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A very interesting game! It carry's a lot of weight of expectation and reference to a fictional setting I'm not familiar with, but the themes are super fun despite not knowing the history. There is a certain quality of joyful desperation throughout, the game gleefully leading you to choices that it will tell you in the same line are a bad idea, but tempts you to choose anyway. Giving in to an intriguing choice that is obviously a trap of some sort is part of the fun!

Mechanically, the twine was a bit disorganized, lacking  cohesion of design. For the most part, the constant shifting of layouts and page lengths was something I enjoyed, it reinforced a gleeful sort of surrender of control that was essential to the narrative. There were spelling and grammar errors throughout that made it a little more difficult to appreciate that quality, however. 

Overall, a very horny game with interesting themes and a lot of potential!