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It's like some unholy mashup of SNES-era Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, and furry porn
Submitted by bunnyboinkbiathalon — 9 hours, 43 seconds before the deadline

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This is a really cute game!

I like that the gameplay was challenging, and the gameplay was sexual, but the sex felt like play, not reward for a high score.  In some ways it actually felt like a sexier game if you slow down, look at the spectators, and take your time with the bunnies, and, that's kind of nice? It contributed to a feeling of everyone being there to have a good time, and winning the race just being an optional thing to shoot for.

The blend of 2d and 3d assets is neat, and I'm not sure I followed exactly what black magic you pulled getting the rendering set up, but I'm impressed.

Overall, the game felt really sexy, cute, and positive, and I dig it.


This is a wonderful compliment!  You pretty much just described why I made it!


Cute concept! I loved the music, hearing that reminded me of old school racing games from the ps1 era, I thought the art was cute but the racing was a little strange as I didnt feel like I was properly speeding up and turning, the other racers just passed by me when I was trying to do a simple turn, but that's more likely on my end for not understanding the movement system enough.

Overall a pretty solid entry that gave me nostalgia for a style of games I havent seen in a good while.


Well, it's not a biathlon - no skiing, no riflery - but it is boinking and it is bunnies and I'm not going to be picky when it's not just two out of three, but the two of those three I actually like! Also, it's an enormous relief to know that although I haven't played Mario Kart in many, many years - I still suck just as much at it as I ever did!

Srs tho this is adorable and horny and fun and I couldn't stop laughing at that smartass smirk the bunnies at the finish line give you as you approach. 12/10, would bunny again~❤


I think this was a very creative idea for this game jam! A racing game is certainly not something I would have imagined but it works really well. All the racers have their own personality conveyed in how they run around the course and the in their animations for when they're boinking the bunnies. The cameos were neat as well, but I was so focused on the race that I didn't get to see them all. I would also say that the turning could be fine tuned a little better but all in all a really solid entry. And thank you for taking the time to get it working in a windows build! 


glad i finally got to play this, managing to wrestle pygame into emulating mode 7 is really impressive!

i did hit one bug though: on the first lap of the underground stage i was able to just skip right past the station keepers and keep going - the race didn't end til i did the minigame twice, but i still came in first despite technically being a full lap behind the other racers


I was so excited for this in the discord and I'm glad to see that it has delivered! :D


i couldn't run faster than a snail, seems nice though?


I never thought I'd see a new game that looked like this -- the retro nostalgia seems to have mostly not revived mode 7-style graphics, so it's kinda cool to see someone revisiting that. It's a pretty neat game, although I admit that in the minigame I was split between paying attention to the sex and the actual gameplay. X3

The physics of the racing could definitely use some tuning to feel better, but this is a good attempt for a game jam.


This game was pretty cool, though I think I was doing something wrong because even if I was holding down J, my character would move A LOT slower than everyone else to the point where there was no chance of winning.  I  did like the boinking mini-game though and I think it can add a bit more spice to the races. Good job!