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Magefight: Duels of the Arcana EroticaView game page

A game about learning the most powerful form of magic known to woman.
Submitted by Evie (@eviesmash) — 4 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Fun game overall, but I feel like you especially rocked the harmony category. Things like using degree- of-nudity and screen blush for the health indicators and pleasured groans for the hit sounds did an excellent job of keeping the player's focus on the sexy parts of the game.

Very well done!


Glad to hear you liked it and noticed those details!! Part of the design of the game was making something where the player's vision is always focused on the sexiest parts.


I'm super a fan! The grid-based nature of the movement makes it a game of tactics and timing rather than simply being a run-and-gun shootfest, and the voice acting and "damage" indication makes for a really enjoyable experience! Really looking forward to seeing this in a more fleshed-out form.


So glad you enjoyed your time in the world of Magefight!! :D


I liked this concept quite a bit! Though I did frequently have issues with navigating the playing field, because the camera constantly changed focus towards the other mage I could never tell the actual direction I would go, and found my character just standing still even when I mashed a directional key at times. However others mentioned this previously.

I thought the concept of having a sexual battle was pretty cool, and the shielding/shooting mechanic was good. I could see this turning into a legend of grimrock styled adventure/puzzle game with boss fights at the end of puzzle rooms. As well as different abilities and combat styles evolving if this were to develop further.

Good job! I really enjoyed this game!


So glad you enjoyed it! The directional movement has some awkward edge cases, but initially the game was meant to only be a hallway shooter: no circling your opponent and stuff. Just side dodging. I really like how it turned out though.

I also built the controls for a Grimrock style movement scheme, so if I we make a sequel I'll definitely want to play more with level exploration and such.

Thanks again for your feedback!


Worth waiting for a Linux build. Thoroughly enjoyed it :3

Two small issues with controls: I didn't seem to be able to advance dialog (when I reply) with the keyboard, which resulted in an awkward switch between kb and mouse, and the movement system meant that sometimes I walked into pillars ^^;

I hope you make a sequel or expand on this more - it was amazing :D


Yeah, I didn't bother with testing keyboard controls on that. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for being my Linux tester!

Will upload the Linux build to Itch tonight!!


This is a nice little game~ The gameplay is pretty simple, but it was fun, and the movement system is novel, although it could be a bit clearer where are valid spaces to move.

The horny aspect was pretty nice too~ I like the concept of sex magic, it'd be fun to see that explored a bit more.


So glad you enjoyed it! I'll think about having some sort of visual for valid spaces.

I hope I get to expand on this universe and its horny magic as well!


Really love the mix of 2D/3D! It has this beautiful 90's game flair, which I really dig! Great sound and effects work, too!

I felt like sometimes the move direction would not align with where I thought I should go, but that could have been my derpy brain messing with me, haha!


Im so glad you enjoyed it! It works most of the time but I agree that there are some edge cases where the movement doesn't respond the way you'd expect. I hope to fix that in a future iteration. Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts. ❤️


This game is fun, Crow's art style blends well with 3D, and the presence of sexy voice acting is a definite plus.  The voice acting in the first fight kind of detracts from the otherwise playful premise-- she sounds less than jazzed about the situation, but mostly the voice acting is working with the premise rather than against it, and the moans are, uh, appreciated.

For a finished product I'd like to see more animation on the opponents, although as always that's harder.  I found some clipping into the columns was possible, which is an issue in a game where a good strategy is to strafe around corners a lot.

On the whole this is a really polished experience that shows a lot of potential!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Definitely would take better care to watch out for those clipping issues in a sequel. It ended up on a list of things we just didn't have time for in getting ready for the finished product.


The way movement work was strange to wrap my head around for a minute, but ends up making combat this wonderful mess of frantic key tapping that felt very satisfying to perform. The mechanic of the shield becoming a physical object after being  hit was very fun and funny, though the magic blasts moved so quickly it was hard to tell how much loose shields were actually deflecting shots towards either character. Maybe if the shield stuck around longer, and the blasts changed color/particle effect color after it  bounced off? I loved watching a shield bounce wildly in the background though!

I enjoyed the last map (fire) the most, because it was nice to move around in such a large space. AI seemed content to blast me from the other end of the map, so I had to rush into danger to get at her. For me, the most difficult map was the 2nd; less room to move around meant that I walked into blasts a lot more often.

I originally was going to give a very low score for sound, because I didn't hear any while I was playing. I later discovered that my speakers were unplugged, and played again to get a feel for the sound, which I liked a lot!

The story was very light and to the point. It suggests a larger world, but was mostly interested in conveying you to horny magic fighting as soon as possible. I do like that there was narrative framing, but would appreciate a little more development on that end. The art and music were  very good, and the visual effects replacing traditional health bars was super satisfying.

The whole game has a pretty "finished" quality to it, more polished then I usually expect from a game jam game. It's also rife with possibilities for more game play options. I would love to see the concept expanded!


Wow! Thank you for such a detailed review! I agree with all of your suggestions! Glad you fixed the audio. I love Stray's music and SFX and all of the talented voice actors that offered their expertise. Also glad you appreciated the way I tried to integrate the UI into the world and use as little UI elements as possible.

Also the story didn't come into play until fairly late in the month, though we did have some larger ideas for the world. Our main goal was an arena spell fighting game. Again, thank you for sharing so many of your thoughts!


This kind of auto-aiming grid-based is an interesting twist on an FPS, and I bet you could actually do a lot with it if you wanted to pursue more attacks, status effects, etc.

Shooting someone out of their clothes is, of course, also an interesting twist on an FPS.

think I hit myself in the face a couple times, which honestly is not an unreasonable use of horny magic.

Thanks for entering!  :)


If horny magic were real I'd definitely use it on myself!

Also you just gave me an idea! What if certain spells were more powerful the hornier you are? I'll bet we could do something fun with making the player need to manage their horniness and put the optimal spell casting state and dangerously close to peak horniness.

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :3


haha cute, neat designs on the characters!


Crow did a fantastic job with the art. I'm just in awe of how all of that turned out. :)


I really enjoyed this! The balance between moving around and using your attacks at just the right moment made it feel very tense. And the additional clothes mechanic and moaning helped to sell the nature of the arcana erotica in universe. The art was very hot as well. Congrats to the whole team!


Glad you enjoyed it and we were able to cast our own horny spell on you! >:3


Definitely a fun game. It would be interesting to see it expanded in the future. :)


Glad you enjoyed it! We had a ton of fun making it and are considering making a more ambitious version.


This was a pretty cool game! Unfortunately it didn't run super great on my toaster of a laptop, but the core gameplay seemed fun and engaging. I did have some trouble figuring out what some of the moves did like that magic ring that appears when you hold shift. But other than that I liked the presentation and the victory illustrations were great too. Overall, good work!


Thank you so much for playing! I need to add the controls to the description of the game. 

WASD for movement, Shift for Shield, and Space for casting a spell.