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I just downloaded it again and tried it. Seems like it works fine for me.

Yeah probably lmao

I make regular weekly updates and posts. You can check my twitter as it's the easiest way to keep up with what I'm working on: Count Moxi (Comms: Open) (@CountMoxi) / Twitter

Thank you for the kind words. And maybe ill update it sometime in the future haha

Sorry, this game is finished and I don't have plans to update it in the future

No, this game is finished and won't be developed further.

The game is already finished, but if you want to support me and my other projects, you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon:



The current demo was just a test of the UI, none of the buttons actually have functionally yet. I will announce when I have an update ready that adds more into the game. You can check the description for further details.

Hmm, it should be working. Try to send it through again and let me know what error you get if it doesn't work.

The latest build is just meant to test the UI. The buttons don't have any functionality yet. I'll make an announcement when the update that adds more gameplay and functionality is complete.

It's kind of hard to say. I'm chipping away at the animation for it. But I I want to get some more experience for it too by making some smaller games. It might take a while, but I will work hard to make the wait worth it.

I'll do my best on it

The latest demo was just a UI test, so none of the buttons fo anything. I will make a post when I have updated the game with more functionality.

Work is slow, so it's best to view it as dead for the moment. I will let everyone know when I have the next update ready

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One of the main sex scenes (the "Non-Pen" one specifically) will be a boob job.  I'll let you all know when I have things more fleshed out and ready to show.

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Thanks for the kind words ^-^ and yeah that's fine. My games are all pretty shallow atm so idk how much content you'll be able to squeeze out of 'em. But yeah feel free to go ahead 👍

Hopefully. I'll let you all know how things go.

The music is done by Bayaba and their music is royalty and copyright free iirc. Here's a MEGA link to a zip file of their music:

Also thanks and good luck if you decide to make NSFW content! ^-^

No, it's going to take a while. Sorry. I'll make an announcement when I have something substantial to show.

The next update will most likely be for Android and Desktop. If I can manage it, ther will also be a web build you can play in browser

I use the Godot Engine

Okay, I'll see what I can do a bit later today

No further updates are currently planned, but I'll think about it.

Great game so far! 

The music is really catchy, the UI is clean and responsive, and the animation has a lot of punch to it! 

The only thing I would think to add would be a gallery or watch mode so you can watch the scenes play out after you beat  a level. It's a bit difficult to appreciate the animation while playing the game haha

But overall good work! I look forward to seeing more from y'all! ^-^

I'm still not 100% sure when I'll have an update ready, so I don't want to say a date and get you all excited for it only for me to miss the deadline again. I'll try my best to at least get something out before the end of 2021 though. 

Don't worry, I'm not abandoning the project. It's just developing slowly so I don't want to hype you all up when I'm not sure when the next update will be, so that why I don't post about it much. But I am still working on it.

The game will have an HTML version once I complete the next update

The current demo is just a test of the UI so none of the buttons do anything at the moment. An update with more gameplay and features will be coming eventually and I'll make an announcement when it's finished. 

If you click on the Pokeball that moves, there's a small scene with her,  but that's it.

Yep, the game was made with his assets with his permission

The main issue is that it's a parody game so selling it directly could cause some legal issues

I'll make a dev post when the update is done or almost done. Thank you for your patience. 

Glad you liked it! ^-^

The game is complete abd I don't have any more plans to update it at the moment

Maybe sometime in the future

There's already the little intro comic that pretty much describes the story basically. I'm not sure what I would really add to it to flesh it out. 

Once you click it, it will open the window with the bonus scene. You only need to click it once and you can click it anytime during the scene. 

If I can get the game up and running again I'll see what I can do

Click the poke ball that moves every now and then

Maybe sometime in the future. Have too much other stuff to do at the moment.