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Consensual Mind Control
Submitted by Benn {DoomGender} Ends (@doomgender) — 38 minutes, 1 second before the deadline

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I uh. I'm a little shook right now? Not in a bad way. Just it's not every day when I experience something that makes me feel as though someone must have just wandered past and popped into the back of my head for a little while and looked around and said "hmm...yes, this. I'm going to make a this." So thank you for that!

Two things more I'll say, and them only. First: I feel like it would be nice to have a little more in the way of branching options - not whole new storylines, but just different styles of reaction. And second: the other games I've rated thus far in this jam, I've downloaded, played, and deleted. This one I am super keeping. And I can't wait for the finished version! So thank you for that, too!~❤


Omg I'm so glad it spoke to you so much!! This is the first nsfw game I've ever released, so I'm really happy you responded well to it! I'm happily plugging away at the final version of the game, hopefully to be finished by June. 

As for having more choices, the rest of the story script is already written, and has far more options that influence the story in more major ways. A few people have expressed similat sentiments after playing the opening section that i finished for the jam. I had to cut a lot for time unfortunately! 

Thank you so much for playing!!!! <3


i'd never really been into mind control before playing this but i really enjoyed it, and the little bits of info about the nature of the characters has me wanting to know more about the setting! nice work!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I tried to write a story with mind control that still had room for gentleness and sweet moments. I'm glad you enjoyed it <3


You did an exemplary job! So much in the genre I find is just...cruel, almost, even when it's not trying to be? Or harsh, at least; so much about taking, about forcing, and I won't say there's no place for that - but there's a place for much more than that, too, and I'm delighted to have found more than that here! Thank you for making this!


Yeah, that's always something I've struggled with when looking for stuff with elements of mind control. It can so easily be cold and harsh, cruel even. Its fiction, so that can be sexy and fun, but I wanted to build a setting and a world that could house loving connections alongside horny mind control powers. Im so happy you liked it so much!!


The background and audio seems like it's missing, but the art does a good job of conveying each character's mood and personality. And holy shit was it sexy as hell. Mind control is something that I love so much, and having a writer nail all of the things that really drive me wild over it is really special. 10/10 on the horny scale. <3


10/10? From a mind control aficionado? Such wonderful praise! I'm glad you enjoyed is so much. I was most confident in my writing skills for this game, now that the jam is over I can fill in the glaring gaps of background art, sound, and good ui design. Thank you so much for playing!


wow, really good story, scary and stuff, id love to hear some audio for it! good writeing to


"Scary and stuff" is one of the best short descriptions of my work I've ever seen! I'd use that as a box quote if I was making a box! Audio was an  unfortunate casualty from time crunch, i agrees its absence is pretty jarring. Thank you so much for playing!