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file loading/saving hasn't been working for me. I lost my initial save when I accidentally exited the tab, but thought I was fine since I had exported the save earlier, however upon attempting to load a save the entire UI goes blank and time is set to 0. I tried testing this bug on the downloadable versions too, but I can't get a single one of them to run either, loading the html just shows a blank screen

I think there's something wrong with my rat 

the use of an accelerating negative to force prestige was very interesting, tho my only complaint is it makes idling this game kind of impossible. Unless you're quick on the draw with buying upgrades to decrease the 1A/s the anger quickly reduces members/s to a crawl. The autobuy helps this problem a bit, but the early game is such a drag

God where do I begin

I guess i could start with the few things I wasn't fond of, as the game focuses on those aspects of itself primarily too. I found certain segments dull and monotonous to struggle through between the slow walk speed and a lack of obvious direction forward, but I would probably guess those aspects were on purpose to deliberately drive that specific mood home. So I guess this isn't even a critique, Oh No! My true form revealed: a fan!

I loved how you used color to contrast the dullness of the waking world vs the splendors/horrors of the dreaming world, not to mention segments where it was hard to tell if what was being witnessed was even a dream at all. Is Ollie a real person? Did the two of them actually meet? Questions without answers. Speaking of color, I was often floored by the fantastical shades thrown about, especially the sunset scene. The atmosphere had me on the edge of my seat in misery and terror, the three strongest scenes that affected me were: children's book, hot chocolate, arcade machine (kept nondescript for spoiler-free enjoyment). I was also legit impressed by the computer scene, specifically the mspaint gadget. That cant have been easy to code... unless it was... in which case still good job!

wait, I lied, one last critique... why must you prevent me from seeing my boys just hug, or hold hands for a brief moment ;n; they both deserve happiness.

fantastic game, i look forward to speedrunning it

the endings are tied to the events in Nowhere (the parts that start with the scary music), you'll know you picked the right path if the music changes in the middle. The idea is that you have to focus on what you know about the present, the characters, and the situation to figure out what the truth is. The true ending has a looooooooooot more content in it and was the part i had the most fun writing for! unfortunately i only had time for one event in nowhere in time for the deadline, but the idea was that with a 33% chance of picking the right answer (if picked at random) at least one out of the 5 would've probably been truthful, and you only need one truth to get the true ending.

here's a hint to make the right choice: "the three choices represent what is lost: nothing, yourself, or someone else. Reflect on who you know is missing something"

the game loader works perfectly fine, everything shows up except for the rings and the arrow. Its a very confusing bug I have no idea how that could happen. perhaps for some reason those specific assets arent loading on my end?

all I can see is a black screen once I hit play? Yet still I managed to pass level 1 by just watching the timer... I really need to get a life

hey thanks! I realize probably not too many other people find existential, emotional, and physical horror to be horny, but it's kinda my kink? I have plans for a total of 5 plays and 5 related "after party" endings related to the trauma explored in each Nowhere performance. The one that's done right now is "Punishment"

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weird bug i discovered but if you ever use one of the items that reduces tips to 0% they remain at 0% for the rest of the game, even if you dont have the item equipped. Also the button to quit the game doesn't work.
Otherwise, it was a fantastic experience!!! how did you do this in only one month?

tried running this on windows 7 64 bit and the game just insta crashed upon attempting to run it

a few things i encountered I thought i should inform you of going forward (Im a sucker for RPGs so even in this base form you got enjoyment out of me): you arent able to attack while moving (but if you start the attack animation it continues while moving), talking to someone facing to the left flips the dialog instructions, the floor textures arent flesh with each other and leave behind white/green lines separating them, if you are standing up against a wall and jump high enough to move over the ledge you will not be able to move forward, a few spelling errors here and there, and a barebones menu (no art no options, 4th button that doesnt do anything)

Id love to see what you do with a more fleshed out version in the future

very short, but extensively enjoyable for only 72 hours of work. I drew my own version of the map i was able to explore in MS paint and it took me back to the early days of gaming where you'd have a whole notebook full of drawings and codes to remember. I actually played the game twice bc the first time i got lost in the static mountains trying to follow the static ah la lost woods style and couldnt get out.