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Ho thank you so much for the feedback <3.
I haven't updated my games in a while now, but that's definitivly one i'll try to improve in the future.

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Hi, wow, OMG !
Thank you a lot for this. I was exactly searching for this kind of simple software for so looong ! Wish i could give more.

You're the best. Thank you again.

aaaannnnd... one week was really not enough ; P.
I don't think i'll have  even a test-version for tommorow. Guess i'll finish it later.
Anyway : here is some monsters made today : D.

Last day to finish this thing : D !
Don't hesitate to drop-by and chat about the jam.

Thk you to hae stopped by : ).

Finished the background for cards & icons yesterday.
Will try to ink the caracter & monsters today : 3.
Don't hesitate to drop by and have a talk about the jam : ).

Thk you : ). Still no animation background at this point, but some comics, games & drawing.
I'll stream some work on the game this afternoon.

Thx ^^

Continuing graphic research for my card game today : D.
Let's strike good sentaï poses, and put ribbons on everything.

Hi ! Late on this jam that'll try to do in one week i guess ^^.
I plan to do à print-yourself card game. The magical-girl theme gives me good idea for that.

I'm mostly an illustrator, and will stream some of my research / work here :
You can drop by and chat about the jam if you wish.
Mainly, i'll have to do :
- some magical girls (duh)
- some companions
- quite a lot of villains
- some icons
- maybe a sprinkle of scenery

Aww Thx ^^ <3.
I had a lot of fun doodling all those robots : ).
Finger-crossed, i'll make something really amazing with them in the futur : D.

Great little game ! The visual novel / rythm-game / romance mix really works very well : D. (the rythm part is really great & intuitive).
Peacefull music,  great overall graphisms, really a nice idea to get invested in this romance story.

On the suggestions side :
 - Not particulary fond of the full-size-caracter illustrations (the "chibi-sized" ones ar clearly muuuch more "on theme" for me : they are cute, expressives : they get me much more interested by the caracters. (plus : the artist is clearly more at ease with them)).
 - Also, writing could be improved (maybe by taking less time/space ? the "discourse choices" for instance are obviously not used for gameplay. Why put them here ?).
 - Story-wise : Maybe find a more intriguing way caracters could meet, than "being blunt in a bar" : D ? Plus, this bar seem very classy (the waiter is in tuxedo, you dress up fancy to go in), and dont match very well with the farming-side of the story (by which i mean : if you could put this bar in any story, maybe it lack some personality to be convincing).
That is being picky on a really small & charming game of course.
I hope it could help improving future projects : ).

I really wish you'll do a follow-up to this in the future. I sure would like to play more romance-rythm games : D.

This game is sooo cute & cosy !
Thank you for making it : 3.

Thx ^^. Dice-games are a little difficult to print-and-play, but it is so good prototyping with dices : ).

Damn. Won't make it in time, i really overscalled it (60 cards was too much...).
I'll take some time to finish it later : midnight in france, and i wont scamp this.

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Hi everyone ! Very enthousiast about making a game with a zelda feeling : D !
I intend to do a solo -or coop 2 player- card game. You'll be able to print it from a Pc or a Mac, but i must be honest : you'll need paper, printer and cutter ^^.
There will be text, and it will probably be something along the lines of a procedural gamebook.
See you in not-too-long : D !

Haha, thx ^__^. I know print-to-play games are often a pain in the ass (and also, why do it when you have 10 billion of games that does not need printing availables ?), but i do like to do them anyway.
The polished version 1.0 of this game is coming soon, ( and i'll be sure to include a print-yourself sticker-pack to put on your fridge ; ).

Nice graphics : ). Not really my kind of game, but i give it a try (beat the dragon, don't know if it was the end of the game). It was a bit long to be honest, even if playing with a drawing-tablet probably save some time and efforts. Maybe a shorter game would have be more sweet for me (with localized damages : 3 ?). Another thing is it was feeling a bit linear, maybe some easiers zones where you can feel powerfull could be refreshing.
Also, i tried to do a all-companions wagon (to maximize DPS), but it seem they don't had, the last companion added was the only one DPS'ing.
Overall, a very good start to expand on : ).

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Feel free to implement any additional stripping-rule  ^_^.
For me the simpliest way to do it would be : each piece of clothing is worth 5 points, and each turn the opponent strip according to your throw (you can forget the tokens). First-one naked loose (or win, depending what you want it to be) : D. Of course, if one of your throws fail, the opponent strip nothing (something tells me that this implementation would mean a lot of "playing safe" on both sides ^^).

Thx ^^. Once i took time to really polish this game, i'll definitly try to make some definitives versions for festivals and suchs.
For now, i got a looot of testing to do : ).

Shrinking... kink ? Damn... i never knew that could be a thing : ).
Definitly learned something today ^_^.

Really beautiful pixel art : ). All of this is so cute.
I'm a little more convinced by the "rythm game" part, than by the plateformer, but i'll definitly would like to see this game go further (i so wish i could talk to peoples, take my time and enjoy the party with them : D).
The faces of Pnj's are both cute and funny : ).
One of the only down : all the sex-worker / hostess theme don't speak so well to me, but that's just not my cup of tea i guess : ). I rather play consensual exchanges in games.

Is it just me, or this game has nothing to do with strawberry game jam theme at all ?

Not yet : ). I think i'm waiting to have a "really cool/catchy game" on my hand to do that (also i really got too much projects going on lately...).
But programation is clearly a thing i keep in mind for the futur : ).
As a graph, the closer i got to programation was a school-project :
Maybe i'll propose myself as a mercenary graph for some game-jam of the futur...

Hi everyone !
Last Strawberry-Jam was a charm for me, so i'll try it this year also.
I intend to do a card game, for 1-2 players.
For sake of inclusiveness, suggestiveness & imagination, i think all narrative in it will be a transparent metaphore, like in the precedent one.
Very curious about what-everyone will do this time (some games of last year where really stricking (like colorful criter), and i'm looking forward to see new ones on this - so erruptive - subject.

haha : D, profesional deformation, but be careful : those advices works only for CMJN laser-printing (xerography), and if your goal is to have vivid, saturated colors.
The trickyest thing with printing : it all depend on the machine you will use in the end. With laser-printing, i don't have to worry about the quantity of ink that the paper can absorb : because it's dry(xero)-printing(graphy), that cook toner at the surface of the paper. But if i was to use a riso or inkjet printer, that could very well be an issue.

Woaw thx : ). Actually, i tried a lot of colors, but the numbers in this game doesn't have to be that eye-catching (you have all the time to look at them), so i focused on them being quite big and legible.
In fact, i divided the information in game as follow :
- The chess-piece give you information on the rarity of the card (extremes numbers are more scarce in the game).
- The color of the chess-piece is related to which side of the average value this card fall in (sometime you want high, sometimes low).
- The color of the background and decorations inform you about some special-powers some cards have on top of everything else.
So the "brown and yellow" color-base can go well with both chess-side (egg-shell and brown),  and also don't discord with the other colors (blues and red).
And another infortunate constraint for the color-picking is the spectrum of what-could-be-printed well (with low-budget printing).
So, a lot of "hot colors", no greens, and very clear blues. :' (

Thx ^^, i think this will be one of my most visualy-complex game since i started doing some : ).

Hi everyone !
I'm making a pint-and-play card-party-game for this jam, and the name should be "Nuclear Chess", and it will be playable for 3-6 players.
Chess is more of a graphical theme here, as the game take place is the apocalyptic future where there is no boards or sides anymore, and the chess-pieces roam the world, making chaos and destruction.

For now the game is a mix of memory (you can't see neither your or the opponent card, appart for specific moment), chance and reflexes.
The prototype is quite done, i will test and optimize it as the month go on, while making graphism on the other hand.
For now, the cards look like this : )

Love this game. Everything about it.
Thanks a loooooot for making it ♥ !

Had a really good time on this game with a friend of mine !
Cute graphics, nice gameplay, learned in 5 seconds : perfect : D.

Only complaints : not having 1 ball color / player is a little confusing at first.  Also : some boss battles are reealy long. The succubus and the final boss took us much more time than any other. Touching them just once can take long, and do so little damage : ).

Played the first 2 levels of your game : a lot ofgood work and ideas !
The controls still have a lot of room for improvement (i was playing with a dual-stick controller) : they work, but you sometime need 3 fingers to imput an answers (the two sticks + confirm) wich can be tricky.
Maybe you can solve all of this with mouse-control (i mean : everything is pretty visual : with a mouse i could point the right answer efficiently, and even draw better than with dual sticks).  Also, mouses-control are great to move in a isometric-3d environnement (right click/left click give a lot of options).

I agree with Kattywampus on all of the sound-feedback.

One of the thing i have find the more helping in the game was when another caracter tell me a trick (like think of "KI" as a "key"). Those mnemotecnik tricks where all given "in bulk" by a text-box at the start of the 2nd level, but maybe it would have been more efficient if i "discovered them" one by one by talking to someone in the forest (like, in a mostly safe-zone at the start of the level, or in one of the corridors). Maybe "finding" those PNJs once in the forest making them accesible latter in the start-village ? (More Pnj's diversity could be great (other "persons" not only faeries).

Only visual complaint : the particles on the sword. Nice 5 minutes, then too much present. Overall visuals works fine : a little more diveristy and they'll be plenty of thing to watch without needing a permanent-sparkly effect : ).

Anyway : will follow your work, core game is working nice, time content and level-design can only improve that.

Done : ). The extension of the game-jam helped a lot. I still have a lot of rule-book polishing to do, but at least everything is here and playable (。-ω-).

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A little update !
The sempaï-romancing-multiplayer-print-and-play game is going great !
The first tests where cool, and now i have 9 days left to make it cooler.
You'll have to eye-contact people, and take your chance proposing them : D.
Cards will look something like that : (maybe a little less brightly-white : D)
(of course : the pink one is a kohaï-card, the green is a sempaï-one)

Tactical flirting ! I can't wait to play that ^o^

Hi everybody ! Really motivated for this one : )
Just feel like doing a little topic to discuss basic ideas / objectives etc.

My objectives for this one :
- make a card game
- for a lot of players (like, 5 to 12 or something like that)
- with not so many cards/player
- with some sempaï-romancing in it !!!

So far : i got a exel table done.
Next step : first prototype fabrication : D. Yeay !

Really good graphic & writing ! The talks between the two protagonnist are just hilarious : ). For me the platforming and jumping still feel a little rigid, but overall, a really great job.

Cool and beautiful game !
Not reallyhorny for me, but already a little cute : 3. I like the main caracter, but the way she walk seem a little strange/off to me. The battle moves are great.

Wow, i now have replayed the final-version, and i put my ratting up accordingly. For me, this is by far the hottest & cuttest game of this jam. The little brushing sound you had is just perfect and had to the "tactile" feeling, the color-effects works really well, and the "apex and after" feel strong & accurate.
For me, the straightforwardness of your game is a great force : everybody colored something some day, we all know how to do it. The only way i think you could improve it would be adding more and more little things, like specific reaction when you colorize specific parts of the critter, a more polished interface, and so on.
Whatever you do with it in the futur : great work.

Haha, it's a metaphor. Instead of big-icicles and sweet fruits, you can try to picture more lewd things. The pleasured "smiley" cards are also a big part of the narration : ). At first i thought about making something more explicit, but it's more inclusive this way. The way you play is important too : it's a collaboration, between two persons, a construction where nobody knows exactly what the other have in hand. I see that as a good sexual metaphor, altought i think you can play the game without noticing it at all :).