.

I played on easy mode first, and found it a bit slow, but hard mode was so fun, especially when customers would ask you to reverse engineer what they wanted from the dildo's title alone. 

The art style is clean, simple and cute. The music was nice, and not overbearing on a loop. I also love how it just dropped in that money had been abolished and this is a hobby for your character. I don't really have anything negative to say? 

A very interesting game! It carry's a lot of weight of expectation and reference to a fictional setting I'm not familiar with, but the themes are super fun despite not knowing the history. There is a certain quality of joyful desperation throughout, the game gleefully leading you to choices that it will tell you in the same line are a bad idea, but tempts you to choose anyway. Giving in to an intriguing choice that is obviously a trap of some sort is part of the fun!

Mechanically, the twine was a bit disorganized, lacking  cohesion of design. For the most part, the constant shifting of layouts and page lengths was something I enjoyed, it reinforced a gleeful sort of surrender of control that was essential to the narrative. There were spelling and grammar errors throughout that made it a little more difficult to appreciate that quality, however. 

Overall, a very horny game with interesting themes and a lot of potential!

The way movement work was strange to wrap my head around for a minute, but ends up making combat this wonderful mess of frantic key tapping that felt very satisfying to perform. The mechanic of the shield becoming a physical object after being  hit was very fun and funny, though the magic blasts moved so quickly it was hard to tell how much loose shields were actually deflecting shots towards either character. Maybe if the shield stuck around longer, and the blasts changed color/particle effect color after it  bounced off? I loved watching a shield bounce wildly in the background though!

I enjoyed the last map (fire) the most, because it was nice to move around in such a large space. AI seemed content to blast me from the other end of the map, so I had to rush into danger to get at her. For me, the most difficult map was the 2nd; less room to move around meant that I walked into blasts a lot more often.

I originally was going to give a very low score for sound, because I didn't hear any while I was playing. I later discovered that my speakers were unplugged, and played again to get a feel for the sound, which I liked a lot!

The story was very light and to the point. It suggests a larger world, but was mostly interested in conveying you to horny magic fighting as soon as possible. I do like that there was narrative framing, but would appreciate a little more development on that end. The art and music were  very good, and the visual effects replacing traditional health bars was super satisfying.

The whole game has a pretty "finished" quality to it, more polished then I usually expect from a game jam game. It's also rife with possibilities for more game play options. I would love to see the concept expanded!