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An infinite runner where the hornier you are, the faster you go!
Submitted by ninja_muffin2.4 (@ninja_muffin99), BrandyBuizel (@BrandyBuizel) with 37 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline

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This is a game that definitely has a lot of thought put into it. My main complaint is the opening speed. It feels like it goes way too fast too early. IMO, I'd say lasting at least a minute or so in an open runner is a good goal. Otherwise, the concept is funny, the controls are fluid, the sounds are great, and the artwork is also great. Nice job!


I like the concept for this game a lot! I found the art style to be very attractive as well.

My recommendation if you wish to go forward with the game would be to either add some form of abilities (like jumping over rocks once every 10/20 seconds) or different zones (say when you reach 2000) that, once you reach them, gives you a minor speed boost and changes the color pallet slightly (so instead of purples and greens, like blues and greens, slowly shifting until you reach the reds).

I think the art style fits the concept extremely well and would love to see more of that style in general. Thanks for making such a cute game and I hope you have a lovely day!


hey thanks for the feedback/tips and whatnot! Sometime tonight or so we'll be updating the game with stuff like palette swaps, balancing/tweaks, and also a new monster gf!

Deleted post

LMAO oh shit ur right


It's a super fun game, but with how fast you gain speed it made it a bit annoying to play. I basically set my high score within 3 minutes and couldn't get past that.

The art is absolutely my stuff, I was a bit sad there wasn't more, but I'm in love with what art there is. If they ever decide to do monstergirl porn, let me know.


A fun and pretty game that was pretty difficult for me!

I would build up too much speed and get caught on a rock, swiftly ending my run. That said, it was very satisfying to play, and the sound is simple, but nice. The artwork is super cute as well! 


The most monster mashing I've done in an infinite runner! Great artwork and fun music!


Fun game! I like the idea of using monsters to increase your speed, good job!