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Really enjoy the game loop you all set up. It drives the narrative pretty nicely and fits in pretty well with the managerial style of the game. The manager elements were a nice way to add some interactivity to a VN. There's a lot in the game too, seems like there was a bunch of time devoted to polish and making a good feeling and juicy UI. 

One thing you probably are already aware of is the text speed - it's a bit slow for my tastes and the text speed options don't seem to do anything. Also it would be nice to be able to view previous messages.

Everything is pretty on point in this one even if it was a bit tame for our tastes :) You even get a bit of character development over the course of the game, which is rare to see in a lot of games, especially for a gamejam. Everything fits together well, from the soundtrack to the art and prose. Great work!


Thank you! We're glad that you have had fun! We always like to try and make sure that our games are as polished as possible, even if it implies polishing to an almost impossible degree during the jam time. I feel a very nice-flowing UI, especially on a game where 80% of the gameplay depends on it goes a long way in improving the experience, which is why 

We're currently working on a fix that improves text speeds, such as making the "Inst." for Instantaneous option really instantaneous, as well as adding a fast-forward option. Wanted to get it out before the judging ended, but unfortunately that patch will have to wait for tomorrow or the weekend. Same-wise with the previous messages log, which will probably have to wait for an even later major update as we couldn't get it done during the jam time.

In what ways or what changes would you make it tender more towards your tastes? We'd love to read your opinions and suggestions about it! And once again, we're glad that you think everything fits together! Cheers! 🐳 


Just would have liked to see more skin. Most of the lewd content was explaining an act but it would have been nice if finishing a relationship led to your participation in the act and you got to see it. The MC is pretty chill though so that would need to happen much later, like if you added more levels to the relationships eventually. That might not have been what you were aiming for though since the game's more like ecchi than hentai.

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Yes. That seems about fair. In all honesty, Caffie was kinda designed with the thought of an asexual in mind. While she understands sexual concepts, she really just doesn't bat an eye of interest on it, but creates a connection with the cosplayers and learns their concepts because of their passion and honesty on why they connected with their respective characters. 

This makes it hard for us to conceive Caffie in an actual erotic scene as it seems weird she would be a direct protagonist on them given who she is. Plus, there's the project's worse and best limitation, which is that our artist is really not a fan of having to draw explicit content, while suggestive is mostly fine.

That being said, the reason why it's best it's because it puts a new pressure on us to try and create suggestive scenes that still empower the characters while giving a nice flair of fan-servive, adult and entertaining tone to the game. With the next updates we want to find the footing of where the project is headed, and we want to add some fun moments and scenes of interactions between characters that push the boundaries of the fan-service future while giving more depth to the cosplayers and their characters as well. With some of the ones that we have in mind, I think it'll make quite up for it. 😉

So yes, in the end, I think you're right that the project is more ecchi than it's a full-fledged explicit hentai. However, I still think there's space for a lot of things within it and personally I've been thinking of the motto of the game being "an aphrodisiac in the format of the game". It might not be enough to make you go over the line, but it should be enough to make you want it. Here's hoping we can go there.

If anything else crosses your mind do let us know! I really appreciate feedback conversations like this as it gets the gears working. Cheers! 🐳