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Submitted by cabbit — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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Very neat take on being a living plush in this kind of situation. I really enjoyed the safeword aspect of the game as well. That way the reader could kinda opt-out of a dialogue tree if it was getting too intense for them. 


thank you! im glad you like the safeword system


Was snuggled by Amdusias. Bonus points awarded for this.


I would like to know more! ❤


I would love to make more, or tell you more, if you have specific questions, ask away :)


Well, I'm with Benn Ends - there's clearly a lot going on in the background here, and I am fascinated with curiosity! But beyond that, I mean I don't want to seem unseemly eager but I would super be interested to read or play or see or otherwise experience and/or interact with pretty much anything relevant to this that you'd choose to make or, if already extant, cite? I mean there are a lot of things going on here, and some of them are things which in the abstract I'd never have particularly figured would catch my interest, but that abstract figuration would have been _before_ I played your game here, I guess is what I'm saying. I hope that makes a little sense!


Hi, this is actualy a work of fanart, so if you wanna see more of this stuff go to

I actually plan to use renpy to make this into a fully illustrated and much larger visual novel


Oh okay awesome on both counts and thank you!


Being a plush is an interesting (and desirable) concept!


A very interesting game! It carry's a lot of weight of expectation and reference to a fictional setting I'm not familiar with, but the themes are super fun despite not knowing the history. There is a certain quality of joyful desperation throughout, the game gleefully leading you to choices that it will tell you in the same line are a bad idea, but tempts you to choose anyway. Giving in to an intriguing choice that is obviously a trap of some sort is part of the fun!

Mechanically, the twine was a bit disorganized, lacking  cohesion of design. For the most part, the constant shifting of layouts and page lengths was something I enjoyed, it reinforced a gleeful sort of surrender of control that was essential to the narrative. There were spelling and grammar errors throughout that made it a little more difficult to appreciate that quality, however. 

Overall, a very horny game with interesting themes and a lot of potential!