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Not at the moment, but once I finish some other projects, I'll come back to this one.

Unfortunately, the update to the demo won't be ready by the end of this month like I wanted. I'll explain things more in a devlog later today.

Thank you for your kind words and support, but you've all been waiting for a while so I want to y'all as soon as I can.  I'm not gonna rush it to sacrifice quality, but I've been taking too long in it too, so I'll work hard and do my best!

And I hope you are staying safe as well! Hopefully I can get some content out to y'all to give y'all an incentive to stay inside haha

Unfortunately slower than I want things to be going. I'm going to try and wrap up the new build before the end of the month, but I'm not 100% sure I'll make it. Worse case scenario I'll make another devlog to show the progress and lay out what still needs to be done.

I use the Godot engine as of late. Though the Unity engine and Game Maker are also some good options if you're starting out. And I make all my sprites with Aseprite.

Hmmm I hadn't thought of doing something like that, but I'll keep it in mind for the future

Not 100% if I understand, but those options aren't in the game yet. I'm currently working on the next update that will add in the Rena catch mini game and the anal scene. And then I'll add the other options in over time.

Kinda, I still plan to come back to it eventually, but not anytime soon.

That's all that's in the demo currently. It was made just to show off some of the current UI in the game. The next update will be adding in the anal scene and the mini game Rena Catch.

There already is an Android version when you go to the download page. It's the file ending in .apk

I'm not sure what you mean

How much space do you have available on your phone? I just tried it myself and was running into the same problem, but after I freed up about 700 MBS on my phone it worked without a hitch. The game itself isn't a big file, but I guess Android requires a lot of extra space. Let me know if that works for you.

Yep, one is already planned. I showed a work in progress shot of it in the October 28th devlog so check that out if you want to see it

If it stops half way, it most likely means you need more space on your phone if I were to guess. Does it say any specific error when it stops?

Thank you for the kind words, and I appreciate your support regardless! ^-^ I'm currently trying to find a good pace to work so I don't burn myself out, but I'll be fine haha

As for the animations, yeah, the faster animations will have more impact. The fast anal animation actually has those ripples in already haha I don't want any of the animations to "just" be the same animation  but sped up, so I'm trying to make small/ subtle animations changes for the slow and medium speeds, but the faster and maximum speeds will have more dramatic changes. I want these animations to be enjoyable, since they will be seen quite often in the game. So I'll make sure to make them something special!

That's kinda the current dilemma haha doing it would require me to basically redo a lot of the game's animations and sprites. I originally had the idea when the game was a much smaller concept, Rena was going to have 3 body types, Thicc, Average, and Fit, based on how you raised her. But since it's grown in scale, I'm going to focus on one body type for now (average). Down the line, I might add in the other body types, but I'm not gonna make any promises at the moment haha

At the moment, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm going to do my best to get it done by the end of May at the latest. I'll have a devlog out sometime in the middle of May to let you all know how things are going.

The way I currently have it laid out, Rena having too much sex will eventually knock her out, as she will take damage every time she climaxes (lust bar is filled). So just having sex with enemies won't allow you to progress far.

But there will be a gallery if you want to see the sex scenes from the beat em up portion as well as a "practice" area where you can spawn enemies and set up your own situations. So that way you can see the sex scenes at your leisure.

There will also be ways to have Rena be more sex savvy and more resilient to climaxes/ taking less damage from them. And I'm going to see if I can balance it to have enemies get knocked out after they climax without it being too easy. I'll try out a few things and keep you all posted.

There's no pregnancy options planned for the moment, but I'll keep it in mind

At the moment, I'm not 100% sure since I have to finish an animation for my patrons this month, and that's probably going to bleed a bit into May. But I'll be plugging away at it a bit everyday and will keep you all in the loop via devlogs every couple of weeks!

Well, it's a game I want to see made too lol and everyone's support has been really encouraging and appreciated. So I don't really need more than that haha

Oh, no the game won't have auto updates. So I'll make sure to let you all know when a new update is available!

The body changing was actually a feature I planned to have at the beginning, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it since it would be a lot of extra work. But I'll see what I can do.

And Happiness will be a stat that affects a variety of things, including some of her animations and sprites.

Thanks, your messages are always nice to see! I hope you are staying safe too! 


No that's currently all there is in the demo. The current one was just a UI test so unfortunately there's really no content in it. The update I'm working on now will be adding in more to actually do soon. Sorry for the confusion.

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Oh that's a good point, I'll update it in a sec so it's just the apk file. But you might be able to open the zip file with a file explorer on your phone

Not sure if I will add one later, but I'll keep it in mind.

I don't have a set date of when the game will be done. But I will post devlog updates to give you all an idea of how the game is going

Don't worry, I'm making sure to stay safe and healthy. Make sure you are taking care of yourself too!

As for the demo, I'm currently working on it now. A devlog will be released shortly detailing the next update. The anal scene will be doggystyle and the devlog will have some of the animations for the scene for you all to preview!

And yeah Digi Waifu and Dragon Waifu were a lot of fun haha I'm looking forward to their next game! 

Not sure what you mean by "auto", but I'm working on the next update now. I will make a devlog about it soon

Yep. The game will be free. Once I release a full proper demo, patrons will receive updates a bit early before the public release for future builds.

I don't have any of the original game files for this project, so unfortunately there won't be an Android version of it. But when I get the chance to revamp this project, I'll think of making an Android version of it too.

Aiming for next week or so. Working on the anal scene and the Rena-Catch mini game, so once I wrap those up, I'll release a new update!

I'm not 100% sure exactly when. I'm working on the anal scene and the Rena-Catch mini-game right now, and once those are done I'll release  anew update.  I'm hoping to wrap it up in the next week or so.

The anal scene isn't in yet. The lastest demo was just to test the UI in the game, and future updates will be putting in more content.

Aye welcome back haha

If it's not installing, it's probably because there isn't enough space. Android games need not only the space for the game, but the system requires a bit more as well, in my experience. Try to free up some space and then try again and let me know if that works.

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I don't have the original files for this project anymore unfortunately, so there will be now other versions made of it.

Yeah I'm still developing it. Things are a tad slow, but I'll do my best to get it finished!