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Serve up drinks and please patrons in a posh adult club!
Submitted by vonfawks — 4 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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This is a very tight and polished game, I feel like the platforming was very well done, the minigame was cute, and the concept, with a bit more polish, could make for a good arcade styled release on platforms like itch or steam. It doesent take the lewdness or horniness too far which i think works for the concept and overall feels cute to me. I think the one button slip recovery (or two, I managed to avoid most obstacles) works fine, but if it got any longer might get unwieldy without some kind of slowdown mechanic (like bullet time styled slowdown).

My only complaint would be to change up the icons used in the mini game section, for the icon where you have to tap a direction multiple times, I'd prefer it if it was like two arrows on top of each other or like a button mash icon with a finger pushing down on a button with a direction.

Overall I think this is a fantastic game with a lot of charm!


Oh this was _fun_! The platforming mechanics are perfectly tuned and feel _just_ right, and the sound and music are excellent, and though I'm not super a fan of QTEs, I didn't feel like they got in the way. And cute co-ed bunny girl lap dances never go wrong!


A random thought on the somewhat-contentious slipping mechanic: bullet time + zoom.

Bullet time gives the players more time to react, and zoom makes the required inputs clearer and gives a better indicator of what caused the slip.


I kinda like that, actually


I didn't have trouble figuring out what would cause a slip, but maybe something like a partially transparent dark overlay behind the QTE inputs? It felt tricky a lot of the time to pick them out of the moving background, and having some contrast around them to make them stand out better seems like it might help with that!

I think I may have found an unmarked debug function? I pressed enter and the level skipped to the end.

Developer (1 edit)


Admittedly up until the second patch, you could press R to restart the game at any time too.


Very cute! The sprites are beautifully animated, and the gameplay is nice and solid.

Personally I think the slip mechanic doesn't really work as-is, though, I found that my success rate was basically zero unless I mashed the arrow keys at random. It could also be made clearer what things cause you to slip.

Still, overall, very nice! I like it a lot.


I was really looking forward to this, but sadly the slowdowns when using Wine make it nearly unplayable :(

If you have the ability to make a Linux build, I'd really appreciate it!


i'll try to some more! i nearly had it compiling the other day but kinda gave up


Great to hear that! I'm happy to help out if I can - depends on what engine you're using.


It's made in gamemaker studio 2, so unfortunately I can only export to Ubuntu rather than all of Linux


Well, it might still work with some finagling? Better than nothing :p


try it out!


i really really like this game, but it gave me a panic attack to the point of crying, maybe have an option to turn the slideing off?


Cute concept, great implementation. The controls felt solid, and the art was a treat. The slip mechanic gave me a bit of trouble, but was really satisfying to actually succeed at. I think I just needed more practice with it. I like that you could avoid it altogether, that really helped keep the difficulty manageable from the start.

The lapdance rhythm game was neat- I did feel a bit like I had to choose between enjoying the art or staying focused on the UI prompts to actually play, but the game cycle was short enough that it didn't feel like much of a sacrifice to do either.

There were some really fun aesthetic details throughougt, I like how the patrons follow you around after they're served, and I dig how much attention was paid to the background. The animations were really flirty and cute, tons of personality.

Over all, a really great submission!


Let's be honest, this thing is probably gonna win.  It's GREAT.  The pixel art is flawless and beautiful (I mean how the hell do you get boobs that are never bigger than 9 pixels to be drool inducing, just like HOW), the platforming is crisp, the mechanics are fresh, and there's lap dancing.

This is just hands down my favorite so far.  Please make more.


Just, such a cute game. The game itself is fun to play, and the controls are well polished. Some of the rapid button inputs are a bit tricky to pull off (I never got through all of the customers in lap dance portion, and couldn't save myself from slipping once), but the game was very forgiving, and never punished me too much for my failings.

The pixel art is gorgeous and expressive, and bouncy. It's a joy to look at, just to watch the customers do their unique wiggle animation at the end of the lap dance, the main character bobbing as she walks.


try out the patch version with the "simple qte's" option on, if you'd like it to be less button mashy! 


I'll check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

Host (1 edit) (+2)

Ahh, this was so cute  :)  Just a really smooth platformer with a lot of care put into it.  Saving from a slip is a bit tricky, but it seems like there's always a way to avoid slipping in the first place, so it becomes a kind of tradeoff where you can decide which way you want to approach things, and that's pretty impressive emergent behavior for such simple mechanics.

Slipping from running into someone is a good idea but plays a bit weird in practice, since only one of several kinds of people wandering around can actually trip you.  Maybe, counterintuitively, the squirrels should just always be running?  Would make it more clear what they do and save you from gotchas like one starting to run while you're already halfway past.

I vaguely wish there were an ending, though this is really more of an arcade-style game so I have no idea what it could be really.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Really happy you like it! <3

The squirrels only trip you if you're going near max speed. If you tap the button and slowly walk past, they won't trip you.


Ah!  Do they only trip you when they're moving, or always?


Always. Sorry it's not really explained anywhere.. It's hard to fit fine tutorial details in that tiny resolution.

Probably already figured this out, but fountains trip while you're in the air.


This was a treat to play! I love how bouncy and expressive all the spritework is! The animation is extremely well done and the gameplay element of delivering drinks to the patrons was very well done. Definitely one of my favorites from the jam!


What a gorgeous game! Love the pixel art, colors, and overall aesthetic. The lap dancing minigame is my favorite part. The animations are super cute.


Really beautiful pixel art : ). All of this is so cute.
I'm a little more convinced by the "rythm game" part, than by the plateformer, but i'll definitly would like to see this game go further (i so wish i could talk to peoples, take my time and enjoy the party with them : D).
The faces of Pnj's are both cute and funny : ).
One of the only down : all the sex-worker / hostess theme don't speak so well to me, but that's just not my cup of tea i guess : ). I rather play consensual exchanges in games.


Well, with the theme I wanted to try to take the whole adult club scene and get rid of all the gritty stuff so it's just cute and fun and flirty. It's all consensual.


Wow, this game is super cool! Not only is the pixel art and sound top notch, but the game play was fun and worked well with the game's theme! The lap dance mini-game also had a surprising amount of depth as I found myself trying to get as many tease bonuses I could while keeping my time up. Even the obstacles were kinda fun to deal with as you had to try and clutch a quick time event. Inspirational work! ^-^


thank you! i'm really glad you liked it!