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Legend of Zieraphi Heart of the Wild (Demo)View game page

Join Zieraphi on her quest to find the sacred Love Force relic and return it to town in time for the Love Festival.
Submitted by Noodles_The_Cat (@StudioRamenCat) — 4 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This is a very nice canvas of what a potential game could be. The movement mechanics are probably the most enjoyable part of the game for me right now. Doing cart-wheels around made it very satisfying to traverse around and the double-jumping did help give the game a sense of verticality. However, at times I found myself unable to use these abilities, either because I was attacked, or for reasons I wasn’t really able to tell. For some of them, like the cart-wheel, I figured crouching fixed it for me, but sometimes falling off a ledge because a double-jump didn’t seem to trigger slightly harmed the mobility experience to me.

As for the rest of the game there’s a lot of space here for a future game can be, but otherwise, there’s a lot to improve and still major lengths to go until I think I’d be able to see and experience the full vision of the game. If the focus of the game is combat, I’d start by adding considerable feedback to it, like flashes, health bars or floating damage numbers, and probably even some screenshake for when you get hit. Making sure that combat is satisfying will help this game in great lengths, as just the action of engaging in combat will be very satisfying.

Ultimately, I praise the will to do such a strong vision of a game but do consider the scope and which mechanics you want to get the players to be satisfied with. I’d suggest focusing on systems gradually (like I’ve suggested above, starting with combat would be wonderful) and add new mechanics on top progressively, as I can see there’s a plan for there to be a lot of moving pieces here.

Other than that, and closing such a lengthy comment with some deserved praise, I did think that the pixel art characters looked really charming and promising. Here’s hoping we see them in an even more animated state in the future. Good luck and cheers! 🐳


The game looks pretty nice, bright and cheery. A couple of bugs here and there like jumping on the slimes puts you in the falling animation while you're on top of them. Also it's pretty unclear when you change locations since the background just flashes to the different one, for some of them I wasn't sure when I had moved since it happened so suddenly. Looks like you have your systems set up and will improve with more time and polish.

One more thing, I hate the leap of faith trope in platform games lol


Looks like the skeleton of what could be a nice exploration platform/action game :) Your main character and the supporting cast look great!


Thanks a lot I appreciate it. I'm working on getting an update out soon.



This is marked as available for windows, mac and linux, but in actual fact it will only run natively on windows. You should either make mac and linux executables or mark it as windows-only.


Hey thanks for the heads up.


a few things i encountered I thought i should inform you of going forward (Im a sucker for RPGs so even in this base form you got enjoyment out of me): you arent able to attack while moving (but if you start the attack animation it continues while moving), talking to someone facing to the left flips the dialog instructions, the floor textures arent flesh with each other and leave behind white/green lines separating them, if you are standing up against a wall and jump high enough to move over the ledge you will not be able to move forward, a few spelling errors here and there, and a barebones menu (no art no options, 4th button that doesnt do anything)

Id love to see what you do with a more fleshed out version in the future