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Great little game ! The visual novel / rythm-game / romance mix really works very well : D. (the rythm part is really great & intuitive).
Peacefull music,  great overall graphisms, really a nice idea to get invested in this romance story.

On the suggestions side :
 - Not particulary fond of the full-size-caracter illustrations (the "chibi-sized" ones ar clearly muuuch more "on theme" for me : they are cute, expressives : they get me much more interested by the caracters. (plus : the artist is clearly more at ease with them)).
 - Also, writing could be improved (maybe by taking less time/space ? the "discourse choices" for instance are obviously not used for gameplay. Why put them here ?).
 - Story-wise : Maybe find a more intriguing way caracters could meet, than "being blunt in a bar" : D ? Plus, this bar seem very classy (the waiter is in tuxedo, you dress up fancy to go in), and dont match very well with the farming-side of the story (by which i mean : if you could put this bar in any story, maybe it lack some personality to be convincing).
That is being picky on a really small & charming game of course.
I hope it could help improving future projects : ).

I really wish you'll do a follow-up to this in the future. I sure would like to play more romance-rythm games : D.