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Hey, so I just picked this up today and had a quick play around with it. I'm really enjoying it!

There are a few minor issues I've had:

  • Sometimes when you destroy stuff, the coins go into the landscape. You can still pick them up due to the very large range for pickups, but it looks very odd.
  • When running at higher resolutions, it's very obvious that some of the assets are low-resolution. This is presumably intentional, but having an internal scaling thing that interpolates or some higher resolution assets would definitely help make things look better.
  • Using kb + mouse, when you press space to continue to the next bit of conversation it fires the gun as well.

I look forward to any updates ^^

Sadly, no, there aren't any options for that kind of thing. I need an artist in order to do much more on this program, including things like eyes and patterns, but I've not found anyone :(

I enjoyed this. The art and music are amazing. Sadly, the controls are a bit awkward.

It's quite difficult to do precise movement - this could maybe be rectified by having her take a second or so to reach maximum speed? Also, the rate of falling isn't consistent - when going left or right you fall more slowly than when standing still. This might be intentional, but it feels awkward.

I'd appreciate a Linux build when you get back to this. Looking forward to seeing more :)

I enjoyed this a lot. The plot is meted out in an interesting way that keeps things moving.

Two small things that would improve it imo:

  • If the player sprite had transparency on it, the middle room would look better.
  • If you can work out how to get the music into the game proper, that'd be awesome :)

Thanks for making it!

Really love it. You made the gameplay really interesting, if simple, and it's a lot of fun to play ^^

Simple and enjoyable :)

Yeah, I wanted more but I was struggling with spawning them. Future plans, maybe.
And it's meant to be a shmup without shooting - I was originally planning to put in enemies that shoot, but I never got around to it ^^;

Thanks for playing!

Simple but enjoyable ^^

And the character pushes all my buttons, unf <3


On launch, the script can't find libjvm, and so fails. The problem is that the jre directory hasn't been copied correctly, at least for the linux install.


For the current version, make sure you have opendjk-8-jre installed and then do the following.

cd ~/.config/itch/Tales\ of\ Androgyny/Tales\ of\ Androgyny\ Linux\ v0.1.28.0/
rm -rf jre
ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/ jre

That's really weird. Hopefully the new version will fix these issues - I did a super quick test on my flatmate's laptop but the rewrite isn't complete yet.

Thanks for the offer - I appreciate it ^^

What do you mean by nothing is clickable though? Only the tabbed window on the right should be interactable.

Don't worry - I'm just glad you enjoyed it ^^

Currently I'm taking a break from this to focus on Fursona Creator for a bit (because that's had so little attention for so long now), but I'm hoping to get back on it soonish.

And thanks for the Mac fix - the engine doesn't actually produce a 'proper' mac build, it just assumes that the linux commands will work on mac as well. I'll update my push script to fix it and open an issue on their github ^^

Ah, that's a shame. I guess I'll just have to use a single monitor system for this. Thanks!

Hi! On dual screen systems the game currently positions itself in the middle, meaning that it's split over the two screens :s

Do you know how to fix this? This is on Linux, btw :)

"Big pointed sticky squirty puppy" <- perfectly describes me :p

Hehe, fair enough. Still, I enjoyed it ^^

Very cool. My biggest complaint is the non-working save system (though you did say that, in fairness). Also, on my first attempt I got to the secrets play and it just... Stopped? Not sure if that was just it being unfinished?

I don't see a non-windows build...?

Worth waiting for a Linux build. Thoroughly enjoyed it :3

Two small issues with controls: I didn't seem to be able to advance dialog (when I reply) with the keyboard, which resulted in an awkward switch between kb and mouse, and the movement system meant that sometimes I walked into pillars ^^;

I hope you make a sequel or expand on this more - it was amazing :D

I enjoyed that. Definitely worth the wait ^^

This has made me happy :3

So this worked, but it's now saying that it can't find because it can't find (same error message, just replace the old so filenames with these ones). Could you try doing the same thing to all of the other libs in the directory?

Definitely planning to continue - the original plan was to have questlines (around the length of Scree's) for Scree, Truce and Steff. I just ran out of time :(
I've got a bunch of other sidequests and smaller interactions planned too (grinding on a stranger on the dance floor, for example).

I'm not sure if a run button is doable, sadly, without digging into the engine code. It's one of those engines that's very limited in scope, but good at what it can do.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I figured that they were simultaneous, but it just makes it look like you're deliberately revealing yourself :p

I don't even get that long stacktrace - just the error:

Error: (load) unable to load compiled module - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory: "/home/ssharma/Documents/nsfw/Games/Strawberry Jam 2/strawberry/"

Well, it might still work with some finagling? Better than nothing :p

Great to hear that! I'm happy to help out if I can - depends on what engine you're using.

I was really looking forward to this, but sadly the slowdowns when using Wine make it nearly unplayable :(

If you have the ability to make a Linux build, I'd really appreciate it!

I was so excited for this in the discord and I'm glad to see that it has delivered! :D

It saddens me that this wasn't made in LÖVE, but then that is a 2D engine, to be fair :p

Looking good! It'd be great if you could get mac/linux binaries as well - unity has a habit of not working well with Wine...

Really enjoyed this one. Could have done with a little more breaking up with whitespace, but that's my only complaint. Well-written and an interesting plot ^^

Sadly, this doesn't work on Linux via Wine. If you could upload a browser-playable version, that'd be great!

Doesn't run for me, sadly. It claims that it can't find for some reason - no idea why because the file is right there :s

For the linux build, it's very unclear what to run. I'd advise:

  • Adding the executable bit to the actual game binary (chmod +x <filename>)
  • Renaming the game binary (maybe to SexWithAliens.x86/.x86_64)
  • Adding the x86 and x86_64 extensions to the 32-bit and 64-bit versions respectively
  • Changing the extension of snapshot_blob.bin and natives_blob.bin, as the bin extension is often used for binary executables. This means that people may assume that those files are what they're meant to be trying to run.
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Shame it's so short - I'd love to see more!

The game itself is good, but the 'reward for failing' mechanic that is so common in games like this really needs to stop being a thing. Doing well means you see fewer sex scenes: so why would you do well?

This is great! :D

I particularly enjoy the fact that moving to a place that someone is looking is the only way to pass some of these puzzles (people that keep turning around, for example) due to the fact that you move before everyone else. You're basically purposefully exposing yourself :p

Just to let you know, the .sh file is a Linux build - you can tag it as such to get Linux users playing ^^

Haha, I actually forgot to rewrite the bit on Truce's questline :p

The bits about "The dev hasn't gotten around to implementing this yet" were on purpose though ^^

Glad you liked it!