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Unfortunately I don't have a Linux to test the build on, but when I finish the next update I'll try to include adding in a Linux build. I'll try to get a Linux version of the proof of concept demo as well sometime soon. 

Thank you! I'll try my best to make a great game for you guys! ^-^

It probably will still be just an interactive animation and not a full game. Too  busy working on other projects to add another one in haha

Nah that's just poor optimization on my part. I'll try to slim it down and polish it up sometime in the future.

Cute game so far! ^-^

It's not too bad once you get the hang of it haha

Good luck!

Thank you! It might be a while till I can get back to working on this project, but I'm glad you like it so far! ^-^

Neat little game! 

Just a  heads up, you only included the Unity exe file in the download. You need to include the Data folder for anyone else to be able to play your game. Otherwise you just get this error:  

There should be 'Release_v1.0_Data'
folder next to the executable

This was  a cute game! I liked the character designs and dialogue haha good luck with the rest of your projects!

Thank you! ^-^

This game is adorable ^-^

Glad you guys are still working on this! Good luck! ^-^

All controls are handled with the arrow keys. Move with left and right, and press down to interact with Pome.

Thank you! I'll do my best! ^-^

Dlsite has a really high commissioner fee. They usually take somewhere around 75% of all game profits unless you charge more for the game (  like, above $10).  So they probably upped the price to match it if I were to guess. Even selling at $10 they'll only receive 45% of the profit. That's why most people tend to sell on Itch first since their fees are far less severe.  

Looks good so far! Hope to see more in the future!

This is a good start so far! The heroine looks cute and I'm interested to see how the story develops. The double jumping seemed spotty, like sometimes I can double jump and sometimes I can't. Also the jump feels a bit floaty. I found this cool video that shows how you can make a great jump in Unity that I recommend checking out. I'll leave a link to it below. Anyway this is looking good! Hope you get the chance to work more on it! ^-^

This game seems needlessly hard. For starters, you only have a melee weapon at the start so you get super close to all your enemies. Combine this with you low HP (2 -3 hits if you're lucky) and the fact that enemies respawn once you leave a room, some enemies like the birds can move through walls, and that dying sends you back to the title screen, playing the game just seems too much like a chore. 

I would say give the player a gun at the start. The knife is way too weak as a starting weapon. And Increase HP a bit or at least give us checkpoints so it's not a hard reset on death. 

I did like the art for the game, and the narrative was intriguing as well. It definitely has a Cave Story vibe to it, and I think if the difficulty was toned down a bit, a lot of people would enjoy playing this game.

This was  a really unique approach! The alien designs were interesting and I liked the idea of bringing them to orgasm through a variety of uncommon means. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but both the pain and pleasure bars would go down as soon as I did an action and the only one I got to see climax was skinny. But other than that the game was really solid. Great work!

This game was super cool! I loved the art and the writing, especially all the wacky names for all the sex toys lol I can't wait to see more! Keep up the great work!

I was pretty confused at the start, but the writing had me laughing the entire time so I didn't mind much haha once I got into the game I found it pretty enjoyable! It was kinda trial and error, but it managed the capture the exact feeling of having a friend rush over to you asking for help with texting their crush xD great job on this!

Thank you! Hopefully I should have a new update soon that adds more game play! There is more information on my blog if you want to see where the game is headed!

Thank you for the kind words! ^-^

I like the concept of the game so far! I had some trouble jumping on enemies and doing the platforming, but overall the game was fun to play and there was a lot of different things to do. I think with a bit more polish this game could be really cool!

This was a really great read! Vore isn't usually my thing, but the cute writing and characters kept me engaged throughout the entire story! Great job on this!

I've always sucked at these kinda games ( I always forget the commands or misspell them haha) but I do like where this game is going. I think putting the recipes and the commands in the game description might help quite a bit so you don't have to keep typing 'help' or scrolling up. Good job with this though, I hope you decide to keep working on it!

I think this is a cute concept even though I wasn't able to try it out. I like the art for the dice though!

Thank you for the kind words! I'll try my best to make it a great game! ^-^

Well I'll take a look at it regardless and see if I can fix it in the future! Thanks for the information!

Hmmm okay, I'll look into it and see if I can fix it. Are you running on Windows? I haven't made the builds for Linux and Mac, so there might be some problems on those systems. Sorry the game didn't work for you, but thank you for the kind words!

Oh, that's because I started really late and most of the buttons aren't implemented yet haha the only buttons that do anything are the "sex" and "exit" buttons. This was mostly just a proof of concept demo and most of the game's features aren't in yet. I should hopefully get in update out in the near future that adds a lot so I hope you look forward to it! 

I really liked this game's art style and music! Like people have mentioned, I think being able to get DPS earlier would have been better, but it's still a nice clicker game. I'm still a little mystified as the difference of items being in the hoard or wagon, since sometimes it didn't seem like either my DPS of click damage changed with some of them. Also, I think you should have the, to the next level button start on auto because I played for like 10 minuted before I realized I wasn't changing levels xD But regardless, good job on this!

Cool! I tried to contact you about it before, but comments weren't available. Glad to see you fixed it though!

As for the game itself, this is a good start for your first project! The main character is cute and cute to see all the different ways to interact with her. I do wish there was a save feature so it would be easier to access the gallery later rather than redoing everything. 

I look forward to seeing what you make in the future!

I like the idea behind this game as well as it's atmosphere. I think if you add a bit more to the game play this would develop into a really cool project! 

This game is pretty  cool! I liked the animations for each character and how they all had pretty unique abilities to them. I got a bit stuck quite often, but overall the game was fun! Good job!

I think this a really interesting concept! The sprite work looks great too. Hope you find time to work on this more in the future!

I like the idea of it. I tried playing this without sound the first time and was a bit confused on what to do xD but I was able to figure things out when I turned the sound up. I agree with Polycement though as an indication of when you're supposed to start would be really helpful. Good job!

I like what you have so far! I think you have a lot of different situations you can set up with your scenario right now, and I think you could add branching paths to each one too like seeing Red Hood run into a "Wolf" if you choose not to escort her or something of that nature.  The only complaint I have it the text seems to be shifted to the right. I't still readable, but I feel it would look a lot better if it was more centered. Also really wish there was art during the scenes but figured that was more of a time issue haha Anyway good job so far and I hope you decide to continue working on this!