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I'm still working on it. My plan was to make a public a release after I finished up the new dialogue system, bug fixes, and content updates. But I've been slowed down from work getting busier, mental health tanking, and having helping my BF with college. But, it's still getting worked on.


I am the only person running the show, but thankfully Godot makes it super easy to support a lot of platform. Additionally, since the Godot Editor is made in the Godot Engine, I can trust that if the engine works then my game works.

No worries, I'll support as many platforms as I can for as long as I can. I'm hoping I can get the web build live again this year.

The 32 bit version is in sync with the other version. My upload script was kinda broken and I botched the version numbers. It just happened that Win32 was the last files to be uploaded in that script so it got fucked up the least.

The gist of the system is as followed:
When you pick up chastity, it will protect your X amount of damage. When you attack a monster, that chastity will become damaged. The next monster you attack must be weaker than the previous.

So, if you have a shield of 6 and enter a room of 11 (Jack), 6, 4, 8. The best order to attack would be 11, 8, 6, 4 for 7 damage.

If you had attacked the 8 first, your shield would break trying to attack the 11 since 8 > 11.

Nah, there is no hiatus (Tho, I have taken some breaks with other projects). I am currently working on a new content thus month. I don't know when the next public update will role out. But, when it does it'll be a big one.

Also, I got derailed by job searching. It basically ate up all my development plans for Winter 2021. However, Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and my energy and mood are impoving.

Check the downloads

Rather good game play loop. Hooked me long enough to unlock all the characters. However, when the tiger first lunged it gave me a good spook, lmao.

Yeah, I watched my BF find that bug. It's a very quick fix. However, I don't know if it's critical enough to fix right away since only a handful of people have find it so far. But, it will get fixed once voting ends.

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Is this house alive? Is brushing it turning it on? Cum keeps appearing and it won't stop appearing!

But, serious, rather fun gameplay managed to get a score of 179,551 and survived almost 7 minutes. It's also relatively stealthy aside from the name.

I think I came across references to that game in my research into Donsol. There is a lot of fun-looking dungeon-crawling card games floating about.

Yeah, I want to but I didn't have time to check how the UI looks on a smaller screen. It technically works on a mobile web browser. But, the font rendering is a bit janky.

Undo and action previewing are definitely two things I want to add. My BF also pitched the idea of adding an "arcade mode"/"endless mode" where you can just play the card game. I have a short list of "quality of life" changes. And, the stuff you point out is definitely there. 

Also, I definitely understand that frustration. Tho, I personally found watching the un-TF to be as equally interesting. I kinda want to tweak it so it's more gradual at lower TF stages.

Fun little game. Like the art and the use of minecraft screenshots for backgrounds was clever. I managed to get all the upgrades, and boy did that last cock shower me with cum.

The card game is based on a game made by John Eternal which I can only find documented by a different artist/coder/game dev. My changes were largely removing a few rules I really didn't like. I always found the OG rule set to be far too punishing for my taste. The deviation are as followed:

  1.  The game only considers you to have "escaped" when you leave with monsters
    1. Original: leaving with any cards left in the room is an "escape".
  2. You can drink multiple potions
    1. Original: You may only drink one potion per room.
  3. Shields still protect you one last time when they break
    1. Original: when a shield breaks you take full damage

1a combined with 2a means that you may be forced to waste potion lest risk being cornered in the next room. I've never been a fan of that and opted out of implementing it. I didn't implement 3a since I wanted to error on the easier side of things.

I don't think I've ever actually won a game using the official rules. So, I kinda changed the rules to something I could win when play testing.

Oh, I would have also drawn out the game if I was playing IRL. Gotta savor those little moments ;p

Also, I wanted to avoid the frustration of losing as much as possible. This is why I added Izorath's comments about "being in no rush" and that "it is nice to have someone to play cards with". I was really hoping it would drive most players to push through a couple of bad shuffles or the initial confusion of playing Donsol. I'm very happy I went with the "playing with an old friend" approach to the in-world card game.

I definitely feel like this game suffers from information overload. I don't know how to earn values and what action change what numbers. There are so many symbols all over the place. Did make me feel like I was suddenly in charge of running a complicated hotel. I might have to give this another try to fully understand everything. Although, I did manage to figure out the containment breach combat system tho.

I think my one piece of feedback would be adding tooltips when you hover over icons. I know my own project could have used some more useful hints when you hover over stuff.

Also, that centaurs dong is absolutely massive, I am in awe of its sheer size.

Love the art for all the sprites. However, I do wish the game was auto-firing. My index finger isn't as good at holding down buttons as it used to be.

I don't think I actually understood how to play? And, it ended up crashing after what I think was my health bar overflowed. The art and music were good. Hope to see this project get some love.

I wasn't actually able to find the last hint. Or, maybe I missed it? I did rather enjoy the point-and-click aspect of it.

Pretty fun game. Unfortunately, I let my hubris get the better of me and ended up clipping into the ground trying to exploit the fact that having sex will let you make a jump higher than your maximum. When the animation ended, I ended up clipped into the ground lmao.


I always love an idle/incremental game. Grew it until it entered the abyss of space.

Quite a fun game. The final cock was definitely worth seeing! Tho, having my newly made monster friend get wrecked was heartbreak </3

Just going to give this a bunch of 5/5 cause this tap-dances right on my buttons. Just obliterates them all. I cannot form any objective review of the game cause I am blinded by how much I want more.

I've reduces the WebGL version from WebGL 2 to WebGL 1. Additionally, added downloadable builds to the game.

Yeah, I wanted player choice over what changed. But, it was scrapped due to time.

Tho, I started work on this early into February but ended up getting stuck on what the intro to the game should be. The card game was finished, the TF's drawn, but I had no way to tie it together. Then, I had a stroke of inspiration and blitzed out all the art and writing over the course of the weekend. The game almost didn't happen.

Also, I'm definitely going to fix my typos now that I had some sleep.

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I've reported it to itch. Someone is copying my game's page to fool people into downloading a virus. I've sent a DMCA, but please report it as spam.

Update: It's been taken down.

[Esto ha sido traducido usando Google]

Gracias por hacérmelo saber. La reupload ha sido llamada a mi atención. He enviado una solicitud de derribo a Con suerte, se eliminará pronto. Desafortunadamente, es probable que sea demasiado tarde para la misma respuesta del día 🙁

Will there be many non-bug scenes in the future?

Probably have a some, but the bug scenes will be the main stay.

Is the friend gonna be involved in scenes with the protag?

Yes, but I'm working on make the core of the game more stable first

Is the choice to step into the doorway upside-down just for fun, or does it have a function?

Oh, that was just for a bit of fun. It felt a little lifeless not to include it.

I hope you keep safe and financially stable in these times, best of luck!

Thank ya! That's going to be my goal for 2022.

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