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Thanks I plan to have more npcs and interactions soon. The next update is going to fix a few issues I caught after setting the build up.  I appreciate the feedback.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, going to  be adding more to it such as NPCs quest mobs and the like in the following updates.

I saw this game being played during ESA summer 2019 and picked it up once I found out it was here. Great stuff 

Thanks a lot I appreciate it. I'm working on getting an update out soon.

Hey thanks for the heads up.

Ahoy everyone a bit of a progress update I Broke Bella's fairy tale a bit and am in the process of fixing that. In the meantime I put together a new entry which is the first of the RPG XXX series. RPG XXX Blade Dancer Pink. It's still pretty early and there's a few things I need to add to it still but I've uploaded a nice little play test  you all can mess around with. 

More coming thanks eryone and I hope you all had fun this Jam.

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Was sidelined with the Flu last week and on the track to recovering.  Not sure how much I'll be able to get done with these next couple weeks but let's see.

Love it

A bit of progress on my project. Finally got a few things up and running  mainly character movement and part of the Ship which will serve as the game area. Working on a bit of a Metroidvania/Sim game where you play a character who has the ability to change their outfit to handle different situations. Currently I've only got the main suit set up I'll hopefully have the 2nd suit done by this weekend.

Here's  what we've got so far, Hoping to get more of the ship sorted out soon. At a glance this probably looks like my Lewdjam game but that's only because I've been working on these assets (Art and coding ) for the past 3+ years and I'm glad I'm finally getting to show it all off. Gonna have a better video to show soon hopefully with the new suit so take care for now everyone .... I think I can finally zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Will most likely be streaming progress here My Page Hoping to have a lot of fun, again Good luck everyone. 

Strawberry Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Let's Jam

Got a month to make a thing shouldn't be too bad I know it's gonna be a lot of fun I'll post project info and updates here as I go along. Good luck everyone and remember to have fun. ╹◡╹

 Hey thanks a lot I'm looking to get a good bit worked out this coming week. Ironing out a few system bugs and going to address some controls for keyboard and gamepad alike also going to be adding the first quest and new enemies so I'm pretty excited.

Found myself playing this for a couple of hours after downloading. Good stuff 

Brief heads up, I wasn't able to finish what I needed for this portion of the Jam  (Lingering holiday shenanigans) But will continue working on it into the next jam  (and next year for that matter) So thanks and Good luck everyone.

I've been working more on Bella's Fairy Tale, implementing quests. You'll be able to gain fame and sometimes affection from NPCs. 

I've also dded a few more NPCs to town. At the moment they're static I'll be setting them up a little later on.

 Still a ways to go but I'm happy with how things are going so far.  Take care for now and again Good luck everyone and remember to have fun.

Gonna continue on with Bella's Fairy tale and build on what I started. Good luck everyone and as always Have fun.

I just found out about this one O_o

Well everything's uploaded, currently in demo form  so there's npc interactions and stage changing thus far. I'd like to build more on this moving forward I've really had a lot of fun on this one.  Thanks everyone for hangin out, the hero is YOU!!


Arrow Keys = Move

A = attack

S = shoot

Space = jump

E =interact

Controller (based off of logitech F310 & 360 controller)

Dpad = Move

X = Attack

Y = Shoot

B = Interact

A = Jump

RT = cycle fairy right

LT = cycle fairy left

Got a good bit done these past couple of days, getting environments  and interactions set up I want to get more stages done this weekend so gots ma fingers crossed.

can finally talk to the Oberon statue in the backyard.

Can also dish out and receive damage I'm lso looking to finish up  few other mob types by the end of the week.

 Was a slower day today but that was mainly due to scanning stuff I did however add something. Statues of of Oberon that you can talk to to increase your stats when you level they'll also restore all of your HP and MP as well as revive any KO'd  Fairies and cure any status ailment you may have.

Thanks a lot this is proving to be a fun lil project. Here's a bit of an update so far 

Rok is your starting Fairy and is an earth elemental when equipped you'll gain a boost to defense.

Ula is a fire Fairy and will grant protection against fire when equipped.

Eu'lza freezes enemies using Ice bullets, hitting frozen enemies will potentially shatter them to pieces.

Vrex uses lightning based attacks to disable enemies.

Olice uses the power of wind to blow enemies away, you'll also gain the ability to glide while jumping.

 Your companion have the potential to get KO'd if that happens you'll have to wait until they're revived.

This is all for now  jumping to NPCs and Baddies for the next to days I can't wait. See ya then >n.n<

 Had a pretty good start yesterday getting the character set up as far as movement and attacks go. Going to work a bit on the world a bit today then hopefully get to enemies.

 As always I'll be streaming progress over on so come check us out. Will have more soon so see ya then.

Howdy I'm actually working on a new project using Assets I've been working on over the past few years I though it'd be nice to start fresh I'm a sucker for platformers so that's what my game is going to be. Set in a fantasy world your main character is tasked with rescuing various fairies from bandits, trolls and other fantasy baddies who seek to use their powers for ill gain. Gonna try and keep things simple yet sexy  and see just how far I can get this this. I'll be using Unity and my own sprite assets. I'm going to be streaming progress on this for the next couple of days, it should be a lot of fun.
 Good luck on your projects every one and as always, Have fun.

Shout outs to all participants in the game Good luck and Have Fun >n.n<