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Super cute game! Especially like all the power ups and how powerful you feel at the end. 

There were a few times where I was able to get to places I shouldn't have. Like before the broom boost, I was able to get over the gap by timing a dash and double jump and then wall climbing to barely make it across but honestly it wasn't too much of an issue haha

The only other thing I felt could be better is maybe the main weapon and the knockback in the game. The main weapon felt a tad weak even though the damage was good, especially since you had to be close to use it. And the knockback was inconsistent in the direction it sends you so sometimes if there were a lot of enemies you would get bopped around and  not get the chance to reorient yourself. Maybe have the arc be wider or switch to a straighter shot so the weapon has more flexibility and tone down the knockdown a bit so it's easier to react to.

Other than that really great job on the game! \(^-^)/

This is a cool game! 

For the jet pack, I actually didn't have too much trouble as other people did once I got used to it. But I think having it accessible without having to jump (pressing up on the ground lifts you in the air while activating the jet pack) or just pressing jump twice to activate it might make it easier for others. 

For  the jump itself, I think adding a bit of hang time while she's in the air would make it feel a lot better. right now it seems really award since she starts to fall immediately after she stops rising. The height doesn't need to change, but adding a bit of a delay before she starts falling would make jumping feel a lot better. 

Also, I think when you go back too the ship, it should put you in the warp pod or whatever it is that the player warps from. As it is now, you always have to go back to the room with the warp pod in it even when you just make a mistake on which planet you want to go to so it can get a bit annoying after a while.

 Great job on everything so far, keep it up! :D

Looking great so far! Especially love the character designs and overall art direction. I think enemy bullets should have a designated color though since the screen can get cluttered and they can be hard to see. But great job so far!I look forward to playing the finished game! :D

Oh, also for the male Goblin encounter, the pronouns still seem to be for the female goblin instead of the male. Ex: "Her rhythmic thrusting..." instead of "his rhythmic thrusting". Hope that helps!

Hey there! Reporting a small typo in the current patron build (Version:  May 23) . When you get the satisfied end for the harpy encounter, its says  "She seems to be in some sort of dazy,..." instead of "She seems to be in some sort of daze,...".

Also, I learned all the offensive skills, but quickly found out that since I have all these abilities available, I couldn't see all of them, especially the sex skills that appear at the bottom. I was still able to use them by using either the shortcut keys or the up and down arrows, but I was wondering if it was possible to scroll through them so I could just use the mouse.

Great work so far, keep up the good work!

This demo was fun! I think this is a good base for you guys to work on for the future. I think the lewd concept could be more explored too. Like while LP can be used for special attacks, but if it gets too high, then you have to spend a turn to masturbate or something so you have to careful to not have enemies increase your LP to fast. It could even be a status like poison where you constantly gain LP from an aphrodisiac or something. Another idea might be to have enemies be able to be defeated by too much LP so if you taunted enough they would be left in a horny state that the player can then trigger a sex scene with. Just some ideas to integrate the lewd stuff haha good job so far!