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Is your CPU 32 or 64 bit?

You have to get a girl to max relationship to sell her. The theme of the gamejam was running out of space, so we wanted to make it challenging to manage your roster.

Thanks for letting us know, sometimes we miss some of these bugs

Not currently. We don't want to split our attention between too many projects right now, but we might consider an update if we ever have a spare weekend, or a convenient game jam

The one on one exclusive chat feature is currently bugged so you can't trigger it

It automatically triggers if you've been active enough on that day

Just would have liked to see more skin. Most of the lewd content was explaining an act but it would have been nice if finishing a relationship led to your participation in the act and you got to see it. The MC is pretty chill though so that would need to happen much later, like if you added more levels to the relationships eventually. That might not have been what you were aiming for though since the game's more like ecchi than hentai.

10/10 kink. Really lived up to the theme of the jam. The animations were well done.  

This was a fun game! I'd love to see the game with lewd content when it's added 

How the gameplay relates to the narrative seems pretty abstact to me but I guess that's fitting since the game's description is pretty out there too. Would be nice to have a minimap to get a feel for the locations. Also might be a bit more fun to not have a trajectory indicator since you can just land every shot every time as the game is right now. The trajectory indicator also seems likes it's colliding with the target you are aiming it, causing the camera to shake a lot. Maybe tone down the health too?

Great writing! I had fun going through all the different paths. 

I was confused about what I was supposed to do at first, but when I realized what the game was it went a lot more smoothly. The dialog was really fun! 

Really enjoy the game loop you all set up. It drives the narrative pretty nicely and fits in pretty well with the managerial style of the game. The manager elements were a nice way to add some interactivity to a VN. There's a lot in the game too, seems like there was a bunch of time devoted to polish and making a good feeling and juicy UI. 

One thing you probably are already aware of is the text speed - it's a bit slow for my tastes and the text speed options don't seem to do anything. Also it would be nice to be able to view previous messages.

Everything is pretty on point in this one even if it was a bit tame for our tastes :) You even get a bit of character development over the course of the game, which is rare to see in a lot of games, especially for a gamejam. Everything fits together well, from the soundtrack to the art and prose. Great work!

It was a bit slow paced for me, but overall it's a nice game. I liked the added touch of giving the houses facial expressions

Interesting concept! Tho I just ended up with the ball spinning uncontrollably around the screen. 

That was fun! Your game really hit all the themes of the jam. 

Big fan of the pixel art and seems like it could really good with more content + mini games like the little crane game. Pretty short but it was nice while it lasted. Dragon vore's probably close to the kinkiest in the jam if it isn't the most so good job for taking that category!

This was very kinky! Your descriptions of Dorothy becoming corrupted were very well written.

Don't see much ryona around here, also didn't expect a game like this out of renpy. Glad you put in a strategy guide too but I'm not sure if I like what beats what. In boxing I'd think a jab would beat feint since you can throw the punch pretty quickly, strike beating jab since it's like a cross counter after a jab, and feint beating strike since you make them whiff their cross because they think it's a jab.

Pretty good game and I like the anime models.

Great writing! The characters were both very well developed and I could really feel Charthur's pain. 

We originally wanted the game to be fixed resolution, something small so you just have it opened while doing other things but since there was overwhelming demand we made it so you can set the window size. We did that pretty last minute so there were some scaling issues due to that.

Nice game. I had some difficulty with the controls though, especially since I'm used to using space to jump.  It also took me a while to realize I couldn't shoot the pervs, but I had fun kicking them nevertheless! 

The game looks pretty nice, bright and cheery. A couple of bugs here and there like jumping on the slimes puts you in the falling animation while you're on top of them. Also it's pretty unclear when you change locations since the background just flashes to the different one, for some of them I wasn't sure when I had moved since it happened so suddenly. Looks like you have your systems set up and will improve with more time and polish.

One more thing, I hate the leap of faith trope in platform games lol

Very cute! I really appreciate you including a nonbinary character. It was simple and a little short, but I had a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed the retro cRPG aesthetic so it was pretty cool to see a VN like that. Didn't think I was that much into dragon hypnosis but it seemed pretty hot. Pretty short and railroady but that comes with the territory with the time constraints of game jams. Think you did a great job!

Fun game! I found I could just type anything as long as the first letter didn't match, which circumvented the gameplay. The animations were really well done. 

That's a pretty big cliffhanger lol. Wasn't sure the game ended at that point since it happened so suddenly. The art and music gives it a pretty chill mood so that was enjoyable

Interesting submission! It would have been interesting to see some branching options. but I understand the choice to make it linear.  I liked the poem. 

Nice animations and art style. Wish there was more to do but it's pretty nice and polished. Can't wait for more content.

A lot of the actions are reserved for the private chats only since as a camgirl you don't want to give away too much for free. We definitely didn't convey very well that the way to get to a private chat is by repeatedly using actions to increase the interest level of your viewers. As for DMs, they are broken. The public chat is supposed to feel very irregular for money flow since the private and exclusive chats are supposed to give you a more reliable income source. Regarding moving the windows around, there was more we wanted to do to make the game feel more like a true desktop but we were too pressed for time.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it! Since we've finished with this game for now we are looking forward to trying out yours!

We fixed some pretty big bugs and tried to add some clarity so it should be a bit more playable now. One important thing to note is that performing actions for your viewers will increase their interest and eventually make them take you to a private chat where you will have more actions available (some actions are private only) and earn more money.

Turns out the game was more broken than we thought so we decided to take the time to fix the game more thoroughly. We left the old build up because we made some pretty significant changes but you can now try the new build if you want to see how the game actually plays.

Tried looking at some of the vsync options to see if that would make a difference but everything seemed to be alright. I've heard of other people having the same problem with a bunch of games. Do you have a nvidia card? If so this might help but idk if you tried something like this already

They prob played before you could, it used to be fixed window only

You just missed our poll on the topic:

The post has an example of the new animation style we are switching to

Glad you enjoyed it, we'll keep you in mind!

We're looking into it, some others reported that bug too. We think it has something to do with the "Bank Heist" card, so for now we'll post that in Known Bugs so people can avoid it.

Yeah, you were probably running out of food. Apparently we put that rule on our Ludum page but forgot to put it here, sorry. We updated the page to show it. There's a better "You Lose" notification now too.

It was an outdated Windows link, since we reuploaded when we ported it to Mac and Linux

You make have seen Infernus in previous lewd jams but we completely redid the game to give you a new isometric perspective with fully animated action combat. Welcome to our revamped Infernus - a new version of the game that's been redesigned from the ground up. 

Venture out of Hell into the Human World to woo humans and experience our new dating simulator! You can now customize the sex, facial features, hair and eye color, and hairstyle of the main character. We've added a newly animated monster whom you can fuck after conquering her in combat.