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DJ at the lewdest rave in town!
Submitted by TTIO, cimche — 22 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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This was a fun game! I'd love to see the game with lewd content when it's added 


Nice skeleton of a rhythm game - it took me a moment to understand what it was asking me to do but I got 1329 on Slippery When Wet in the end :) Once the rest of the graphics are in, I'm hoping that the title is more literal :D


Thanks very much ^^

That's a pretty good score! I think the max is something around 1500, but you've gotta master that bit where you're doing both the mash/rotation and regular keypresses in the middle for that...

And yup! We're planning for it to be very literal :p


Gameplay really is king above all, huh? I actually really liked the rhythm and feeling that this game has going so far. While it doesn’t strive away much from other rhythm games right now, I do feel like I enjoyed the time I had with this, even if there isn’t much to it yet otherwise.

I feel like adding a few more interesting and unexpected rhythm mechanics to the game would make it a very interesting experience within the genera and that the game's skeleton that is here could come to be very satisfying to play with. 

I also think some extra feedback would also be welcome. I realized at a certain point that I was losing points when pressing the keys but can’t seem to figure it out if it’s because I’m pressing them too early, or if it’s because I am pressing them too late. Adding some more feedback to what the correct timings are (even if it’s with the classic ‘GREAT’, ‘AWESOME’ or ‘MISS’) would immediately give it a whole new layer of feedback.

Other than that, great job on making it satisfy to play! I feel like later on if you are going to continue the project like described in the game’s page, making it so you have to play it with only two hands is going to drive some people nuts. I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction to that. Cheers! 🐳


Thank you for the kind words :)

The fact that the focus is on gameplay is largely a function of me picking a thing that I'm good at (making controls feel good) and running with that, plus the fact that Cimche was bogged down in schoolwork :(

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it though. The feedback thing sounds easy to implement and worthwhile, thanks for the idea ^^

And yeah, the two-handed thing was intentional :3


this. is. epic!! I loved the sound tracks and the rhythm attached. I'm curious what will be added to it in the future!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^

The plan is to add more tracks, as well as... Distractions :p

Sadly, both myself and CIMCHE had difficulties during the jam, so we didn't get as much done as we wanted :(


Hey but at the end of the day you both produced something awesome!!! I'm proud of you both!!


Thank you <3 <3 


Me 10s in: oh, it's a rhythm game
Me 20s in: oh, it's a two handed rhythm game

I'm really glad you included the option to play in practice mode; I'm really bad at rhythm games, lol.


Heh, just trying to make use of both halves of the controller ^^

Practice mode is very similar to normal for now, it just means that you don't have the crowd and lights. The aim is that it'll be the only way you can get the sex scenes in the final version, but that one (or maybe three) mistakes will be an instant game over.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! All the best stuff will come when CIMCHE gets the lewd art in progress though - I'm just building up the bit that that's meant to distract you from :p