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Great to see a VR game! I tried it on Oculus, but I don't think the touchpad mapped to the D-pads correctly (or I was too stupid to work them) - it was also unfortunate that the tattoo subject appeared directly behind me, meaning that my motion sensors (next to the computer) were blocked by my body unless I contorted myself during tattoo work. But great to be able to step into a VR toy :)

Oh, and the concept is straight from Get Your Own Back - a cornerstone of children’s BBC :) The creativity in making something that’s so hard to do under pressure is something I love :)

Thanks so much! There is a trap in there that catches people for just hammering through the answers instead of typing anything real, but I don’t know if anyone’s tripped it yet - maybe I tuned it too lenient :)

This is a seriously nostalgic experience from when we used to do monstrously repetitive tasks on the adult games on Newgrounds in the vague hope of seeing some titties :) You've got some great personality to the game, I played it all the way through at once and the punchline was frustrating but great. Your graphics are really charming, and with more time (and images to reward the players, like you say) this could be very satisfying :)

Cute little Tamagotchi thing :)

Nice skeleton of a rhythm game - it took me a moment to understand what it was asking me to do but I got 1329 on Slippery When Wet in the end :) Once the rest of the graphics are in, I'm hoping that the title is more literal :D

I unironically love your minimalist placeholder images :) The writing and buildup was good, and I laughed as the novel suddenly ran out and realized that it had to end!

It makes me very happy to see plain text level files - really reminds me of the old DOS games that you could edit around at will :) Looks like a promising start - what was the intention behind the game? :)

Also, I'm very intrigued by the project on your Patreon :D

Great that you got to fix this before the end of the jam :) It's a nice idea and I'm interested in where it could go, though it takes a while to get going - it would be nice to have some more actions or things to do while building up your skills. Ditto the below on the bug with the scrollbar!

Incredible writing and worldbuilding - this really straddles the line between a game and a novel, and I was so interested to gradually explore this strange corporate-sponsored world!

The kink was so strong here I could seriously feel it even though it's not one I share :) The use of the repeated abstract items and the changing reaction to them was great.

I love this one :) Great artwork, a nice variety of characters and just a bit of interactivity to let you choose your path. The dating app aesthetic works really well :)

What an interesting use of Twine - it's a blog post, but more conversational :)

Eep. I definitely know people who will be into this! The animations have obviously been done with a great deal of care and attention :)

Very abstract but it gets the message across :) I definitely get the metaphor of trying to please someone by using their cues!

This is exceptional - it's amazing that you were able to crank this out in a month! By flailing about in my experimentation at first I managed to turn the nice man's cafe into a kinky BDSM sex dungeon by about the third day, but it all resulted in the good ending. The whole aesthetic of it is so sweet, I love the little sprite representations of people that come up on the sales screen :) And it's great that through meeting these characters, the (ahem) vanilla Caffie learns and appreciates their love for what they're into, and the player gets insight into these lifestyles through them.

Couple of technical things! The text speed defaulted to slow for me for some reason, so I was clicking madly a bit to get things moving (I only noticed about halfway in that it was configurable). That caused me to miss the occasional line, so I'd love it if there was a feature to skip back or review recent lines. And when you're at the end of people's relationship branches, they'll repeat their last scene again - it would be good to have the option to skip through seen dialogue.

Fantastic work :)

The writing on this is absolutely exceptional - you use Twine's storytelling techniques and linkages to fantastically to convey loneliness and uncertainty and a ton of other things besides. I avoided the sex scene through my choices the first time around but went back to it, and I was surprised and impressed that Toyle is so respectful of boundaries even if she interrupts him halfway.

Great writing, once again :)

Be careful, Sans is watching ;)

Well done on completing your first game for a jam :) This definitely gives me a nostalgic feeling of all the adult Newgrounds stripping/sex games!

This is really well written :) I particularly liked how you were able to string the paragraphs/"locations" together in a way that fit the choices you'd made before, whether you were using your hands or mouth... and how you let the player imagine themselves with the skillful ambiguity. I chose to imagine the player character as a woman, and that gave an interesting new perspective for me :)

It looks nice but I'm not sure what I'm doing :) Can you provide instructions, or is it a floaty sort of relaxation experience?

The premise of being a Rubenesque avenging angel on a motorbike saving women from perverts by kicking them in the balls is too wonderful to put into words :) As far as gameplay goes, it's a bit slow but good for the length of game - it starts to get more exciting on the last level with breaking through walls and so on, and having a higher pace like this would help keep the gameplay interesting! Hope you continue this :)

I love the graphical style, and the sex animations are great :) It's a shame it's so limited for the jam version (is there a way to get beyond the street outside - for example, into the alleyway and elevator in the screenshots?) - this has the start of an interesting game!

I'm not familiar with the Floraverse so I definitely have some way to go before I can fully understand what's happening here :) However, even without knowing the backstory I can tell you've conjured appropriately creepy images through your text - it would be good to see a continuation of this.

Hah, nice little distraction :) The setup's funny and the game's simple but it works well enough. I'd love for the pace of the early rounds to be a bit faster because they're pretty monotonous when you have to redo them after clipping a bird in the later ones. (Alternatively it would be nice not to have to restart from the beginning!)

I agree - I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing to get started! Would love some pointers because this looks interesting

I genuinely have no idea how to rate this as a game :) But you have a great talent for poetry.

Wow, I just discovered the secret opponent and the game gets REALLY interesting at this point!

You said you didn't have any good ideas, but naked girls is always a good idea :D This is great, the amount of graphical assets you had to make for all the fighters is really impressive, and the gameplay mechanics were easy to get a handle on after a couple of matches.

The UI seems to be a bit more confusing than it needs to be - on the left, I had to keep reminding myself that the actions on the right were mine (even though my character is standing on the left of the screen).

How do I go on a date with Texas Rose? :D

Still very abstract but you have the bones of an interesting game here :) I can imagine the direction you were going from the attack names, and the battle animation is oddly Freudian. Reminds me of a 3D take on Worms... a bit :)

Looks like the skeleton of what could be a nice exploration platform/action game :) Your main character and the supporting cast look great!

Cute experience with a dragon friend :) I could detect the kink content but it was always unobtrusive! I loved the scene at the very start with him crashing through the blinds - that moment, and a few others in the game, could have been made even better with a couple of sound effects :)

How avant-garde

Short but cute :) I loved the characters and would like to get to know them more! It could do with some sound as well, even just UI blips.

Great use of the dialogue boxes and interface to imply hypnosis! I don't have this kink but the illustration and concentration on it was so good that I could almost feel what people love about it. Great lo-fi adventure game graphics as well :)

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Great little recreation of the game with infuriating furry dialogue ;) The title alone is award-worthy.

Cute little story :) I like the attention to detail that you paid in the different reactions that the personality types give you. Definitely ends a little too early ;)

Great little animations :) This is a great start to a puzzle game, shame it doesn't go further but you've paid a lot of attention to the aesthetic and narrative :)

Stunning graphics and customization :) Would love to see this expanded upon, particularly in VR!