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Sorry! I don't know when there will be any translations. If someone made one, we would use it, but we don't have plans at the moment because I don't know anyone who would be willing to!

There should be a backup safeguard file in Chip's folder that you can put where it was before!

Haha, sorry! We wanted to have a mode that doesn't show the sex scenes, but didn't have time for the way we wanted to implement it. Should be in the full, at least!

haha cute, neat designs on the characters!

Thank you! If you're really curious about Kid Neon's backstory, Floraverse has an ongoing story that goes into part of it. It's kind of a long comic series though, so be warned!

Thank you! We're glad you like it!!

Hahah thank you!! We're super glad you enjoyed it :D Hopefully the future VNs we release will be just as fun!

Opa-Opa says this is a problem with the game trying to write a file where it should be able to, but is failing. DM him on twitter, and when he has a chance, he’ll try to walk you through fixing that.