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This is awesome! Just one thing: Where can I find a copy of Cephalopods Through the Centuries?

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Also, what I meant by "squished" with regard to the UI looks like this, in the close dialog:

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That...might be the problem! There doesn't seem to be any such window. All the UI I see on a Mac, or at least on this Mac, is this: 

(The other Mac to which I have access is my work machine, But this is OS X 10.9.something or other, and I don't think 10.12 is likely to be all that different! And it is possible the window's just rendering offscreen; Godot seems to be doing some weird things with window placement overall, which might be because it doesn't know how to handle high-DPI displays well, I'm not sure. Exposé isn't showing me but the one window for Fursona Creator, though, so I'm pretty sure it's just not there...)

Oh, I figured it out eventually - I always do. It just takes me a while sometimes to see the plainly obvious. Just finished the game a few minutes ago.

I really appreciate all your help! And I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my earlier comment, too.

I'm super a fan! I would be even more a fan if I could figure out how to make reminders that advance the narrative! ^___^

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to play this again during the rating period! I'd really been looking forward to seeing what had come of it since I first saw it, early in the month.

One thing - on Mac OS, running the launcher script from Finder fails with a "cannot find directory 'gamedata'" error, or similar. This happens because the path isn't properly qualified - I don't think Mac OS properly sets the working directory when executing a script this way. It should be easy enough to fix - just point it at "$(dirname "$0")/gamedata" instead, as with how $RPGBOSS is set, and it should be good to go.

Super cute and a great concept! Great lewds, too - I can't wait to finish Scree's questline - bunny girl and all!

Fursona Creator community · Created a new topic Mac OS

Seems legit but nothing is clickable! The UI also seems to scale oddly with high-DPI displays - on quitting, the confirmation dialog looked as though it was squished a bit.

These seem like easy enough engine limitations to clear up! In the meantime I'm looking forward to trying it out on monster - this looks like a lot of fun to use! And if you need a Mac OS tester, I'm happy to help out!

Congratulations on coming first! :D

Way to commit to a theme!

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I really had a blast with this! Even in prototype form, there's a lot of potential here.

One thing I noticed - whenever I tried to microwave anything, it was an instant game over, even when it was the correct reagent in that run. Not sure if that got fixed in the update, but if not, I felt I'd better call it out.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that it seems like this game might very easily lend itself to unwinnability without considerable effort on your part. For example, in my last run, there was a reagent on top of the wall cabinets - I noticed it before I was quite too short to get up there, but if I hadn't, the run would've been cooked and I'm not sure I would've known it - that was the first time I'd seen anything up there! That's not something it seems possible to handle perfectly in all cases - I'm not even sure that kind of complex path prediction is possible, and I'm almost certain it can't be done in less than exponential time, which would have to make it a non-starter for a game that needs to run at or above 30fps. I'm not really sure what to recommend! But, again, I felt I'd better mention it.

Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing, and even just playing it a little while I had a lot of fun! It felt like a real challenge, and the need to act quickly and correctly under pressure makes it exciting. Thanks for making it, and I'm looking forward to seeing it more fleshed out!

I'm super a fan! The grid-based nature of the movement makes it a game of tactics and timing rather than simply being a run-and-gun shootfest, and the voice acting and "damage" indication makes for a really enjoyable experience! Really looking forward to seeing this in a more fleshed-out form.

The animations are really well done! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this once it's had a chance to be fleshed out some more.

Oh thank you! I suppose I do favor a somewhat old-fashioned style, and it's good to hear that, whatever drawbacks of that there may be, at least I wear it well.

As to the success of those stories which arise from the game - I don't suppose that is wholly mine to judge. But one of those stories has taken on - something of a life of its own, I think is not too much to say; certainly, at thirty-seven thousand words thus far and still a couple of scenes shy of done, it has outgrown the scope of a Discord channel. So if you're curious, you can find it in Twine form, here on Itch - and if you do take the time, I'd be delighted to know your thoughts on the tale.

You speak for me in every word!

I really hope this gets finished! What I've seen thus far, I really really like.

I see a lot of potential here! The idea of a horny Castlevania-style game could work really well, I think - I mean the whole whipping part is already built in. Looking forward to seeing where you take it from here!

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Uh that took a real turn there at the start? Kinda wasn't expecting that. But let's see where this goes?

Okay and you're back from horny game jam hell I am dying over here

okay what though these two budding serial killers have just found something in common and that's adorable but I clicked out of the game window and back for a second and it just kind of stopped there?

I mean not gonna lie I'm kind of super creeped out by the way this is going but I'm about to restart the game anyway just to see where it goes next. So there's that I guess! Not super sure if that qualifies as a recommendation or not, but ¯\_(ツ💨)_/¯

OK scratch that second playthrough brought it all the way back it's a winner for sure :D

I didn't have trouble figuring out what would cause a slip, but maybe something like a partially transparent dark overlay behind the QTE inputs? It felt tricky a lot of the time to pick them out of the moving background, and having some contrast around them to make them stand out better seems like it might help with that!

Oh this was _fun_! The platforming mechanics are perfectly tuned and feel _just_ right, and the sound and music are excellent, and though I'm not super a fan of QTEs, I didn't feel like they got in the way. And cute co-ed bunny girl lap dances never go wrong!

I love the names!

I'm not sure what to make of this - except stickers I could put on dice I don't have ._. - but it's awesome anyway!~❤

I don't even like VNs! Except one I guess? I dunno you had me at helping a nerd build the perfect dick, how did you know about my secret ideal fantasy job


Not bad not bad! Had some fun here. In a finished version I wouldn't mind seeing better support for a chastity% run - first part's solid, but there's no way not to get off with that second kobold. ❤

Hey, who doesn't love lizard cocks? And, uh, being in the right place at the right time, when the animation finishes? c.c ❤

Well, it's not a biathlon - no skiing, no riflery - but it is boinking and it is bunnies and I'm not going to be picky when it's not just two out of three, but the two of those three I actually like! Also, it's an enormous relief to know that although I haven't played Mario Kart in many, many years - I still suck just as much at it as I ever did!

Srs tho this is adorable and horny and fun and I couldn't stop laughing at that smartass smirk the bunnies at the finish line give you as you approach. 12/10, would bunny again~❤

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It might not be a bad idea to make it a little more obvious - I put some effort into it, and even dug through the blob by hand, but in 29KB of binary guck, I didn't notice anything that looked like what I was after...

Bit of a bug - in the scond challenge, the cache link serves with an application/octet-stream (i.e. undefined and unidentifiable) MIME type, which Firefox and Chrome both treat as a file to download instead of a page to render. It also doesn't appear to correspond to any archive or package format known to file(1) - presumably it's meant to expand as a directory or something, I dunno?

really like the conceit of this game, though! It's an exciting idea, and there's something subversive about it that's powerfully appealing - especially since I was not unfamiliar, in an earlier life, with the need to deploy craft and artifice in the same cause around which this game revolves. I'd be super excited to see a more polished version with the bugs ironed out! ❤

Clicker games really aren't a thing that is my thing! This one confused me at times - I never really felt as if I knew what I should be doing, or that I was playing it effectively. But that's okay! I think I might have an easier time getting familiar with the game once your ideas here have a chance to be more fully realized, and I'll look forward to that. And the art is _adorable_ and I wanted to give all the characters a great big hug! ❤

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Thank you! I wasn't wholly displeased with how it came out, myself. ^___^

You're certainly welcome to use this drawing however you like - I claim no rights in it other than I'm probably going to hang the original on my wall. If you can use a version without the text overlay and/or a transparent background, let me know, and I'll send them along! As far as credit goes, I don't have either of those things, but if you want to say that a little alien thing drew this, and link people to my profile here on Itch, that works!

Something else I'd have liked to say about Unleash before, too! Quite aside from the game's well-turned and ample horny, I really got a kick out of the whole noir theme, and out of the way your take on it plays with the genre's tropes - I haven't read a lot of hardboiled-detective stories, but those I have read are uniformly characterized by a kind of grim humorlessness, maybe because their authors felt a lighter tone wouldn't wear well on their steely-eyed but rather despairing protagonists. It was really great to see the genre played with a wink and a grin, so thanks for that! Five stars for narrative especially doesn't feel like enough...

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I haven't drawn more than diagrams in twenty years before this.

the eldritch flower

Nine hours solid working on this. I read the description in the game, and something in the back of my mind said yes, do that, and I didn't even question the thought but just went and fetched my tablet and pens, and set to work, and did not stop. I only even managed to pause once, and that only lasted until I moved ahead in the game a little and hit the "tunnel" loop. Five seconds in, I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop again, not even for a minute, until the work was done.

But then that's entirely apropos, isn't it?

Well don't say that until you've seen it~

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OK so. Five stars in every category, for one thing. For another, there is a piece of fan art happening here. I've been working on it five hours already, instead of moving on from this game to the next as I meant to do. I thought I'd found a pausing point, but then I moved ahead a few screens in the game, and holy F where did you get these loops oh my God the low frequencies in this one are crawling right down my back and now I don't think I'm going to stop drawing until I'm done or my right hand refuses to hold a pen any more.

I mean, good game! Is I guess what I'm trying to say here?

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Well that was just a whole lot of fun! The mechanics could use a little polish, and improved mobility would help a lot with the bullet-hell stuff - especially the dance! - but I don't even like 3D platformers and I had a grand old time with this! Fun and cheerful and horny and weird and just fantastic overall, and I'd love to see a more polished version. Thank you! ❤

So I decided it's never too late to start not moping, and the game crashed with "could not find label 'nevertoolate'", which I think might not have been on purpose but I had to grin at it so it still counts as a win by me! I'm really looking forward to seeing a more completely worked out version of this - you've made a very promising start, and thanks for posting it! ❤

You did an exemplary job! So much in the genre I find is just...cruel, almost, even when it's not trying to be? Or harsh, at least; so much about taking, about forcing, and I won't say there's no place for that - but there's a place for much more than that, too, and I'm delighted to have found more than that here! Thank you for making this!

I uh. I'm a little shook right now? Not in a bad way. Just it's not every day when I experience something that makes me feel as though someone must have just wandered past and popped into the back of my head for a little while and looked around and said "hmm...yes, this. I'm going to make a this." So thank you for that!

Two things more I'll say, and them only. First: I feel like it would be nice to have a little more in the way of branching options - not whole new storylines, but just different styles of reaction. And second: the other games I've rated thus far in this jam, I've downloaded, played, and deleted. This one I am super keeping. And I can't wait for the finished version! So thank you for that, too!~❤

"I was kinda curious if anything interesting happened if I *did* get caught" - uh same? 😊



And the game is a lot of fun! A cute adorable little puzzler that's very cheerful and approachable, and shows a lot of the attention to fine detail that makes the difference between a good game and a great one. Not only that, but it favors a kink that doesn't get a lot of love, and deserves more than it does! 10/10, would streak and take lewd selfies again~❤