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Check out or @MagefightGame on twitter ;)

I believe you press spacebar to continue! Sorry about the confusion.

This is a computer game.

Glad you enjoyed it, and that it a really good suggestion! Should've been there from the beginning.

Aww thank you Redyscom! I certainly hope so 😜

Oh wow!! I always loved the art in this game and seeing how it's progressed is really exciting. Amazing work, y'all!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for playing! We only had a single month to make it and were crunching hard at the end to get it out at this quality, but it was worth it!

I'd love to expand on this release of the game and add some more things. We'll just have to see what we can get to.

Thank you so much again. Means a lot. :)

Loved this game. Incredibly resonant themes and made me feel lots of things. Excellent work. ❤️

Glad to hear you liked it and noticed those details!! Part of the design of the game was making something where the player's vision is always focused on the sexiest parts.

So glad you enjoyed your time in the world of Magefight!! :D

So glad you enjoyed it! The directional movement has some awkward edge cases, but initially the game was meant to only be a hallway shooter: no circling your opponent and stuff. Just side dodging. I really like how it turned out though.

I also built the controls for a Grimrock style movement scheme, so if I we make a sequel I'll definitely want to play more with level exploration and such.

Thanks again for your feedback!

This was tough! Took me 3 tries before I got it. Love the concept and I love that you made it generate a new challenge each time so you can't just cheat and memorize what you need to do.

Excellent concept and really fun execution!!

So glad you enjoyed it! I'll think about having some sort of visual for valid spaces.

I hope I get to expand on this universe and its horny magic as well!

Yeah, I didn't bother with testing keyboard controls on that. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for being my Linux tester!

Will upload the Linux build to Itch tonight!!

Ah, see, I was skipping the strawberries because I thought they were just an extra difficult pickup, not the goal.

Building a rom for an emulator is definitely a fascinating and challenging undertaking. I struggled to make it past the spider and ended up accidentally exiting out, so that's where I'm going to take a break for now.

Unless making the goal a bit of a mystery was intended, it would have been nice to have a brief screen that explains the objective and points me in the right direction.

The player character animation and feel of the movement is pretty good!

Im so glad you enjoyed it! It works most of the time but I agree that there are some edge cases where the movement doesn't respond the way you'd expect. I hope to fix that in a future iteration. Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts. ❤️

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Definitely would take better care to watch out for those clipping issues in a sequel. It ended up on a list of things we just didn't have time for in getting ready for the finished product.

Wow! Thank you for such a detailed review! I agree with all of your suggestions! Glad you fixed the audio. I love Stray's music and SFX and all of the talented voice actors that offered their expertise. Also glad you appreciated the way I tried to integrate the UI into the world and use as little UI elements as possible.

Also the story didn't come into play until fairly late in the month, though we did have some larger ideas for the world. Our main goal was an arena spell fighting game. Again, thank you for sharing so many of your thoughts!

Glad you enjoyed it and we were able to cast our own horny spell on you! >:3

Crow did a fantastic job with the art. I'm just in awe of how all of that turned out. :)

If horny magic were real I'd definitely use it on myself!

Also you just gave me an idea! What if certain spells were more powerful the hornier you are? I'll bet we could do something fun with making the player need to manage their horniness and put the optimal spell casting state and dangerously close to peak horniness.

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :3

The most monster mashing I've done in an infinite runner! Great artwork and fun music!

The background and audio seems like it's missing, but the art does a good job of conveying each character's mood and personality. And holy shit was it sexy as hell. Mind control is something that I love so much, and having a writer nail all of the things that really drive me wild over it is really special. 10/10 on the horny scale. <3

The art in this game is strong. Love the character visuals. :D

The art and writing in this game are 10/10. Funny, cute, and very horny!

Glad you enjoyed it! We had a ton of fun making it and are considering making a more ambitious version.

What a gorgeous game! Love the pixel art, colors, and overall aesthetic. The lap dancing minigame is my favorite part. The animations are super cute.

Thank you so much for playing! I need to add the controls to the description of the game. 

WASD for movement, Shift for Shield, and Space for casting a spell. 

Looking forward to it!

Omggg that's genius. You can make the horny in two places at once! ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞