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Weird you never had any sound, I haven't heard of that bug before. And yeah, there's some memory leak bug if you play too long. Sorry about that!

Your computer isn't compatible with the game, sorry...

not unless i buy a mac, which is unlikely

All actions are done by pressing the down key

I guess the game doesn't work on Win 7. Sorry about that.

I'll try to add some compatibility fixes to the in-development version but I don't think I really have the time to go back and fix this jam version.

thank you so much! we've been trying really hard to polish all of the little things that make the world feel more alive and cozy

Version 2 just has some bug fixes

I can't, I don't own a mac

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I don't have difficulties in at the moment, but across all stages the lowest ceiling height is now higher than it used to be, so it's easier to jump over stuff. And in general stages just have fewer hazards now, as I think it's more fun to find the optimal path and finish quickly than to have to be super careful. (Also, puddles go away after being slipped on once...)

However, there is also an arcade mode that lets you play all stages in order, with bonus games happening every few thousand points, like a regular arcade game. But in this mode, there's no grace period and slips always cause you to fall like in XXX. I'm still kind of messing around in my head if there will be lives or not, but because of the general reduction of hazards I think it's pretty fun, because you have to pay attention to one specific part of the level rather than be cautious all the time.

I've considered making

thanks! great to see you by the way!

every time i do an eta, i end up massively underestimating myself! but i think the absolute latest would be this winter

yes, absolutely

Thank you for the little spot! This is a very early version of the game- if you passed level 7, you've seen everything it has.

However in the full version (which isn't quite finished yet) there is a ton more variety and the first 7 stages are totally redone to have more variety. I hope you'll try it out when it's ready!

I'm really glad to see you liked the game so much, the current version definitely has a lot more to it. And I had no idea it could soft lock like that!!

try it out!

I kinda like that, actually

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Admittedly up until the second patch, you could press R to restart the game at any time too.

It's made in gamemaker studio 2, so unfortunately I can only export to Ubuntu rather than all of Linux

i'll try to some more! i nearly had it compiling the other day but kinda gave up

try out the patch version with the "simple qte's" option on, if you'd like it to be less button mashy! 

Always. Sorry it's not really explained anywhere.. It's hard to fit fine tutorial details in that tiny resolution.

Probably already figured this out, but fountains trip while you're in the air.

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Really happy you like it! <3

The squirrels only trip you if you're going near max speed. If you tap the button and slowly walk past, they won't trip you.

Well, with the theme I wanted to try to take the whole adult club scene and get rid of all the gritty stuff so it's just cute and fun and flirty. It's all consensual.

thank you! i'm really glad you liked it!

thank you! <3

I'd suggest trying to wet something like a counter with soapy water and rubbing your fingers against it? It would be kind of quiet

Added it to the page! 

Well, I don't want to spoil it.. I'll make a playthrough video

oops, my bad

The original version is still available, but I fixed a few progression-blocking bugs in patch 1.

thank you so much!

I agree with you and felt the same way halfway through making it. I just didn't think I would be able to change so much after already using so much of my time, so I tried to roll with it. Thanks for trying it out for me though. I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Adam!

Kind of a dumb question, but I'd like to release a patch for my game even though it's past the deadline. Is it legal for me to do that or should I just wait? Or could I release it as a separate download from the original version?