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Yeah, this would massively improve the overall ecosystem.
As an added bonus, this means that developers that are already using patreon + itch can start supporting diffed builds, reducing the strain on end users as well as itch's servers. This is useful for game developers in general, and not just NSFW developers :)

Unfortunately rolling back won't work (because I'm loading a save) and ignoring just leads to me getting shunted back to the menu :(

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Haven't played for a while, and when I try to load my previous (0.61) game, I get this error:

IOError: Couldn't find file 'music/Despair Journey.ogg'.
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
File "script/bedroom.rpyc", line 688, in script
File "champion-of-realms/ChampionOfRealms-0.65-pc/renpy/", line 721, in execute
- snipped -
raise IOError("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)
IOError: Couldn't find file 'music/Despair Journey.ogg'.

Champion of Realms 0.65
Sat Mar 12 20:50:38 2022

Did the file get renamed or something? Maybe it's worth popping a symlink in?

Thanks, I'll give it a try later :)

Very cute ^^
Not sure how you're meant to get the size, I just guessed :p

This was great :D
Would love to see an extended, post-jam version ^^

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On linux I can't see anything on screen, and get a bunch of these in the log:

I think you've hard-coded the path separator for windows, as it's trying to load images\bg.png when it should be trying to load images/bg.png.

If your library has a path separator variable it will account for this. I think you're using .NET? In which case this should fix it:

Very cute. Made me smile multiple times. A shame that there weren't any options, but hey, it's a jam game. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest :)

Really enjoyed this one. Effectively an interactive short story, but on top of that it was well written and the characters were engaging. My favourites are probably the spambots, but each of the drones had their own charm <3

Very cute :)

Use the app - it's like the steam client but for itch. My updates take a few seconds through the app.

Right in the feels </3

Ah, that explains why the download was so small this time! Butler is definitely helping, thanks for doing that!

Been playing this for a few days and I've been really enjoying it. One thing that gets annoying though: instead of late noon, it should really say afternoon :p
Looking forward to the updates!

The reason is because you haven't specified platform. Mark it as windows and it will be runnable through the itch app.

I need a proper artist to join in to make this worth working on anymore, sadly. So unless someone decides to join me, there aren't going to be any more updates.
Sorry :(

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Game maker is indeed the issue, and this has been plaguing me for years. Turns out it's possible to link in the steam version in case your OS doesn't provide the right version of the libs, like with Fedora. They can be found in:

Simplest way is to use the app. Alternatively, download the archive and extract it, and then run ``

I enjoyed this - small and focused, the difficult ramped up in an interesting way, and the graphics were nice and clean :)
One small thing - it'd be good if you either added mac and linux versions, or just popped the DOME executable in the same directory and marked it as all three platforms. Makes it far easier to launch from the itch app!

Adorable <3
A few minor typos and one small bug if you time out trying to escape the sulphur near the start, but nothing major :)

Cute :D
Only found two of the collectibles, sadly. Still, fun little game ^^

Strawberry Jam 4 community · Created a new topic Porting

If you're struggling to port your game to mac or linux, just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Let's get as many of these games as possible playable by as many people as possible <3

Just found this today while looking for games made with Godot. Really fun little game :)
I'd love to see updates to this when you're able. In particular, a score and/or inventory system would make the game feel so much more complete ^^

Randomly found this while looking for board games. Pretty fun, though I kept dying trying to get the 15 prisoners for Satan :p
It would really improve things if you could see how many cards are in your discard pile and deck, as well as some better explanation of why you draw more or less cards each turn (I think it's related to events?).

Fun, silly game :)
I got sucked into a black hole and died ^^;

Ah, man, that was great. Played it through twice in the end, firstly during Strawberry Jam 3, and secondly after the commercial release. And I earned enough to buy a mansion in one day using this one weird trick! :p

Thanks very much ^^

That's a pretty good score! I think the max is something around 1500, but you've gotta master that bit where you're doing both the mash/rotation and regular keypresses in the middle for that...

And yup! We're planning for it to be very literal :p

Thank you for the kind words :)

The fact that the focus is on gameplay is largely a function of me picking a thing that I'm good at (making controls feel good) and running with that, plus the fact that Cimche was bogged down in schoolwork :(

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it though. The feedback thing sounds easy to implement and worthwhile, thanks for the idea ^^

And yeah, the two-handed thing was intentional :3

Which version did you package it with? 

I actually hadn't seen that before, because this is the first game I've had this issue with. Based on that post it might be because I've recently started running games in LXQT, which is a very lightweight environment but I don't think it has hardware acceleration.

I'll look into it, thanks :) 

Pretty fun. Controls are a bit wonky in places (I found that I had to hold the keys down for longer than usual else it wouldn't always register), but still pretty enjoyable to play. Some key that allows you to drop to a platform below you would be good.

Also, whilst I get the whole putting males as perverts thing, it can send the wrong message. It'd be good to have a mix. (something something politics something something male rape - I'm not trying to look into it too much, but others might, so I think it might be better to nip that in the bud).

This isn't working for me - does it require a specific version of love?

This is my traceback:

$ love
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server request channel
jack server is not running or cannot be started
JackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr - Init not done for -1, skipping unlock
JackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr - Init not done for -1, skipping unlock
Error: main.lua:290: attempt to index local 'tile' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
        main.lua:290: in function 'isSolid'
        main.lua:276: in function 'collideTilesHorz'
        main.lua:201: in function 'updatePlayer'
        main.lua:135: in function 'update'
        [string "boot.lua"]:464: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:436>
        [C]: in function 'xpcall'

Thank you <3 <3 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^

The plan is to add more tracks, as well as... Distractions :p

Sadly, both myself and CIMCHE had difficulties during the jam, so we didn't get as much done as we wanted :(

Any word on those "gamebreaking bugs"?

Very cute! Shame we couldn't see the "test run" :p

Heh, just trying to make use of both halves of the controller ^^

Practice mode is very similar to normal for now, it just means that you don't have the crowd and lights. The aim is that it'll be the only way you can get the sex scenes in the final version, but that one (or maybe three) mistakes will be an instant game over.

As far as I could tell there weren't multiple endings, which was a real let down because the game info implies that there's a way to escape. The plot itself was still good though, I enjoyed playing :)